5 tips to prevent running injuries

A large percentage of running injuries are overuse injuries, so by definition, they should be preventable. Yet runners are frequent visitors to the offices of orthopedic surgeons who specialize in sports medicine.

In this video, I share 5 tips to prevent running injuries.

Check your running shoes frequently.

Running shoes wear out. Since they are your only real equipment, it’s important to replace them frequently. Check the soles for wear patterns. You might find that you wear out parts of the sole more than others based on how you land.

Advance your mileage slowly.

Often people training for marathons or 10-Ks increase their mileage too quickly and develop overuse injuries like stress fractures. In this video, I discuss ways to increase distance with less risk of injury.

Adjust to new terrain or other training changes slowly.

If you switch from running on pavement to beaches or other surfaces, you might make the switch slowly to let your body get used to it. Along the same lines, add in hills and other changes slowly.

Don’t run every day.

This idea might sound crazy to many runners, but running seven days a week for months and years can take a toll on runners feet, ankles, legs and knees. Maybe you can swim or bike one or two days a week to give your lower body some rest.

Get pain checked out by a doctor or physical therapist.

Since most running injuries are related to overuse, finding out what a nagging pain is and taking steps to resolve it before it becomes a bigger problem can be very important.

Watch this video for more information. These easy suggestions could keep you on the road and out of the doctor’s office and operating room.

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