7 signs your knee injury could be serious

Knee injuries are among the most common injuries in sports and exercise. Fortunately, among the patients I see in the office, most knee injuries do not require surgery.

If you suffer a knee injury, how can you know if it is serious and worth seeing an orthopaedic surgeon? This list is far from comprehensive, but here are seven signs you have a knee injury that might require surgery.

It goes without saying that the information in this post, like all of my content on this blog, on my podcast, and in social media, is not intended to provide specific medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any medical concerns.

Your knee is swollen.

It might not be a big deal for your knee to have a small amount of fluid present. On the other hand, if your knee swells up like a basketball in the first few hours after an injury, you could have an ACL tear or fracture.

You heard a pop.

I don’t mean a small pop like the one you feel when you crack your knuckles. I’m also not talking about the popping many of you feel under your kneecaps normally with knee motion. If you hear or feel a loud, painful pop during an awkward landing or when you get hit in the knee, you could have torn a ligament. The Serious Injury ChecklistMany athletes say that their teammates heard the pop when they tore their ACLs.

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You can’t bear weight.

Extreme pain trying to walk is somewhat of a generic complaint. Many injuries can be serious enough to cause pain when you try to put pressure on the injured leg. It is still a sign you might consider seeking medical attention.Knee injury in soccer

Your knee buckled or gave way.

If your knee buckled when you landed from a jump or changed direction suddenly, you could have suffered ligament damage, such as an ACL tear. Alternatively, if you experience your knee giving out with twisting or landing movements in sports weeks or months after an injury, you should consider seeing a sports medicine doctor. True knee instability with activities can risk further damage to the meniscus or articular cartilage.

Your knee is locked.

Younger athletes can often tear the meniscus in such away that the inner, torn fragment can flip into the center of the knee and block motion. These bucket-handle meniscus tears often require surgery. The surgeon must push the meniscus back into place and repair it with sutures or anchors. Milder or more chronic forms of knee locking or catching also can suggest you have a meniscus tear.

You cannot fully extend the knee.

Pain, swelling, and inflammation after acute injuries can all make knee range of motion difficult. If a patient comes to my office days after an injury and I can’t straighten the knee, I get at least a little concerned. It can be a nonspecific finding, though. Regardless, I have often found ACL tears, acute meniscus tears, patellar dislocations, and more in these circumstances.

Your knee hurts in a very specific location.

Patients with meniscus tears usually complain of pain in a very specific spot along the joint line rather than throughout the knee. Medial meniscus tears often hurt along the medial (inside) and posterior (back) side of the knee. Lateral meniscus tears often cause pain along the lateral (outside) and posterior aspect of the knee. Likewise, stress fractures usually cause localized pain on the bone at the site of the fracture.

I hope that this list is helpful. Again, it is not comprehensive and not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If anything, I hope you would consider seeing your doctor sooner after injury if you have any of these complaints.

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    • I have had knee pains and IT band problems in both to left and right for over a year. Physical therapy helped after 4 months then the same pains came back. I also recieved cortisone shots in both and that did not do anything at all. Through an MRI my ortho doctor said I was born with a crack in my left knee cap and the bottoms of my knees that cause loud cracking are rough but he said nothing was wrong???? Is this something I should be concerned about? And what can I do I have pretty constant pain and am in the military so I am extremely worried please email me back as soon as you can. Thanks

      • I can’t really offer you too much advice without being involved in your care. Generally we don’t worry as much about popping in the knee, as many people have it despite having no pain. It can also be a sign of arthritis changes under the kneecap, and there aren’t easy treatments for that. You could discuss options for your pain with your orthopaedic surgeon.

        • how would i know that i did something to my kneecap. It is swollen and looks dislocated and hurts to bend or more and it hurts to bear weight.

          • I landed from a jump wrong and I felt my knee pop sideways or outwards. I can straighten my knee, but it is with pain and if I bear weight there’s a feeling of instability. I can’t straighten my knee when I walk or it will buckle. However, I can’t find any visible or obvious swelling?

          • I feel on my treadmill and I scraped my knee really bad I thnk I tore something my rght and left knee has pain running up and down and sharp stabbing pain running up and down the inner thighs and outer sides and in the back it shoots up and down also the pain wakes me up in my sleep alot

          • I have a question I am going for and mri and wanted to know if my knee needs to be operated on I can’t bend it all the way with out it hurting and it pops all the time if I move and its behind my knee and all over my knee

          • i think Idid something to my kneecap. It is swollen and looks dislocated and hurts to bend or more and it hurts to bear weight.

          • Ihad 2 knee surgery and I fell out of the shower and hut my knee and brush it. The knee hurts bad I can’t bend it because it hurt the knee pop’s know that hurts to I have a support brass I wear and I’m on crutches to on pain meds and the back of the knee hurts to. Help me please

          • Hey so I flipped off a boat and landed in the water tore something I haven’t been able to walk in week I can’t put pressure on my leg and if I try to stand it buckles. Lots of pain

          • I jumped out of the back of my Truck and landed on both feet .
            But my Left Knee Twisted When I landed ..Hurts to put pressure on it..I can Bend it ..But I sat in my Recliner to prop it up and it Hurt When I Hold it or Straight. I feel some pain..

          • I injured my knee a few mounths ago and it made a piping sound and it like gave out on me and today it happened again and it hurts really bad is this bad?

        • My knee has been locking, and hurting. Sometimes it pops. I can’t run, and when I walk, I limp. I use a knee brace, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I’m only 12. I have a doctors appointment, but its a long time from now… I can’t wait! It just hurts. Now, the back of my knee hurts, and my knee hurts when I put pressure on it. Some people say that I need crutches. I use crutches and it helps so much! But other people say that my crutches aren’t necessary. The crutches are very helpful, and my brace does help a little also. I’ve been reading and some people tell me I have a Patella Knee Fracture. Since my doctor is very busy with other patients, she told me to go to the Urgent Care. Is it really necessary? Can it really be a Patella Knee Fracture? Thanks.

