Take steps to exercise restraint and save our young athletes!

On May 13, 2017, at TEDx Bend, I presented my plan to make youth sports better and safer for our children. Get your FREE copy of the HEALTHY Game Plan so you can:

  • Decrease your child’s risk of suffering a sports injury
  • Prevent burnout that leads so many kids to drop out of sports
  • Lower the long-term risk of head injuries that exist in sports like football, hockey and soccer
  • Discourage children from abusing their bodies and exhausting themselves unnecessarily
  • Lessen your child’s risk of turning a sore arm or knee into a much more serious injury
  • Help kids have more FUN!

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Youth sport injuries
ER visit every 25 seconds
Kids dropping out of sports
Kids pressured to play with an injury
Confrontations during games
Cost of ER visits
Girls who play sports
Executives played sports
Athletes more likely to go to college