The process of returning to sports after ACL surgery is a long one. You will do months of rehab with a physical therapist to regain motion, strength and function of your knee. When you get back to sports, is there any way to decrease your risk of reinjury? In this Ask Dr. Geier video, we discuss exercises you can do before practices and games.

Nicolas asks:
I’m 33. It has been 3 years since my ACL surgery. I’m doing great, playing tennis and soccer 3 times a week. Do you recommend any type of warm ups for the knee?

ACL injury prevention programs are probably good for all athletes, including those who have suffered these injuries and those who haven’t. Yes, they are designed for young athletes to prevent a torn ACL in the first place. People who return to sports, though, can use them as warm-up exercises.
Female soccer player doing ACL prevention exercises as she returns to sports after ACL surgery

In this video, I discuss these programs and how to use the exercises before practices and games.

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