      • I was at track practice sprinting and went to go tag my partner to go and I didn’t hit him but he still went but I went to hit it and I stepped on my lefted leg and my knee just did something and it didn’t hurt until like 10 seconds and I went off to the side and just dropped dead my knee never felt worse (it felt like it poped and I can’t keep my leg straight only when it’s off the ground)and I had to run another lap and it was painful but good news is I won but my leg…not so much

      • I fell today at work, on a matt. I fell on concreate with all my weight on my right knee I heard a loud snap, but it could have been just me hiting the floor. I had both hands full so I tried to stop myself with my knee, but fell completely. But I couldn’t move for a minune and I felt like I was going to puke because the pain was so bad, but I got up and stood and got my breath back and was able to get someone to clean up what I had dropped. I went and sat and iced my leg for a couple of hours. I thought I was alright. but later on around 5 hrs later my knee and leg swelled, and I went to take a nap hoping I would wake up in less pain. I woke up to my knee not being able to move at all. so I took ibprophin, and iced it more I can only move it a little most of my pain is on the side but shoots up to my mid thigh and down to my toes and I cant move them well either now. I cant put my whole weight on it with out wanting to scream in pain. I called my doctor and he told me to rest and continue taking pain/ anti-inflammatory meds, and keep icing it. And come in on Monday. But I don’t think I agree. what should I do? And what do you think I did. its not too badly swollen but it is enough on the bottom to not see the outline of my knee anymore. please help.

          • Hi – did you ever find out what was wrong with your leg/knee? I can’t put weight on my right leg whatsoever…without screaming in pain…something is def wrong..

      • Hello I started having knee pain in my right knee after having my foot surgery on my left leg Id always hop on my good leg.And to climb up the stairs facing forwards using mu knee.Now it hurts amd feels swollen Ive been massaging it and wraping it up will the pain evergo away???:/ Should I be scared

      • I broke my tibia and fibia in my right left and had a plateau fracture in my right leg as well.. As of right now about a month and a half after surgery im undergoing therapy and I still straighten my right leg fully. The doctor and therapist said its because we have to break up the scar tissue still I’m pushing myself to my utmost extreme to try and get full or close to full range of motion back.. My bending has increased greatly my straightening hasn’t really but I’ve really tried to get it to straighten out these last couple days. Do you think that I will be able to straighten my leg back out maybe not full but close? Take in mind I had a fixation, traction and I have pins and plates in my leg. Thank you please get back to me as soon as possible

      • So I hurt my knee a month ago and not sure if I need to go to ortho or not I slid into a base but it was a hook slide and when my knee hit instant pain then went to stand up and it was numb like it wasn’t there then it swelled as big as my thigh. Now it’s still swollen and I can walk fine but if you touch it feels like sharp pain or needles and can’t get on my knee at all and I have a huge lump below my k we cap

      • I have had pain in my right knee and it hurts to bend it and put pressure on it I am worried about it because it’s been like this for 1 year now what should I do and what is it

    • I can extend my knee fully but it is hard and comes with pain at the bottom of my knee cap, I had jumper’s knee for 2 years. I can walk fine and go up stairs, coming down gives me some pain at the bottom of my knee cap, did I partially tear my patteller tendon?

      • It is hard to know without examining you, but pain at the insertion of the patellar tendon into the patella, especially with a small defect and difficulty performing a straight leg raise, could suggest a partial patellar tendon tear.

        • I fell and all my weight landed on my knee yesterday. On concrete. No swelling, doesn’t hurt to the touch, does hurt when I kneel, and only time it hurts is when I lock my leg. I can walk and run without pain. Only when I lock it. What do I have???

          P.s I have aau basketball tryouts tommorow

          • I had the exact same thing happen to me, walking and running are fin, only when i like kick out my leg that I feel something. What happened to you?

        • I have been puting ice on it but it still hurts people tell me it’s nothing but my teacher said its broken what’s wrong with me and what would a doctor do to fix it

    • Someone pushed me outside my door I fell on my knee hard two weeks later it still hurts right below my knee cap under the soar…and when I been or gets into my bed my back calves hurt like its fluid or swollen but I have no fever but my back leg is still in pain and when I’m on my knees there’s a lot of pain still is something tore or broken??

    • I fell with all my weight straight on to my knee playing soccer two years ago almost. It was very painful at the time but gradually got better. Ever since then I randomly get a numb, aching pain in my knee. It can vary in severity and is really starting to bother me. Do you have any recommendations on how to relieve this? And to stop it occurring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Without knowing what is causing the pain, I can’t really suggest treatments to make it better. I generally recommend that if a person has symptoms that keep him from doing what he wants to do as well as he wants to do it, he should consider seeing an orthopedic surgeon.

    • I landed really hard on my knee during a Vball match and I kept playing but it buckled one me once or twice and hurt to put pressure on through out the game and I could jump on it or push off it. Through out the day it continued to hurt but I was able to put more weight and move more on it, eventually I could jump. It’s now 5 days later and I still can’t bend it all the way with out a lot if pain and it’s still swollen on the outer side of my knee. I can’t decide wether I should get it looked at or not? If it’s just a muscle bruise I don’t want to go to the doctors I don’t want to be a hypochondriac. Do you think it’s something that needs to be checked out or can I get away without getting it checked?

      • If an active person has pain, swelling, limited motion or some other symptom that limits the ability to play as well as he or she wants to, it can be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon or doctor to find a diagnosis and get a treatment plan.

      • I heard a loud pop in my knee when I landed on it. I can still straighten it out and bend it so does this mean I still tore my knee

      • doctor when i was in the church yesterday at my sisters baptism i accidentaly tripped my feet really did bend.yes i can bend my knee bit it hurts because it is the one which really hit the floor and after that when i was holding my knees it hurts and the fast few days i can bend it but with pain what could this be or shall i see a doctor or what please reply as u red this.thanks:)

    • I went to see my doctor and got a xray 2 weeks ago and they told me there was nothing wrong with my knee its been 5 months I had this injury and I even went to the county hospital n they told me they couldn’t do anything about it I have to go to my family doctor so I did n Idk if I might of tore a ligament? Or something?

