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UCL injuries and Tommy John surgery

Surgery for ulnar collateral ligament injuries almost always involves UCL reconstruction. A ligament from another part of the body – usually the palmaris longus tendon in the opposite wrist – is placed into the elbow to make a new ligament. The graft is passed through drill holes in both the humerus and the ulna. It is held in place by tying it to itself in a figure-of-eight fashion or anchoring it in other ways. Continue Reading

Concussions – The importance of removing the athlete from play

Concussions are dangerous brain injuries that can have a long-term impact on young athletes. It is crucial that parents, coaches, doctors, athletic trainers and the athletes themselves take them very seriously. In this video, I stress the importance of removing any player suspected of having a concussion and athletes telling someone they suffered an injury. Continue Reading

ACL tears – Injury prevention programs

In this video, I argue that If you are the athlete who could tear her ACL, these programs could have a dramatic impact on your playing career. Simply changing your warm-up exercises every day could possibly prevent an ACL injury that could cause you to miss the playoffs, sit out a season while your friends play, require you to undergo surgery and a year of rehab, and increase your risk for future injuries and arthritis. Continue Reading

Cartilage injuries: Osteochondral transfer

If you have an area of damaged cartilage in your knee, you might have pain, swelling, catching or popping. You might even consider surgery to try to get back to playing sports or exercising. In this video, I discuss one option for surgical treatment for an area of damaged cartilage within the knee – an osteochondral transfer. Continue Reading

Cartilage injuries: Microfracture surgery

Damage to the articular cartilage – or the cartilage lining on the ends of the bones inside the knee – can cause pain, swelling and other symptoms that keep active people from doing what they want to do. Are there any surgeries that can help them build new cartilage? In this video, I explain a common knee surgery called microfracture. Continue Reading

Cartilage injuries: Significance and challenge

Damage to the articular cartilage in the knee can be a challenging problem for active people. It can lead to pain, swelling and even more advanced arthritis changes down the road. In this video, I explain in more detail what articular cartilage is and why treating damaged articular cartilage is so difficult. Continue Reading

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