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The importance of baseline concussion testing in sports

One of the most difficult challenges when treating an athlete who suffers a concussion is knowing when that athlete has completely recovered. The risk of recurrent concussions and more severe brain injuries increase when the brain has not fully recovered. In this video, I describe how baseline concussion tests are extremely valuable in concussion evaluation and management. Continue Reading

Will concussion spotters improve player safety in the NFL and NHL?

I was asked about concussion spotters on a radio show recently. My initial reaction was that these plans were good ideas. I still agree with that general assumption. For my latest newspaper column, I explored the idea in more detail. I offer insight into making these plans better and the likelihood that we see similar efforts in other sports. Continue Reading

Sports medicine stats: MCL injuries

Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injuries are common injuries in sports. Most MCL injuries occur with direct contact or from cutting maneuvers with the foot planted. These knee ligament injuries often occur in sports such as skiing, wrestling, hockey, soccer, football and rugby. Male athletes appear to have a greater risk than female athletes. In a study of United States Military Academy cadets, the average amount of time lost per MCL injury was 23.2 days. Higher grade sprains led to more time lost than grade 1 sprains. Continue Reading

Episode 90: Will young athletes deny concussions symptoms in order to play sports?

We know that concussions are common and dangerous in young athletes. Do these athletes often hide their symptoms like the pros often do? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay, Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, Boston Red Sox closer Joel Hanrahan, Houston Texans safety Ed Reed, and Montreal Canadiens center Lars Eller. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions. Continue Reading

Episode 81: Are herbal and other dietary supplements safe and effective for athletes?

Are herbal and other dietary supplements effective for athletes? Are they safe? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal, Olympic gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn, New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal, and the insurance policy of University of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions. Continue Reading

Episode 78: Can a gluten-free diet improve sports performance?

Can switching to a gluten-free diet actually improve your sports and exercise performance? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, University of Kentucky forward Nerlens Noel, Boston Celtics guard Leandro Barbosa, Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, and Seattle Mariners P Felix Hernandez. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions. Continue Reading

Episode 40: Why do some athletes never return to sports after injuries?

What are some of the injuries that end the careers of athletes? And what circumstances and factors can lead to those possible endings? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of the L.A. Lakers C Andrew Bynum, Boston Celtics SG Avery Bradley, Boston Red Sox OF Cody Ross, Los Angeles Dodgers 2B Mark Ellis, Barcelona striker David Villa, St. Louis Cardinals 1B Lance Berkman, and Miami Heat G Dwyane Wade. Plus he answers your sports injury questions. Continue Reading

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