    • I’m a relatively active 50 year old female. I went sea kayaking for 4 hours about a week ago, something I’ve never done before. My legs were,slightly bent and pointing a little outwards for the whole trip. I had a lot of pressure on my legs, using peddles to steer in substantial current. I think the left one was a little shorter, so my knee was under more stress.

      I felt fine for 2 days. Then, about 4 days ago, my knee felt swollen. It’s been tender and weak. Mostly an awareness that’s something wrong. It gets intense if I try to turn my left foot inward. I can walk ok. It feels better in the AM, but as the day goes on it gets worse.

      I have iced it a few times and am taking advil. Any ideas if something for stretched or torn? Thnaks

      • Honestly it would be hard to say with those symptoms. If pain or other symptoms are getting worse or not improving, it can be a good idea to see a doctor to find out a cause.

    • I just hurt my knee playing soccer yesterday. I was running tried to move direction, heard two loud pops, and felt my knee move inward. I can walk on it but it hurts a lot. I know it’s not broken or anything. Should I go to the emergency where they can do x rays, or to an orthopedic?

    • I don’t have insurance. I’m 19 and 9 months ago I was squatting in cross fit when my right knee collapsed it popped pretty loud I hit the floor and it was swollen for a day or two. I iced it all day and when I iced the under part of my knee it locked up. I couldn’t walk on it or put pressure on itfor 3 days. I hopped around on one leg. Since then I’ve never been the same my knee constantly pops and I’m afraid it’s going to happen again. It keeps popping and buckling kind of sliding to the left. My legs can hyper extend which also causes buckling. I’m still having the popping and buckling as well as when I walk my leg gets tense and has this burning feeling. What the heck is wrong me!!!?

      • I understand the insurance issues, but you might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon. Those symptoms suggest a knee injury that could involve structural damage, so you might discuss it with your doctor.

    • My father yesterday slipped from motorbike and now when he try to stand on his legs his left leg bent towards left side and he fell down even can’t stand or walk through that leg. Xray says no damage just the knee system is out of his real place.
      What you suggest

    • Hello,
      my knee started hurting about an hour ago and i didnt even hit my knee but when i try to squat or kneel it hurts a lot and when i stand up again it makes a little popping sound which hurts.
      i dont want to freak out about this but i am very worried.

      • Generally if any of the signs mentioned in this article are present for any length of time, they could represent ligament, meniscus or tendon damage within the knee.

        • I was playing football and went to cut and my knee gave out and it was painful for a few moments and feels almost loose kinda unstable it was a latteral movement and I thought it could be my lcl or top of the Gastrocnemius hours after the injury I can full lock my knee out and the swelling is still sort of there.theres a tight feeling under the left side of my knee near the hamstring but nothing that inflicts motion I can walk already but am scared that it will give out or could lead to something much worse and would like thoughts on what to do.

    • From my knee down it like really hurts. About 1 year ago it started hurting and it hurt me throughout the year but I payed no attention to it. Now today it started hurting me more. Everytime I get up it gives me a sort of shiver feeling. I can hardly walk and there’s excessive swelling. Do you think I should check it out? and P.S evrytime it’s a cold weather it hurts so bad. I can’t really bear it anymore.

    • Hey just wondering if it’s normal of it still being healed or there’s something wrong but about a month ago I was playing basketball when I collide with another person and there knee banged on the inside of my knee and i felt it pop out and Pop back in it was severe pain those for few minutes but everyone tried to see if I could walk on so I tried and I couldn’t apply to much pressure on it so I was limping but with some pain. A few hours later my knee got swollen and I couldn’t even stand on it couldn’t put no weight on it or nothing a few hours after that it I only felt the pain when I tried to stand or hop on one leg but if I left it alone there was no pain what’s so ever. After that went to the hospital and asked if I was able to move my leg which at the time I could but no so much just a few inches up and down and side to side. They did X-rays and results came back that my knee wasn’t fractured or dislocated so they said it’s just a sprain and gave me pain meds and sent me home. The first few days I was able to walk but slowly and limping mostly. The next couple of weeks I was able to walk at normal speed but still with a limp. After a month I was hopping from both legs to shoot a basket and my knee seemed good just didn’t feel strong enough for me to run yet. And now at this time I can walk almost normal sometimes I feel like I’m knee might pop and also I can’t keep my leg straight or bend it all the way with out the back of my knee giving me pain. Most people say it’s normal it’s just still healing and some say it should’ve healed by now. I would be delighted if you can give back some information as in what should I do or any tips and is it still healing or should’ve had healed already? Please and thank you for your time.

      • I cannot know what injury you have. You might check out the posts here on patella dislocations and see if they are helpful.

    • When I stand and put my legs straight my knee cap gets stiff and then when I go to walk a sharp shooting pain goes through me knee cap bringing me to my knees. This happens oftenly. I’m 14.

        • For years my knees have dislocated.for example if Im sitting in the Cris cross position and go to put my leg straight out it pops out and won’t extend.now I used to have someone push down on my knee and it would make a loud popping noise when it went back into place and hurt. but now when it pops I turn my key with my hand straight up to where my leg is aligned with my chin and extend and it gos right back into place no popping and no pain.do you have any idea what this could be.

    • What if I tore my acl and had surgery a year ago and then yesterday at basketball I landed on it hard and it kind popped but not completely sure but now the inner side of my knee is in pain

      • I suffered a fall in a high school basketball game about a week ago and my knee gave out and basiclly popped. It sounded and felt like when you crack your knuckles except in my knee. Days after the incident it hurts to straighten and bend the knee even the slightest bit. I can put pressure on it just not bend it. Xrays came out good waiting on an mri. Please let me know what you think

    • My knee has been hurting for days and I can not figure out why it is hurting so bad my knee hurts when I do activities. I put ice on it every night and it keeps hurting the next morning. I put keep it on a pillow but it keeps hurting.What can I do because I’m worried that something might be going on with my knee.

