Meniscus tears: Surgery to trim out the tear

Surgeries to trim out part of a meniscus tear – partial meniscectomy – are among the most common operations in all of orthopedic surgery.

The meniscus is the “c”-shaped shock absorber located between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) on either side of each knee. Athletes and active people often tear the meniscus with twisting knee injuries. Older adults can tear one without even remembering a specific event.

Meniscus Repair

Non-surgical treatments can be tried to help the patient overcome the pain. For an active person with little to no arthritis in the knee, the tear can still cause pain and keep him or her from exercising or playing sports. Often surgery to trim out the tear can be helpful.

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In this video, I discuss a partial meniscectomy surgery. What exactly does the surgeon do? When can I return to sports and exercise? Will I develop arthritis in my knee later? I share my thoughts on those questions and more.

In an upcoming video, I’ll discuss another type of surgery for a meniscus tear – a meniscal repair.

Have you had a surgery to trim out a meniscus tear – a partial meniscectomy? How did it go? And did you return to sports and exercise quickly? Please share your experience below!

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