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Will throwing a curveball increase your risk for injury?

Probably the most controversial risk factor for arm injuries in young pitchers has been the curveball. For years, orthopaedic surgeons and baseball organizations have recommended that young kids avoid throwing the curveball and other breaking pitches until their bodies mature. Does throwing a curveball really increase the risk for shoulder or elbow injury in young baseball pitchers? Continue Reading

Encouraging Little League baseball coaches to use pitch counts

We’ve heard about the need for pitch counts in youth baseball for many years. The thinking behind these guidelines is that if we can limit a kid’s pitches in a game, week or season, we will significantly decrease his chances of suffering an overuse shoulder or elbow injury. But how often do youth baseball coaches actually monitor and enforce pitch counts? Continue Reading

Do baseball pitchers from warm weather areas have a greater risk for Tommy John surgery?

We have seen the numbers of Major League Baseball pitchers who have had Tommy John surgery increase significantly in the last few years. Maybe worse than that jump has been the increase in the number of injuries among high school aged pitchers. What has been the cause of this spike in Tommy John surgeries? Here is a risk factor you might not have heard before. Continue Reading

Pitching performance suffers after Tommy John surgery

Injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the elbow are common in Major League Baseball. That ligament is the main stabilizer to some of the forces on the elbow with the throwing motion. With repeated stress over time, that ligament can fray and ultimately fail. Reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament, better known as Tommy John surgery, is usually required to allow an elite pitcher to return to the mound. While success rates for return to pitching after UCL reconstruction usually exceed 80%, a new study examines how the injury and surgery affect pitching performance. Continue Reading

Brady Aiken and the risk of elbow injuries in top pitchers

Brady Aiken, a left-handed pitcher from San Diego, recently became only the third high school pitcher to be selected as the top overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft. He reportedly had agreed to a $6.5 million contract with the Houston Astros before the deal fell apart, allegedly over concerns about his elbow ligament. Continue Reading

Tips to prevent eye injuries in sports

With April serving as Youth Sports Safety Month, we look for steps to lower the risks of injuries for children in all sports. The American Academy of Ophthalmology points out that a large number of eye injuries occur to young people in sports. Decreasing these eye injuries would be a significant step to keeping kids safe.
Continue Reading

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