    • I hurt my knee today our teacher left and told us to sit in the first four rows in the stage room I forgot to ask her for a piece of paper so I ran up to the stage but I hit my knee hard you could hear thump I tried getting up but I almost fell and I was limping almost all day and at random times it ached/stinged what should I do

    • I hurt my knee today our teacher left and told us to sit in the first four rows in the stage room I forgot to ask her for a piece of paper so I ran up to the stage but I hit my knee hard you could hear thump I tried getting up but I almost fell and I was limping almost all day and at random times it ached/stinged what do I do

    • I just started speed walking about three weeks ago my knee was always strong never had tramatic injury but ive noticed every once and a while the back of my leg (knee) swells alittle but now the back is swollen minor swelling on knee its self but i cant straighten out my leg it had to be at angle the poping or sliding sensation is extremely painful worse once its rested and i get up its a job in its self

    • After tennis practice my knee on the side has began to feel a lot of pain, and it doesn’t feel sore at first I thought it was soreness but it feels like someone took a bat and hit the side of my knee and it feels like there’s a bruise on my bone if that makes sense. It hurts when I try to run it feels like it’ll crack or something, also if I try to get up off the bed and put pressure on my leg it’ll hurt

    • Wait what if I can extend my leg but not bend it and I can walk but not jogg or force my leg and it hurts in my patella 😖

    • I hurt my knee last year and had to wear a brace for about 3 weeks. Yesterday my knee started to hurt again but my other knee. When I woke up today it was very, very swollen and still is. It really hurts when I walk up and down the stairs and when I walk a lot. What should I do, also I have a soccer game in about 2 hours!

    • I fell on ice at work back on March 2, 2015. I was sent to a dr who swore I broke my knee cap & sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. He said the crack is old, went in and cleaned out my knee said I will be fine. I still to this day have swelling I& hear int it. I can not squat down, nor can I straighten my knee. I was told nothing is wrong it just need physical therapy. I started pt & my measurements are negative 35 and so painful all I do is cry during it. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    • I have tendinitis in my right knee and i have been dealing with that for a year. I play alot of softball and recently the back of my knee has begun to hurt and i cant fully extend it. When i sleep and I accidentally extend it i wake up to pain and discomfort. Could this injury be related to my tendinitis?

    • My knee hurts and I’m in pain every time I bend my knee it hurts and when I walk and run it hurts as well,I don’t know what to do I love playing games,sports at my park but I can’t do the sports games or park games because I can’t run!!!!!!PLS PLS help me I want to go back to playing sports and games and for my perspective I see it bruised and bluish purple

    • I injured my left knee last night. It was during an indoor soccer game where it felt tweaked with no serious pain. I played the final 20 minutes of the game without any trouble. After the game once I cooled down my knee was a little stiff but still did not think too much of it. Once I woke up this morning my left knee was incredibly stiff and sore. After walking and stretching it out it does not hurt to walk (with a slight limp). I can bend it but cannot straighten my leg to a lock or flex my quad very well. I do not think it is very serious but would like a second opinion before I make my decision to see a doctor or not.

    • hello i fell on a hard gym floor without carpet and now my knee is swollen and i ca not bend i can not put my weight on it.what should i do should i go to Ortho On Call i have been wrapping it what should i do do you know what is wrong with it

    • Hi,I’m a 14 year old and around christmas I toppled over the back of a couch.It was about four feet above the quartz tiled floor, and my knee was the first thing to hit the floor, with all of my momentum and body weight landing on it. I heard a loud crack, all of my family heard it too, and I lay frozen on the floor, rocking back and forth for a few minutes, waiting for the pain to dissipate. It has been 4 months, and I kept waiting for it to get better over time, but It hasn’t . It hurts when I touch the upper inside of my right knee, and I can feel that it feels slightly different than that place on my left knee. I’m not sure what to do… Is it too late to seek treatment?

  1. I was diagnosed with a sprained knee never got better had an MRI the day after I felt a pop and very painful

  2. Hello,
    I severely dislocated my knee cap six weeks ago. I have been walking on it for two weeks and making huge progress. However, I am not able to completely straighten my leg. The MRI showed no meniscus/ACL issue. I am in physical therapy however my leg just won’t straighten. What could this possibly be? I am very concerned and worried.

    • Without being involved and examining you, I can’t say if there is some mechanical block to extension, like a meniscal tear. Generally though, the lack of full extension of the knee could be serious. An orthopaedic surgeon can perform an exam and order an MRI if needed to find the problem.

    • hi i had niggly pain in my knee 2 days late my left knee had swollen up no pain or tenderness i havent injured it i can walk and do daily things as usual its just strange how it has swollen up and feels tight around the knee.

  3. A day ago i was running and i fell right on my knee iits red and i can bearly straighten my knee and im just laying doown its really hurting for no reason i can even reall walk right

  4. I am going to try to summarize. A ski injury created partial tears in all ligaments in my right knee except meniscus. Had a mri and determined to be an extreme knee injury by an orthopedic surgeon Fast forward several years and I now get short periodic pain and failure to be able to fully extend leg. This pain is severe and last less then a day until I feel a pop or release. Immediately there is total relief of pain and a knee that is as normal as can be.
    I still ski, golf, hike and bike on a regular basis. Hard to get examined because it disappears.
    your best guess?

    • Without really being able to examine you and determine where in your knee the pop was coming from, I’m not sure I can point you in any particular direction. Sorry!

    • 7 days ago I jumped a 3foot fence trying to save a hurt baby bunny. I landed on a slope that hyperextended and turned in, their was many painful pops.. I hit the ground immediately and rolled down the hill. An ambulance was called because I was in to much pain, numbness, crying.. Lol
      7 days later I still can not move or bare weight and the pain is extreme. I feel like I have a dead leg or it’s asleep

      • On sept 2 i heard a pop in my knee ive been on crutches since then it is now the 19th i cant sleep at night throbs like a tooth ache swollen. And painful on one side and i cant walk on it

  5. In 2011 i triped and fell whilst out running on a pavent stone,and went down on my right knee,i went to the hospital they xrayed it and said there was nothing wrong with it,just bruised,Well several weeks later i was in the shower,and found when i put hot water on my left leg below knee i could feel it,But when i did the right it was totally knumb,I then got severe back ache and the hospital did a mri scan,to find my l3 l4 nerves were trapped in my spine,since 2011 ive had an operation on my spine and an operation on my knee,Could you tell me would this be the result of me falling and landing on my knee in 2011,at that time i was 52,im now 55,and disabled,need to wear knee brace without knee collapes,thank you,neil horne,huddersfield,uk.

