How I can help you

My name is Dr. David Geier, triple-board certified orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine expert. 

I have treated hundreds of military members and veterans during my career. I understand how physically demanding that service can be and how devastating the injuries that can arise from that service can be. I can help you as you attempt to navigate the VA system to obtain benefits. I am not affiliated with the VA system at this time, but I can serve as an independent medical examiner to help determine if your orthopedic injury and diagnosis are service related and to document that relationship with either a NEXUS letter and/or Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ).

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Determination of whether your injury and diagnosis are related to your military service

The first step in assisting you in your VA benefits claim is to work together to get the necessary medical records and service records. I then review them and create a medical opinion (Independent Veteran Medical Opinion) as to whether or not I believe your injury and diagnosis are related to your military service. I then send you a summary of my findings.

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NEXUS Letter

If I determine that your orthopedic injury and diagnosis are service related, I can then craft a NEXUS letter summarizing my medical opinion (Veteran Medical Nexus Opinion), listing the reviewed medical records and their findings, as well as your orthopedic diagnosis and why I believe it is related to your military service. 

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If you feel that a DBQ would help your case, my team would work with you to schedule a virtual appointment in which I can talk with you and perform a virtual exam of the injured body part(s). I then complete the DBQ and return it to you within a few days.

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Schedule a consultation

If you have questions about the process, or you would like to schedule an initial review of records, you can contact my assistant Jennifer Streckfuss at She can discuss the process, fees and more and help coordinate the process. All inquiries to this address not related to veterans’ benefits questions will be deleted without response.

I thank you for your service to this country. I look forward to working with you.

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VA Benefits Expert
VA Disability Claims
Independent Veteran Medical Opinion (IMO)
Veteran Medical Nexus Opinion (VMNO) based on veteran's medical records

Veteran/Patient/Client understands that Dr. David Geier makes no guarantee of results for services rendered that his independent expert medical opinion and/or NEXUS and/or supplemental medical opinions and/or disability benefit questionnaire (DBQ’s) and/or medical opinions written as a result of a referral from Dr. Geier, will produce a favorable outcome to your disability claim. 

In the event the Veteran’s Administration or Social Security Administration or Employment Medical Disability or Worker’s Compensation denies any and/or all of your disability claim(s), no refunds shall be granted.