How To Save Money When Seeing a Doctor For Your Injury

- Why the length of time that has passed since your injury doesn’t really mean anything - and how you can better decide when it’s time to get your injury checked out.

- Did you know that a majority of MRI tests ordered by some doctors are unnecessary? Here’s how to know when you should get one so you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Frustrated patient
Female runner battling a sore knee

The 3 Most Important Steps To Returning To Sports Or Exercise After Surgery 

- How to avoid suffering the same injury over and over. This one piece of advice can help you recover, and stay out of the doctor’s office in the future!

- The fastest, safest way to return to sports and exercise. Pros do it, and you can too!

Do You Make These Mistakes After Your Workouts?

- Going to the gym is the best way to regain muscle strength and recovery from your injury - yes? NO! Here’s why, and what to do instead, to help you recover more quickly and safely.

- WARNING: Some of the best athletes in the world make this mistake, and it extends their recovery for weeks - even months. You can avoid their fate with this simple advice.

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