Cartilage injury: Significance and challenge

Cartilage injury in the knee can be a challenging problem for active people. It can lead to pain, swelling and even more advanced arthritis changes down the road.

Articular cartilage is the cartilage lining on the ends of the femur, tibia and under the patella within the knee. It provides some shock absorption, and it helps the bones glide smoothly during knee motion. If it breaks down, you might notice discomfort, swelling, popping and catching within your knee.

In this video, I explain in more detail what articular cartilage is and why treating damaged articular cartilage is so difficult.

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Cartilage injury and early arthritis in the knee
Note the frayed articular cartilage on the end of the femur (red arrow). This is the appearance of cartilage in more advanced arthritis.

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