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Physician burnout webinar with Dr. David Geier

Webinar: “Burnout Is the New Healthcare Crisis: How To Save Our Physicians and Our Patients"

“These strategies have helped me overcome a burnout problem I never saw coming and didn't know I had and create a career that fills me with passion every day... Now, it’s YOUR turn to put them to work yourself and with your physicians!”

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you could help the physicians in your practice or practice group, in your hospital or hospital system, and in your medical society or association overcome and prevent burnout... and find more passion in their jobs and career to be at their best for their patients and their families... then this webinar will show you how.

Yes! I want to learn more about how Dr. Geier can help our physicians!
Burned out surgeons

Physicians today work harder than ever, and they are more exhausted and frustrated than at any other time in our history.

Many doctors feel resigned that these changes are inevitable and out of our control, leading them to dissatisfaction in their work and depression in their lives. It’s common to hear burned out physicians complain, "This isn't the way it used to be. This isn't what I signed up for." 

Physicians in the United States today face long work hours...

  • Working long hours seeing patients, operating, taking ER call, and trying to see their families in the time left over
  • Spending hours on the phone waiting for patients’ tests to be approved by insurance companies
  • Sitting in meetings that have no real effect on their ability to treat patients
Doctors work long hours and face burnout

They never get a break from work…

Doctors never get a break from work, leading to burnout
  • Doing their charting, for patients they saw during the day, in “pajama time" – after they go home but before they go to bed, just to get their work from the day completed
  • Spending hours each month, usually at night, serving leadership roles on hospital committees
  • Working day after day without a vacation, often because of onerous rules about cancelling clinics

Physicians face ever increasing pressure...

  • Pressure to see more and more patients in less time and generate more work RVUs
  • Pressure to get practice overhead lower
  • Pressure to perform research and publish papers
  • Pressure to get ratings and patient satisfaction scores up
Doctors face constant pressure at work, causing physician burnout

And these changes take an emotional toll on our physicians...

Doctor worried about his student loans
  • Exhausted from being up all night operating or seeing patients on call and then being right back at work at 7 AM the next day
  • Frustrated from never being home and feeling the frustration of their husbands or wives from not being home
  • Anxious from worrying about school loans and student debt

Is it any wonder that over half of the physicians in the United States experience symptoms of burnout? Or that their burnout rate is nearly double that of workers in other professions?

Physicians in every specialty, every type of practice and office setting, and in every part of the country face burnout more than ever. They experience symptoms like these on a regular basis...

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Frequent irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Brain fog and forgetfulness
  • Poor immune system
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Dreading going to work most days
  • Rolling their eyes mentally when patients complain
  • Mentally checking out at meetings
  • Spreading negativity in the workplace
  • Dreaming of retirement simply because they don’t want to work
  • Struggling to think they can work as a physician for 2 or 3 more years, let alone 30
Common signs and symptoms of physician burnout

And burnout can have tragic consequences. About 400 physicians take their own lives in the United States each year. That’s over one doctor per day. That’s the highest suicide rate of any profession - higher than combat veterans, and more than twice that of the general population.

Burnout is now recognized by the World Health Organization as a legitimate medical syndrome. But it isn’t just bad for our physicians. It’s bad for our patients, and it’s bad for the healthcare system in our country.

By 2025, the United States will face a shortage of almost 90,000 physicians, a significant percentage of whom left medicine due to physician burnout. Harvard's School of Public Health calls burnout among the nation’s physicians a public health crisis.

Burnout can happen to the best of physicians. We are often so close to it personally that we don’t recognize the symptoms and problem. It starts slowly and begins to affect us physically and emotionally.

I’m Dr. David Geier, orthopedic surgeon, author, media resource, and keynote speaker. As the sports medicine expert behind one of the top platforms for sports injury education on the web, I help people feel and perform their best, regardless of age, injuries, and yes, burnout.

Seven years into my practice, a practice that I loved, my institution went through a lot of changes. Many of those changes negatively impacted me and other physicians. I became more and more frustrated, even with parts of my jobs that previously brought me joy.

Dr. David Geier performing ACL surgery

Dr. David Geier covering a pro soccer game

On top of the work struggles, I was taking on more and more responsibilities trying to run a sports medicine program at an academic institution. Before long, I was working until midnight almost every night and waking up at 4:00 or 4:30 AM. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating well or exercising the way I should. I wasn’t spending time with my friends or family.

Through difficult conversation I had with an operating room manager at my hospital, I realized I was burned out. My burnout had been simmering for months, but I couldn’t see it. That uncomfortable meeting actually became one of the best things that happened to me early in my career.

I made some simple changes and corrected the course of my work and my life. It took me about 18 months to recover. And I still keep many of the burnout issues in mind, because there are always parts of our jobs and our careers that frustrate us.

But I have less stress and more success in my practice and my medical career than I ever have. Now I want to help your physicians follow my example and the examples of numerous physicians who have faced similar challenges.

Dr. David Geier on vacation in Napa Valley

I deliver an extremely popular keynote speech called “Less Stress, More Success: Overcoming and Preventing Physician Burnout.” I’ve been able to help huge numbers of physicians and healthcare professionals through my message on stage. 

Dr. David Geier delivering his keynote speech on preventing physician burnout

But you might not have a conference or meeting in the coming months where I can speak in person to your physicians. You might not be able to afford to spend thousands of dollars to bring me in to speak at your event. Your physicians might be too busy to travel to your conference.

