An ankle sprain is a traumatic injury to one or more of the ligaments that stabilizes the ankle joint. Ankle sprains most frequently involve the ligaments on the lateral side (outside of the ankle), but they can involve the medial (inside of the ankle) ligaments or the syndesmosis of the ankle (high ankle sprain). They can vary in severity, from stretching one or more of the ligaments, to partial or complete tears. Therefore the time involved in the recovery process can vary greatly.

Treatment options for an ankle sprain

Rest from the offending sport or exercise, compression of the ankle, and ice can help decrease pain and swelling from an ankle sprain. Often an ankle brace can allow weightbearing after the injury. Physical therapy can help to restore motion, strength, balance and control of the ankle and lower extremity.

Compression wrap for an ankle sprain

Return to sports and exercise after a sprained ankle

The length of time for recovery and return to sports depends on the severity and location of the injury. Generally patients can return to sports and exercise anywhere from a few days after the injury to six weeks or more.

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