    • I can’t say without examining you and looking at x-rays and an MRI. A patient with buckling or giving way of the knee might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon to see if any ligamentous injury exists.

    • MY husband was having major pain in his knee.He found out it was arthritis.on top of that he feel out and being a very big and older man he now can’t straighten it out. Making things worse he’s a truck driver and I’m very concerned because it’s spilling over into our sex life HELP!!

  6. A person twisted my leg the wrong direction and my knee popped out I have had x ray and everything is still in tact but for the life of me I cannot bend my leg can’t force it either with hand what could be up with that?

    • Without examining you, I can’t really say. It is possible for a patient to have a mechanical block to motion (such as a loose body). An orthopaedic surgeon could deteremine if one exists and what it could be.

      • I was squatting down 2 days ago it felt like my shin bone and my thigh bone locked when I tried to stand then it popped really loud it clasped it swelled up right then so I went to the emergency room they did an X-ray no fracture so they sent me home with crutches and a brace for my knee I still can’t bare weight it’s still swollen in a lot of pain to the bottom to outside to behind my knee my foot is swollen cold and painful to move I am to see my doctor on Monday but I just don’t want to be told it’s a sprain when I know it’s not. I have had this lock up and cause me pain before but was able to stop and it would unlock but this time it didn’t it did it as I came to a full standing position now it’s very painful no matter what I do or don’t do please I need to know do u think I did any serious damage please and thanks Wanda Tintorri

  7. long history with left knee…
    Medial tibial plateau fracture 7 years ago (I was 32 at the time), Schatzker 4 variant w/popliteal involvement. Several surgeries later, including fem-pop bypass & lateral uni-compartmental knee replacement.
    fast forward to current – we moved out of state, and can’t find an orthopedic surgeon to take my case (0 for 5). I’m “too high risk” because of the bypass, and I’m “too young” for even the uni-replacement – let alone consider doing anything further.
    The medial side of knee joint hurts sharply with any weight bearing, and I particularly can’t straighten it while standing/walking. It sorta feels like I’m culturing a pearl in there (If I had to imagine what an oyster goes through!), and it feels like my kneecap is grinding against sandpaper.
    Can’t feel anything on the lateral side – but then again, I have a hunk of metal on that side from the uni.

    ..without examining, of course, is this something that I simply have to live with? or should I start throwing darts at the orthopedic section phone book again?

    • I understand your frustration, but without being able to examine your knee and review studies, I can’t give you any specific answers to your questions. You might try the AOSSM website and use its Find a Doctor tool to find an orthopaedic surgeon in your area.

  8. I have had a history with my left knee, however at volleyball I jumped and heard and felt 2 pops, painful but I continued to play as I tolerate pain well. What are your suggestions?
    Please and thanks

  9. hi my name is adelaide burling i am 22 year old and i have a most common left knee injury and what happen was that i did my acl and i buckled my postier ligament it gotten to the point where i have joint effusion and plus the swelling of my left knee as been increasing and i have not been able to been able to get a opporation done yet due to western health footscray hospital recieptionist said to me it could weeks or longer so i had no choice and when it was july i found that i am pregnant and plus it stuffed up my chances of having my left knee injury done so i have to wait until the baby comes by next year though .

  10. i have popped my knee several time before. Like 5 by now. I had physical therepy and it helped, but it stayed in a weird position, a little turned the right than usual. It began to hurt so much i began to massage it and then i pushed the bottom part in by accident. It felt releiving for a moment but then it got swollen and it hurts worse now, also i feel something wants to pop out lately. I am really, really, really, scared, actually terrified, and incredibly worried .

  11. i want to stand and my knee pop i hadto sit right down it was instant paini took pain meds and used a hot pack then an ice pack it stop hurtin a bit but it hurts when i stad or try to move it a certain way i had a little swelling i can move it side to side without paind and i almost straighten it all the way out but it hurts when do what should i do next?

  12. I hurt my knee 2 yr ago and they said i had a strained mcl and acl and needed physical therapy i was supposed to do 3 or 4 weeks and only completed 1 now i can’t run at all and the other day i got hit by go kart and now my knee hurts to walk on and locks up what should i do

    • If a loose flap or piece of articular cartilage broke away, partially or completely, it could catch between the femur and tibia with range of motion.

  13. I got a knee injury last Saturday. I was riding a long board and I tried to get off my foot went into a curb and my left knee twisted to the left and I heard a loud pop. After going to the er they couldn’t tell with an x-ray so they sent me to the orthopedics. Thin is the ortho kept talking over me. I didn’t get to tell him I can’t bend my knee. I can almost straighten it but I can’t bend it into a sitting position. Any ideas what it might be?

    • I can’t tell you in your case specifically. Lack of flexion early after a knee injury can be related to swelling within the joint. It can also be caused by some block to motion, like a meniscus tear or loose piece of articular cartilage.

  14. I had no injury what so ever, had bad knees since i was 11.

    last week my keft knee started feeling uncomfortable to walk on, and everyday since then has gotten worse, now 11 days after still getting worse(Pain started day 9 followed by cracking) . The 7th day got a mri and the conclusion of my results:

    – Abnormal Patellar and Trochlear Morphology and Patellar Malalignment.
    – Grade 3 Chondromalacia Patellae.
    – Infrapatellar Fat Pad Impingement.
    – Joint Effusion with Synovitis.

    Im seeing the surgeon tomorrow as apprantly i need surgery this week before i end up crippled.(im only 23)

    i was originally seeing him for my right knee as ive had multiple dislocations on my R knee for the past 10 years and only in the past 7 months, ive had daily dislocations everytime i walk, so not sure if that would have anything to do with my left knee.

    (So, now im having surgery on my left knee, Then my right knee.)

    So my Question is, do you have any opionions on this?

