Episode 96: Who is most likely to suffer injuries when starting a running program?

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In the Zone
What factors increase the chance of suffering injuries for adults looking to start running?

That’s Gotta Hurt
Tiger Woods – Golfer
Mark Teixeira – New York Yankees first baseman
Clay Buchholz – Boston Red Sox pitcher
Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder point guard
Mandatory visors in the NHL

Ask Dr. Geier
Is it possible to return to sports after a meniscus tear?
Can muscle-tendon junction pectoral injuries be repaired surgically?
How can an athlete regain full knee extension over a year after knee surgery?
Should an elite young athlete undergoing meniscus surgery now or wait until he is older?

Fan Favorites and Trash Talkers
Comments from listeners on the show and our previous discussions


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2 Responses to Episode 96: Who is most likely to suffer injuries when starting a running program?

  1. Can muscle-tendon junction pectoral injuries be repaired surgically?

    I have a ruptured pec major muscle. Its 5 months just gone on the 21st since injury. What a five months of deception from original treating doctor, 2 weeks he told me it would be healed from injury, 4 months later I was still without strenght in that area and still visibly injured. I finally saw a specialist at my direction this month who advises exploration and attempt to re-attach. If not talk of an alograft is another option. I need my physical side of me, to take away my ability to be in control of my actions, as cannot lift to heavy especially when that area engaged, I cant run as it feels like I have a concrete block attached to my pec with cramp/pain and constant cramp when moving my arm suddenly across my body. Disabled that makes me and cannot afford repair as the time explained by my specialist is tight enough and felt a little sigh of ‘my god’5 months ago it happened from him.

    My injury will baffle you, an attempt to remove a cow on my estate ended horribly when it got vicious and saw me as an easy target. It thundered across the street some 20ft in a split second as I was only 40ft away, I had to try and evade this animal, so I jumped a wall to the side of my residence, I jumped and caught wall but lost my left grip as I tried to pull myself over, all I know is all the weight snapped to my right side and I felt a pull, nothing like I ever in my life felt through 25 years of sport, first I thought it was dislocated shoulder but the doctor said it was a muscle. Internal bleeding was evident at 24 hrs and totally disabled to do anything with my arm.


    Yes I will seek compensation from owner of animal but people do not understand just how dangerous it is to live next to domestic cows ect, Irish law based on but if an incident of injury happens bloody good chance the farmer will always be allowed to use a number of defence tactics that can be accepted in Irish Law. Luckily for me the incident is not covered in irish law to protect this man who accused me of “faking the whole thing” , but fact is, it is so dangerous for family and kids to be anywhere near these animals.

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