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Questions by sports community answered by Dr. Geier in his weekly post

Ask Dr. Geier – Can you return to play after a shoulder dislocation?

If you suffer a traumatic shoulder injury during sports, you certainly want to recover quickly so that you can play again. When could your injury need surgery? If you can get better without surgery, is there a risk of reinjuring it or never getting back to 100%? In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I discuss the challenges young athletes have after suffering a shoulder dislocation. Continue Reading

Ask Dr. Geier – How often can you get cortisone injections?

One of the remedies we have used for decades in orthopedic surgery to treat a variety of injuries and conditions is the cortisone shot. We use them to treat pain from arthritis, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement and much more. In this Ask Dr. Geier video, I share my thoughts on the proper role of cortisone injections, when patients can consider using them, and how often you could get them. Continue Reading

Ask Dr. Geier – What does surgery and rehab of a tibial plateau fracture entail?

Tibial plateau fractures are fractures of the upper part of the tibia – shinbone – just below the knee. It is common for an active person with a tibial plateau fracture to require surgery to line up the bone and hold it with a plate and screws. In this video, I explain the postoperative restrictions after these and other knee surgeries. Continue Reading

Ask Dr. Geier – What are the symptoms of chronic exertional compartment syndrome?

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome is an uncommon source of pain and disability in athletes. Most frequently, it causes leg pain in running athletes, but occasionally it is seen in the forearms of throwing athletes, such as pitchers. In this video, I discuss the symptoms of CECS as well as the treatments that can help the affected athlete. Continue Reading

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