    Thank You

    • I can’t really say too much without examining you and looking at your studies, so your orthopaedic surgeon should be able to help more. Patellar instability, especially when caused by bony abnormalities of the femur, can be a tricky problem and often requires extensive surgical procedures.

  15. I landed heavily straight on my knee whilst playing futsal. Immediately felt pain and that it wasn’t aligned correctly. It felt as though my foot was facing out more. Hobbled to the bench where I then tried to find out what was wrong. Can’t bend my leg back sometimes as is locking up. And hurt a lot that night when rolling over in bed with the twisting motion. I can straighten it and put weight on it to walk. Am going to a doctor today but interested to know your thoughts with what it might or might not be.

    • It’s hard for me to say without examining your knee. Inability to straighten the knee or bear weight are some of the signs for a potentially serious knee injury.

  16. I’ve never had an injury to either one of my knees. However, I do have severe neuropathy. I am unable to bed either one of my legs to walk. It’s like having two baseball bats attached at the hip. I’ve had a CT of the spine which showed a herniated disc at T8-T9 as well as an EMG which just showed that I have neuropathy. I have seen 5 different neurologists and none of them have ever seen “postured” legs like mine that just won’t bend. I am able to bend my legs to sit, but thats about it. My calf muscles are always tight, they never relax… they are always contacted. Any advice you have.. Im all ears! Thanks a lot

  17. I twisted on my knee when getting up after sitting on the floor. I now cannot extend my knee fully and have pain in my calf when trying to do so, I can walk pain free on a slightly bent knee. This happened today should I seek help or rest and pain killerss
    Thank you

    • I can’t tell you what to do. Generally I think seeing an orthopaedic surgeon for a knee injury that is not improving is a good idea for many people.

  18. I was playing soccer about 2 months ago when I twisted my left knee funny. I couldn’t straighten it out fully for about 5 days then I could but it still hurt. It hurt mildly sometimes then I went sleding and stacked it and after I stopped tumbling my knee hurt like really bad. It hurt around the front/lateral side and is extremely painful if I put weight on the sides of my knee. I get sharp pain and then constant pain. There is thus thing that clicks if u rub your finger on it above/beside my knee cap on the lateral side which wasn’t there before. It has been two weeks now and it us no better. What do u think it is

    • I really can’t say without examining it/you. You might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon if you still have trouble weeks out from the injury.

  19. My sister who is 14 has a history of knee problems and in July her knee locked up and doctors at the time thought that she had torn the meniscus in her right leg even though they did not carry ANY x-rays or MRI scans. Nearly 3 months on she still can’t put any weight on the leg even though she’s been receiving hydrotherapy and physio and is in a lot of pain. I’d be interested to know your thoughts

    • I don’t know that I can shed much light on it without being involved as her doctor. X-rays and MRI can demonstrate structural damage after an episode of knee locking.

  20. I was playing basketball two days ago I jumped up and landed on my leg fully extended locked and I felt inward pressure to my knee when I landed and imidiatly fell to ground and felt a lot of paint waited a few minutes and started to play again. My knee didn’t get swollen but have small pain when I extend leg and try to lock it in place. My question is what kind of damage can be cause to the knee when lading on it like that?

    • A knee injury suffered by landing on the foot with the knee fully extended can cause a number of different structures to be damaged, such as the ACL, one or both of the menisci, and the articular cartilage.

  21. Three days ago I was hit in the knee it hurt really bad at the moment I played the rest of the football game in discomfort. It swelled upright bellow the knee cap to the left. It hut for 2 days really bad but now it is better and doesn’t hurt much unless I’m sitting and not moving. What do you think

    • I can’t give you specific information. Generally if an athlete or active person improves within a few days, he or she can observe it and try to return to activities and see how the knee does.

      • Doc. I “think” i sprain my knee like 3 days ago when i muaythai, i did hear my knee pop like 2 time, at night it kinda swolen so the next day i go to doctor, the doctor already suck my blood that make my knee swolen, he said to suck it like 12 times, but on the 6, i already screaming so he stop and he said its fine because the swelling are much better and it did better now, i already done x ray,MRI, CT Scan, nothing wrong with my muscle nor my bone, i still walking with crutches now but i think im fine even though i still cant straighten my knee now but i dont really feel heavy or in painfull situation, i still diligently putting my knee an ice for 10-15 minute every 2/4 hours a day,,
        In my situation, am i okay, i mean maybe like 4 weeks am i gonna be recovered and workout again , of course begin with a light workout.
        Hope you can respond

  22. this rail or something hit my leg and on this specific side it hurts and when i poke on the right side of my knee some thing on the left side moves what should i do

  23. Hi Dr David,

    I had a fall a week ago. My weight is around 100kg and I’m standing on 176m tall. I fall on my left knee. I was scared that it got something to do with my bone. But on my referral letter to see orthopaedic stated my diagnosis with Contusion of Left Knee. Yes I did has bruised on my knee. I started with walking with crutches. And now I can walk without crutches. But my concern and fear is, I am still scared to bear weight on my left knee. As I felt loosen on my joint.I don’t feel pain. I am just scared if my knee able to bear my weight if I press and walk like normal. What is your opinion?

    I appreciate your assistance.

    Thank You

    • I can’t really say, but the orthopedic surgeon can tell you whether weight bearing is safe. Generally for simple walking, I don’t restrict a patient from bearing weight unless it causes significant pain or causes the knee to lock, catch or give way. But again, it depends on the nature of the injury.

  24. I feel on my left knee with all my weight back on January 17th and cant seem to get a straight answer of what is wrong and why its not getting better almost 10 months later. Ive had an xray and mri done and both showed normal. I’ve seen my normal doctor multiple times and no help, ive seen a knee orthopedic and they said I have runners knee and to do physical therapy and wear a knee brace both of which did not help the brace actually made it worse, the pain has gotten so bad that I went to the er because nothing is taking the pain away nor am I sleeping very well. The er doctor looked over both the xray and mri from January and saw nothing wrong and no runners knee either. He said that the pain I’m having sounds like a torn miniscus but that its boy since the mri was normal. My entire leg hurts it burns, stabbing pains, tearing pains, and sharp pains but no one can seem to help me. I feel like its going to have to get to where I cant walk on it at all before someone will help.