Most importantly, you want to help to them now, in a way that’s easiest and most effective for them.

“Dr. Geier engaged our physicians in a highly productive interaction that was both well received and extremely beneficial. It is not often that I see surgeons open up about the challenges of maintaining a positive outlook and environment for themselves and for their team. Dr. Geier led them to do so in a thoughtful and collaborative manner. The outcomes of this engagement will be far reaching both personally and organizationally. I cannot think of a time better spent!” - H. Louise Eddy, M.S. CCC/A, FAAA, Chief Executive Officer, Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, P.A. 

"With his inspiring speech, energy and enthusiasm, Dr. David Geier captured the attention of the audience. He gave concrete, real-life examples of burnout and tangible strategies to curb it. He has a great gift of public speaking and of delivering his message in a very clear fashion. In brief, Dr. Geier is a fantastic speaker who is engaging and passionate about the subject of burnout among physicians and other healthcare professionals." - May Mohty, M.D., president of the Maricopa County Medical Society

Hire me to present a transformational webinar on physician burnout, “Burnout Is the New Healthcare Crisis: How To Save Our Physicians and Our Patients."

Physician Burnout webinar

This is a 60- or 90-minute webinar that I will tailor to your practice, hospital system, or organization. 

I leave time for Q&A, when your physicians can ask me questions and I can share what I’ve learned through my personal experience, what I’ve heard works best from other physicians, and what I’ve learned from researching best practices across the country.

Doctor watching a webinar on his computer

Through this thought-provoking and inspiring webinar, your physicians will learn:

Doctor comforting his patient
  • Common signs and symptoms of burnout so they can take steps to correct course immediately (Most doctors don’t recognize they have a problem…I certainly didn’t!)
  • Deliver better care to their patients (Burned out physicians have worse patient-provider relationships and make more medical errors!)
  • Daily changes to feel amazing, have more energy, and experience passion at work and in their personal lives (They can make these changes immediately…I did!)
  • 4 simple practices to combat the stress and frustration that build up during a typical work day (They take a couple of minutes…to as little as a few seconds!)
  • Questions to ask and steps to take to eliminate work that isn’t important so they can get more done in less time and with much less stress (It’s really easier than you would think to cut hours from your work week…every week!)
  • A choice that eliminates working on emails or patient charts in “pajama time” (Instead, they spend quality time with their families and friends at night and not with their laptops!)
Doctor exercising to relieve stress and anxiety
Doctor finding passion in her life
  • One activity they can do in as little as 20 minutes per week that will boost their happiness and enjoyment of their work and life
  • Strategies for improving the empathy they feel for patients (It helps us just as much as it helps them!)
  • Tips to find aspects of medicine they love and do more of it (I promise there are parts of their jobs that bring them joy!)
  • 4 easy practices to add gratitude in their days (These practices help block negative emotions that destroy happiness, and they prevent depression!)
  • Methods for developing community and personal connection with their partners in their practices, with their office staff, with the nurses and staff in their hospitals, their colleagues in their specialty in their town and nationally (One idea I share can transform their practices and institutions!)
  • Strategies to enjoy medicine and their practices today and for the rest of their careers (No more dreaming of retirement 30 years from now…let alone 2 or 3 years from now!)
Doctors getting to know each other personally

Participating physicians can also receive two white papers I wrote on physician burnout: one offering 3 easy steps to finding and experiencing a happier career and life, and a burnout white paper for physician and healthcare leaders to help their teams avoid burnout, feel more passion in their work, and connect with each other.

You can offer CME credit to your physicians. (I’ll provide objectives and a detailed outline to meet your CME requirements.)

Even with a full-time practice myself, I will do my best to offer the webinar on a day and time that is best for your organization.

Yes! I want to learn more about how Dr. Geier can help our physicians!

It’s time to tackle this problem of physician burnout head on...

I'd personally love to see a healthcare world where the EMR delivers the tasks dumped on physicians and gives them to office staff more than capable of performing them, freeing us up to spend more face-to-face time with patients.

Physician working in an electronic medical record
Doctor hugging a healed patient

I'd love to see a healthcare world where the vast majority of our time is spent helping our patients get better, get healthier and not simply meeting compliance targets by clicking a million boxes in a patient's electronic chart.

I'd love to see a healthcare world where you go home after you see your last patient. Physicians don't spend a single minute in "pajama time" doing charts or responding to work emails.

Doctor doing her charts in pajama time
Group of physicians meeting for coffee

I'd love to see a healthcare world where we have time and opportunities to connect with our partners and colleagues, our office staff and the staff at our hospitals and get to know everyone personally.

And I'd love to see a healthcare world where we are full of energy every day, where we spend time with our families, our friends, where we exercise regularly, sleep, eat healthy diets, and pursue our passions.

Doctor spending time with his family

Help your physicians combat burnout. Allow me to speak with them, and help them take steps to take care of themselves so they can take care of their patients. It will be one of the best long-term decisions you can make for everyone in your organization!

P.S... A final, personal message from me:

"While it's easy for physicians to blame outside forces for the changes in medicine that have led to the epidemic of physician burnout, we must realize that change starts with the individual. As physicians, we must do what we can. If we’re all burned out personally, if we're exhausted, frustrated and just trying to get through the day, we will never be able to change the bigger problem and address it at the higher level. Let’s take steps now to overcome and prevent burnout so physicians have less stress and more success in their work and lives."