How do you treat a calcaneus stress fracture?

If you have bone pain that keeps you from doing what you want, how can you figure out what it is? And what should you do to get over the pain? In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I answer the question of a reader who wonders if he has a calcaneus stress fracture in his foot.

Darren asks:

My MRI showed bony edema around the neck of the calcaneus bone. I have all the symptoms of a calcaneus stress fracture, but the CT, X-rays, and MRI don’t call it a “stress fracture.” I have had trouble walking and standing for 8 months now. How would you treat such a condition? I have tingling and numbness as well.

The calcaneus is the heel bone. People can develop calcaneus stress fractures from overuse, such as running too much without enough time for the bone to rest and recover from that stress.

Calcaneus stress fracture

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In this video, I discuss methods doctors can use to make the diagnosis. I also explain what the usual treatments for a calcaneus stress fracture are and how you can return to activity.

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