Signs your foot or ankle injury is serious

Foot and ankle injuries are among the most common injuries active people suffer playing sports and exercising regularly. Fortunately, most of these injuries don’t require surgery. If you suffer an injury to one of your feet or an ankle, how can you know if it’s a serious injury? How can you tell if it’s worth seeing your doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon?

This list is far from comprehensive, but here are three signs you have a foot or ankle injury that might require surgery or an extended absence from physical activity.

Serious injury sign #1: Your pain is getting worse as you proceed through the workout.

It might not be a big problem if you have soreness in your foot, or maybe your ankle, that stays at the same intensity through your exercise. If your pain keeps getting worse and worse as you keep going, it could be a sign that you have a more serious problem.

Serious injury sign #2: You can’t walk without limping.

Whether you suffer a traumatic event that started your foot or ankle pain, or if it developed over time with no specific injury, limping can be a
bad sign. If you cannot walk with a normal gait and have to limp, it could be a sign that you should get it checked out.

Serious injury sign #3: You really hurt the next day.

If you exercise or play sports one day and find yourself to be miserable the next day, you might have a serious ankle or foot injury. It could just be pain, or you might have difficulty standing or putting weight on your foot. If you are that uncomfortable, you might consider seeing your doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon.

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Again, this list is not comprehensive, so it should not replace the advice of your doctor. If anything, I hope you would consider seeing your doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon soon after an injury if you have any of these complaints.

Jogger with foot pain from a serious injury

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