    • Jessica, that does sound frustrating. Meniscus tears almost always show up on an MRI. Without being involved, I don’t think I can give you too much information on particular injuries or their treatments. I hope you find an answer!

  25. Hey doc, I have some scary news. In two months I’m supposed to go out to Alberta to be a ski instructor and today I did something to my knee where it hurts to move up and down and I have pain when I fully outstretch it. I’m going to go see emerge right now, but I need to heal up in 2 months time. Please help me fulfill this goal! I’m very scared and I took a gap year so I could do this and now I’m injured!!!!! Please help me. Should I do stretching, ice, how often for both, nothing hurts when I poke anywhere around the injury which makes me even more scared.

    • I don’t know that I can help too much without knowing what the injury is. Your orthopedic surgeon can give you specific advice. Generally frequent ice and elevation to get the swelling of the knee down and working to regain full knee flexion and extension can be important in the first few days after a knee injury.

      • Hey!I didn’t find another way to contact soo I am commenting here. Sorry if yoy mind!

        Well to start with, when I was around 12 I fell on the road running and my left knee landed on a iron rod. But that evening we had to leave out of town so we didn’t o for any doctor checkup, I just appliefsome sports cream and a spray. After moving out, we didn’t pay much attention so did I Again when I was around 15 I was playing basketball match then I fell down and landed on my left knee. It swollen and pain was like hell. We didn’t have good doctor facility so they just tied my knee with a sprint and left. Even though there was pain I just pulled myself however. Again recently a month back when I ws cycling I fell down and got hit in the same place. Now its swollen. All these times it T dint swell completely but only one side of left knee. And its painful when am folding. What suggestion can you give for this?!

  26. hey the other day i hit a car fall off my bike and landed on my right knee. now left side of my right knee is swollen, now it hurt when i walk up the stair and down, and it hurt when i try to get up

  27. Hi Doc,last month playing softball I was taken out by my knee. I played the whole game in discomfort, but just thought it was badly bruised. It swelled up right away and had X-ray. Nothing was broke but still a month later I have a knot above my knee cap.I can walk on it, but it pops and I feel like there is air underneath my kneecap. I’m scheduled for an mri tomorrow my question is, will they be able to see if anything is torn or pulled (I have arthritis ) and if so will surgery be necessary??

    • Yes Lauren, an MRI can show injuries to the meniscus, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments in your knee to help your surgeon determine treatment options.

  28. My problem has now existed for about 3 months. I thought the pain would go away. Yes I one of those guys who try to tough things. Any how, my pain is located on my right knee, specifically on the inside left (top part inside left towards knee cap but not on the knee cap) I can not run, it is uncomfortable to walk an distance and I can balance or stand on the rich leg in a locked position without extreme pain and the knee giving way. I am headed in this week to have it looked at. Any initial thoughts or gut instinct thoughts?


    • I can’t say too much without examining you, but your orthopedic surgeon should be able to determine a cause. There are many structures on the medial side (inside) of the knee that can cause pain in that area – meniscus, MCL, hamstring tendons, patellar ligaments, plica, etc.

  29. wow…sorry for the typos in my question. Meant to say I ca not stand on my right knee in a locked position without extreme pain and the knee buckling.


  30. I lost control of a scooter when rearly being hit by a car and my toe hit the asphalt and twisted my foot outward and could not dear weight.
    Two weeks later the two fractures below the knee cap and alignment of leg seems to be ok and I can bear weight and walk with the aid of crutches.
    The problem is there is still what seems like swelling or fluid just above my knee cap and I can’t bent my lower leg back to my butt however it is ok straight outward and 90-degrees downward sitting down (can’t bend lower leg farther than 90-degrees in sitting position)
    Can you let me know if this might just be swelling or a serious problem with a liagament


    Morris MIller

    • If a person continues to have swelling and inability to fully extend or flex the knee, it is possible that he or she has suffered some kind of structural damage in the knee. An orthopedic surgeon can perform and exam and get x-rays to help in the diagnosis.

  31. I was on the back of a four wheeler. My boyfriend and I was going a little fast when we flipped. My leg was bent very awkwardly. My shown was thrown behind me. Now my knee hurts so bad I can barely walk on it. I can’t bend it at all. I also can’t fully extend it… please help!! I don’t have the money to go to the specialist

  32. I twisted knee when i was playing touch rugby over a year ago. I heard a pop sound. But it is not swollen right after that. After for like 6 hours it started to be swollen. I already see my doctor and he said nothing is wrong with my knee just put some ice on it at home. But then, i know there is something wrong with it, because i cant barely walk after a day i twisted my knee and when its recovered. I tried to play sports. But i cannot. If i take on a wrong steps, i can feel like i dislocate it and i started to fall. Do you have any idea how to get it back normal again? Like i can do my normal routine like hiking and jogging and i really want to get back to play rugby again. Pls help me on this

  33. My knee and calf were sore for 1 day with no explanation. Then I was hiking yesterday and going down hill on a stairway type path. Heard/felt a loud pop & instantly went down. Haven’t really been able to walk since. Slight swelling in the knee and no pain to the touch. I have full functionality of my foot, ankle and calf. I can put slight pressure on my knee if I keep my toes pointed outward as I walk with crutch. Im trying heating pad now after ice all night. I’m driving myself nuts with WebMD and such. Any thoughts?

    • I think ice can be helpful to decrease swelling after an acute knee injury. then a person can see how his or her knee does and if he or she has any of the signs I discussed in the post.

  34. Hi Dr. David!

    I love your site. I know you can’t tell me much without examining me, but I would just like a little input. I’m 28 and have no real history of knee injury with the exception of Osgood–Schlatter disease as an adolescent. Over the last 6 years I have experienced knee locking with simple twisting activities (twisting to get something from the back seat of car, twisting knee when simply plopping down on couch etc.). When this happens I have intense pain, and it is not possible to extend my knee (it feels like I will tear something if I attempt to extend, but I can’t actively extend even if I try). When this happens I manually pull my foot/ankle towards my thigh, my knee will audibly and visibly pop, and I can start to move my leg again (the knee pop is always painful and I will usually feel a nerve tingle). This only happens 1 or 2 times per year.

