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  • Why you might not get all the answers about your ACL injury during your doctor’s visit, leaving you more confused than ever
  • How can you learn the essential information you need about your ACL injury, surgery and recovery even if you have no medical knowledge
  • How you can overcome the confusion of your ACL injury without getting all kinds of conflicting information so that you can feel confident in your decisions

Tearing your ACL is scary. Maybe you (or one of your kids) landed badly from a jump and your knee felt like it exploded. Maybe you planted your foot to change directions, and you felt a horrible pop, and you crashed to the ground. Your knee swelled up like a basketball, and you couldn’t put any weight on it.

Young athlete with an ACL injury
Doctor examines patient's knee

You go to see your doctor or an orthopedic surgeon, thinking you will get all the answers you need to recover. He takes x-rays of your knee, and maybe he orders an MRI. He tells you that you have an ACL injury and that you need surgery.

Your mind is racing. You don’t really understand what the ACL is, let along what tearing it means for you. You don’t know why you need surgery, but you’re so shocked you don’t think to ask.

Football player finds out he needs ACL surgery

Statistics show that about half of orthopedic surgeons spend 12 minutes or less with you in your office visit. The overwhelming majority spend less than 16 minutes with each patient. 

Athlete confused about his ACL tear

Plus, a lot of orthopedic surgeons use technical jargon, and patients like you with no medical knowledge don’t understand what the doctor is saying. What’s more, as you’re sitting on the exam table with your head now spinning with thoughts of surgery and being on crutches for a long time, you don’t even think to ask some key questions…

  • What would happen if you (or your child) decided not to have surgery?
  • What does surgery actually involve?  
  • How long will you be out of work or school?
  • When can you return to play sports?
  • When can you drive after surgery?
  • What are your options as far as replacing the torn ligament?
  • And many other important questions
Patient frustrated with his doctor

But between the few minutes you might get with your doctor or orthopedic surgeon, the failure to think of those critical questions as you deal with the shock of finding out you tore your ACL, and the doctor’s confusing explanations, you leave the office more confused than you were before the visit. 

What now? You could ask your friends, but you might not know anyone who has suffered an ACL injury, especially someone trying to return to the same sport or who does the same kind of work you do. 

Confused person asking his friend about an ACL injury
Woman frustrated with information online

You could search online for hours and hours, reading short articles and watching short videos. But you don’t know the quality of the information you’re getting on the internet. Plus, by going to all these different sites, you might get a lot of conflicting information, costing you valuable time and leaving you even more confused.

And yes, you could schedule another visit with your doctor or make an appointment with a second orthopedic surgeon. Seeing a doctor is always helpful because they can evaluate your knee and make recommendations specific to you. But office visits can cost a lot of money, and it can take weeks to get appointments with some surgeons.

Patient makes a doctor's appointment

How I accidently became the sports and exercise injury expert…

You know my story by now if you've searched this subject at all...I’m Dr. David Geier, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert. I provide education, information and commentary on sports and exercise injuries for athletes and active people so that you can stay healthy and perform your best.

Dr. Geier performing surgery

I’m double board certified in orthopedic surgery and orthopedic sports medicine. Before I dedicated myself to helping people online understand and overcome injuries, I treated thousands of people in my practice who suffered ACL injuries, and I still perform hundreds of these surgeries now. But now I am known all over the internet as the go-to guy for explanations of complicated orthopedic injuries using simple language that you can understand.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I became this “guru” and how I can help you…

As I started my website,, and wrote articles and recorded videos and podcasts on sports and exercise injuries, my traffic grew quickly from people from all over the world trying to find information about their injuries. Hundreds of thousands of people come to my site each month looking for education and insight on injuries and injury treatments. 

Woman looking online for medical information
Patient frustrated by his injury

What I have found fascinating is that so many people struggle to get the answers they need about their ACL injury or some other injury they have suffered. I have received tens of thousands of questions over the years, and their questions largely boil down to two situations:

  • They suffered an injury but have no idea what it is or if it’s serious enough to see a doctor.
  • Or they have seen a doctor for it, but they have no idea what the diagnosis actually means, why they were told they need surgery or a cast or a brace, and when they can get back to what they want to do.

