Give Me An Hour, and I’ll Give You Peace Of Mind About Physical Therapy

- The single most common reason people don’t go to physical therapy. This one factor can help you get the most out of physical therapy.

- Why the length of time to get an appointment matters - and how you can be seen as quickly as you need

- You can see a physical therapist in all 50 states without seeing a doctor first. Is that a good option for you?

Physical therapist examining a patient's hip

Why Do Some Patients Have A Bad Experience With Physical Therapy? 

- What never to allow in your physical therapy sessions. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more common.

- WARNING: Avoid these 3 common signs you have the wrong physical therapist. These are surprisingly common…and easy to spot.

- Little-known secrets that show your therapy isn’t aggressive enough…even if you spend an hour there every session.

Physical therapist working with a female patient

The 12 Things Every Active Person Should Know About Recovering From Injuries

- The physical therapist in the doctor’s office is the best for you - right? Not always! Here’s how to know when you should automatically go to the physical therapy practice your doctor recommends.

- The truth about insurance and co-pays for your physical therapy visits

- The secret of when you need to start therapy after surgery. If you wait too long, you might not recover as well as you could.

Physical therapist applying kinesio tape


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