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Meniscus tears: Sewing the tear back together

In this sports and exercise injury video, I discuss how likely it is that a torn meniscus is repairable. I share my thoughts on how often a surgeon knows it will be repairable before the surgery and whether an MRI can predict it accurately. I also discuss the postoperative restrictions and return to sports and exercise. Continue Reading

Do topical creams for arthritis work?

Osteoarthritis affects millions of adults in the United States alone. It can cause pain and limit your ability to work, play sports or exercise the way you want. Orthopedic surgeons use many different treatments for osteoarthritis, including oral medications, injections, braces, and surgery. This article discusses another type of treatment – topical anti-inflammatory medications. Continue Reading

5 common running injuries

Whether you are a competitive runner or just like to jog for exercise, running is an activity that places a tremendous amount of repetitive stress on your lower body. This article briefly describes some of the most common overuse running and jogging injuries. Continue Reading

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