I don’t want that to be you as you try to recover from your ACL injury.

“Thank you for your advice and for your YouTube videos which are an excellent source of information. In Canada, where we have socialized medicine, we are lucky to get 5 minutes of our doctor's time; hence it is very helpful to have other sources of information available. Your YouTube videos answered my key questions perfectly - i.e. how to determine whether surgery is the best option, and when it is possible to return to sports after surgery. I found much of the material on the web was for physicians and was not suitable for the layperson; hence your videos, which were in basic English, were invaluable. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!”  

- Linda in Toronto, Canada

Young woman reading on her tablet

My files are full to overflowing with documented success stories and unqualified praise like this...Almost every day, I get emails from people who use my injury information and are absolutely thrilled and amazed that the content has helped them get the answers they need to confidently make decisions about their care.. Fact is, I could fill more than 20 typewritten pages with amazing success stories just like these.

Why not sit with me and LISTEN AND WATCH as I explain everything you need to know about ACL injuries!

Introducing ACL Injuries Simplified – your one-hour training on the essential ACL injury information you need right now!

No special software necessary: You hear the audio and see the video as I explain every aspect of an ACL injury that can help you as you try to decide what to do for your knee. I cover it all: How you tear your ACL, who is likely to suffer the injury (and is at risk for reinjury), what common signs and symptoms you have with an ACL injury, and tests a doctor will likely order to make the diagnosis. I'm showing you who can do well without ACL surgery and who should consider surgery, what the surgery actually involves, important decisions to make regarding when you have surgery and how the procedure is done, and critical steps to take to recovery from surgery and return to what you love to do quickly and safely! You get training containing over one-hour's worth of information, in both video and audio formats, to watch now and refer back as often as you need to. You’ll see how that information helps you talk to your doctor and make the decision that is best for you and your family!

There are 9 main components in my ACL Injuries Simplified training. Let me walk you through each of them:

ACL injury illustration

Description of the ACL and ACL injury

  • A simple explanation of what the ACL is, what it does and why injuring it is such a bad injury. This information alone can go a long way into explaining why you might or might not need surgery!
  • Why female athletes are at risk for ACL injury, and what they can do to decrease their risk

Mechanism of ACL injury

  • The two main ways you tear your ACL, which can help sports medicine professionals design programs to prevent ACL injuries
  • Why these injuries often affect athletes on team sports and not generally active people who don’t play sports
Girl lying on the field after suffering an ACL injury
A swollen knee from an ACL injury

Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury

  • What your knee looks and feels like after injury
  • The long-term effects of an ACL tear if you leave the injury untreated

Findings on a doctor’s physical exam

  • What your doctor will do when he examines your knee and what it can tell you about the injury
Doctor examines an athlete for an ACL injury
Doctor reviews a knee x-ray with a patient

Diagnostic tests

  • Why x-rays are necessary, even though they only show bones and not ligaments
  • When an MRI is and isn’t needed

Initial management of an ACL injury

  • Two key steps to take right away after you tear your ACL that can improve your recovery
  • One key step to take before surgery that can greatly improve your recovery after surgery
Ice on the knee to decrease pain and swelling
Older man with a torn ACL

Nonsurgical treatment

  • Two groups of people who often do well without having ACL surgery and how to know if you are in those groups
  • How you could return to physical activities if you decide not to have ACL surgery

Surgical treatment

  • What patients, including kids, should strongly consider having ACL reconstruction
  • What surgery actually involves and one key decision you need to make about how that surgery will be done
Surgical image of an ACL reconstruction
A soccer player in physical therapy for an ACL tear

Recovery and return to sports

  • Key questions to ask your doctor about the first few days and weeks after surgery
  • The overall process of returning to jogging and other exercise, and how and when you can return to play sports at the same level you were before you got hurt

To get advice like this elsewhere online…

It would take you many days and nights scouring hundreds of sites and video channels. If your time is worth $100 an hour (and I bet your time is more valuable than that!), that time spent searching the internet could cost you several thousands dollars…and all that conflicting information from people you don’t know are truly knowledgable could leave you even more confused!

