Hook of the hamate fracture: Mechanism of injury and treatment of this wrist and hand injury

A hook of the hamate fracture is a fracture of the hamate on the ulnar side of the wrist and hand. The injury often occurs when a golfer, baseball player, or tennis player swings his club, bat, or racquet and it stops suddenly, such as a golfer hitting the ground with the club.

Signs and symptoms

Patients with a hook of the hamate fracture complain on pain at the base of the hand deep in the muscle below the fifth finger (little finger). You might notice pain trying to grip an object, like a doorknob, tennis racquet or golf club.

Swinging a baseball bat is a common mechanism of injury for a hook of the hamate fracture

Treatment of a hook of the hamate fracture

Treatment can involve placing the athlete’s hand and wrist in a cast or splint. Often your pain goes away even if the small piece of bone broken off doesn’t heal. If you still have pain, some surgeons will surgically remove the small piece of bone that has broken off.

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