How To Eliminate The Stress And Anxiety Of Choosing A Doctor Or Surgeon

- How to find a surgeon that is best for your particular injury. This one factor might lower your risk of a bad outcome after surgery.

- Little-known secrets about online physician review sites and best doctor rankings…and how much you should trust them.

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It’s A Shame When You Spend Time And Money And Leave The Doctors Office Frustrated 

- Why the courtesy of a surgeon’s office staff is important - and how it can affect your care

- What you should really look for on a surgeon’s website: This factor can help you recognize if you will have a good relationship with your doctor.

Patient checking in to see the doctor

Why Do Some Patients Have A Bad Experience With Their Doctor?

- What you should really learn from your friends and their experience with an orthopedic surgeon

- The strangest secret about team doctors for pro sports teams. Are they necessarily the best doctors in your area for your injury?

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