Woman frustrated by conflicting medical information online
Doctor explaining an ACL injury to an athlete

And I’d bet you won’t find any orthopedic surgeon, who would sit down with you for over an hour and teach you everything you need to know about your ACL injury to help you return to the sport or exercise you love!

I do offer one-on-one discussions to explain injuries to people, but I charge about $1000 per hour … To be fair, $1000 or more would be a drop in the bucket compared to the incredible peace of mind and clarity you’ll possess knowing you are making the best decision for you and your ACL injury. 

One-on-one sessions with Dr. David Geier

But the good news is you won’t have to pay anywhere near $1000!

Because you (or one of your kids) are struggling with an ACL injury now and shared information on your ACL injury challenges, you can get the complete ACL Injuries Simplified training for only $97 ... Over the course of one year, that’s just 26 cents a day ... about one-fourth the cost of a newspaper you would read in the doctor’s office waiting for your appointment!

Can you think of a better way to spend 26 pennies than by learning the essential information you need about your ACL injury so you can confidently take action and recover quickly and safely? I didn’t think so!

Plus, you get 2 amazing bonuses… 

10 Mistakes Active People Make After Suffering an Injury

Bonus #1: The "10 Mistakes Active People Make After Suffering an Injury” video training - a $29 Value, FREE! 

This training helps you avoid the mistakes I see my patients make (and people who contact me from all over the world make) that causes their injuries to get worse, take longer to heal, or even keep them out of sports and exercise. Taking the steps in this training alone can help you avoid unnecessary pain and frustration wondering why you aren’t recovering the way you should.

The Injury Visit Checklist

Bonus #2: The Injury Visit Checklist - a $99 Value, FREE!  

This one-page document might look simple enough, but it is invaluable in helping you get all the information you need from your doctor’s visit. Print it out and review it before your appointment to know what you need to bring with you and what information the doctor will want to know. Then ask all of the listed questions to make sure you have everything you need to know before you decide how you want to treat your injury. This document alone can help eliminate confusion and help you avoid needing to see the doctor for a second visit or see another doctor because you left the appointment just as confused as you were before.

Plus everything comes with my full 100% money back guarantee!

You must be absolutely convinced that my ACL Injuries Simplified training and all your FREE bonuses will teach you everything you need to know about your ACL injury to help you talk to your doctor and make the treatment decisions best for you... or just let us know and I’ll gladly refund your entire purchase price. If for some reason you’re not delighted with the better understanding you have about your ACL injury or the injury your family member is dealing with, the comfort you now have going to see a doctor for it, and the confidence you have that you can return to play sports, exercise, work and be healthy and active for the rest of your life, then just let me know - and you get all your money back.

What are you waiting for?

The only thing standing between you and the confidence and peace of mind you deserve is the courage to take control of your injury. So now it’s up to you.

Female runner battling a sore knee

You can, of course, continue down the agonizingly slow road of waiting to see if you get better on your own, going to website after website looking for information, seeing a doctor but not asking the questions you really need answered and not learning the steps to get you back to 100%, playing your sport or doing the activities you love.

Or, you can start putting the essential information you’ll learn in ACL Injuries Simplified to work for you …

  • To decide if you really need surgery, when you should do it and how it should be performed...
  • To know what to expect so you can plan what to do about work, school, driving and more
  • To recover without setbacks and progress safely through your rehab after surgery
  • ... and gain a pain-free, strong knee that allows you to play sports, run or do anything you love to do as well as you could before you got hurt.
Happy woman crossing the finish line

With my 100% money-back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk on your part. So when it comes right down to it, there’s really only one rational thing to do … Click here to order now.

P.S. The time is now. Don’t wait until years have passed, and you might live in pain forever. Don’t see a second or third doctor because you don’t understand what the first one told you. Don’t have ACL surgery without knowing the alternatives and what ACL surgery and recovery entail. Will you take action?