    I’m just wondering since this locking happens so sparingly if I should even bother to get it checked out. It doesn’t interfere with my daily activities. I’m even a marathon runner and my knee doesn’t bother me with long distance running. The only real knee complaint I have is regular cracking, which I have always assumed is normal, since it’s not associated with pain. Any thoughts?

    • I don’t ever think it is a bad idea to see an orthopedic surgeon if a person has locking or catching of the knee or sharp pain with twisting movements. generally crepitus – the grinding sensation under the kneecap that many people have – is normal and not a sign of anything worrisome.

  35. Hey, I was playing basketball yesterday on floorboards, I jumped up to get the ball and was pushed from behind. Well I pretty much just had my whole weight land on my knee. It is slightly swollen and quite sore to walk on. Is there anything bad or is it just bruising. Also what should I do to speed up the recovery as I want to get back into action. Btw I’m 14

    • I don’t know that there is anything I could tell you to speed up recovery without knowing the extent of the injury.The signs I mentioned in the post can help to determine if anything could have been damaged

  36. I injured my ankle months ago, around March or so and ever since my ankle has not heeled. I don’t know but I think that maybe it’s because of something with my knee. Sometimes my knee locks and I can’t move it until like a few seconds later. And Its also in the same leg. What do you think?

    • It could be. If a knee is locking, or getting stuck in a certain position where a patient cannot fully extend or flex it, then it can be worthwhile to see a doctor and find a possible cause.

  37. hi can u help me please?? i hurt my knee about 5 months ago while walking down a hill. Went to an otho doc and gave me a shot. Few months go by go to another othro do had mri and he said i tore a muscle in my knee lateral of the meniscous he gave me a knee brace, told me to stay off of it (not possible have a 2 yr old and right knee) then said to come back in 8 weeks. He said it shld heal within 2 weeks like i said been 5mos. My question is do i need a second opinion??? i keep hearing tht if it tears more its unfixable and eventually wld have to have a total knee replacement??

    • I honestly don’t know. I never think a patient getting a second opinion is a bad idea if they don’t feel comfortable with the diagnosis or treatment plan from the first doctor.

      • Hello dr, I was playing rugby and I fell on my knee and ever since it has been playing up. This all happened about 2-3 months ago. Anyway since last week my knee has been in really bad pain. It is hurting in a specific like cation and it I can’t bear the pain when I put the slightest wait on my foot! Can you help me please?

  38. I just recent started with Roller Derby. The first time I try to past a laps test ended with a pain in the outside upper part of my left knee. I figure out later streching help. But the knee sometimes swollen but goes down it used to lucked but some movement very seldom.very seldom as well If I strength it it hurts some no much really. But I am able to run with no pain and walk fine. Any suggestions

  39. I had a boating accident about 5 weeks ago had an MRI which showed a sprain with swelling. Do you know about how long that takes to heal?

      • Hi my name is Patricia on my rite knee it hurt so much that I can’t stand on it or walk on it it pops all the time and it tighs up from the back of my knee I was told 6years ago that I had fluid inside my knee and they were supposed to drain it out but they never did and now since then I’ve been hurting

      • I have knee pains I’m a young kid I was playing basketball and Heard my knee pop when it twisted as I kneeled to grab the ball it hurts to walk and is swollen what are some suggestions

  40. I had two knee surgeries acl in 1999 and MCL replaced in 2002 now that have atorn menicus of the radial cuff a baker cyst and chip knee cap ,also osteoarthritis . I tried orthovisc gel injections had to stop after two injections,my new reacting badly to it. Next is a cortisone shot . would it be to do a third knee surgery ????? I’m only 31

    • Deciding if surgery for a meniscus tear is warranted when a patient has coexisting osteoarthritis can be difficult. Your surgeon can help you decide if your symptoms seem to be coming mainly from a meniscus tear, for which arthroscopic surgery can be helpful, versus arthritis, for which it often doesn’t help much long term.

  41. Hi there,

    I did a workout last night with a lot of jumping around/pivoting/kicking/punching etc.

    I woke up this morning and my right knee was in agony when turning over in bed (left knee perfectly fine!) As I stood – the pain radiated from the outer left side to the back of the knee when extending my leg fully or bending upwards past a certain point (eg climbing into my husband’s Dodge 2500).

    I’m usually a fast walker and can jump up and walk anywhere (I’m only 34); but now when I stand, it takes a few moments for the pain to stop before I can carefully walk (hobble) with minimal pain. I can’t pivot or turn with that leg or else I’ll be on the ground (same goes with turning my foot of that leg and putting pressure on it, it hurts to turn my foot inwards even with no pressure)

    I don’t recall injuring myself during my workout, and my husband wants me to stop doing them (I can’t, I am 50 lbs overweight and need the activity as I have a very sedentary job). Do you think I would be okay to moderate the workouts (e.g stepping out instead of jumping etc)?

    I’m able to comfortably do squats (yay!)

    Any suggestions on my best treatment? Any exercises that might help me strengthen it back up again?

    Thank you!!

      • It is hard to say, honestly. Generally without a specific event, most athletes and athletic people can modify activities for a few days to see if the symptoms go away. If they don’t, then seeing a doctor or orthopedic surgeon can be helpful.

  42. My symptoms are none of the above. I have no knee pain in normal activities, however if I bend the left knee past 90 deg, I get pain on the medial inside area. The more I bend it, the more the pain. It had initially felt like a general wrenching pain somewhere in the center of the knee, however now it seems to be more toward the medial front. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Meniscus tears can often cause one-sided joint line pain with full flexion of the knee. Osteoarthritis changes could do that as well, although the pain is often more diffuse through the knee.

  43. Thanks for the feedback. It actually seems to be gradually improving over the last couple of days as I flex it a few times a day, so perhaps it will resolve in time. It’s back to a more diffuse pain deep inside the joint, so maybe OA as you suggested.

  44. Hello sir,
    I will be really greatful if you help me out, please.
    I am an obese girl with sedentary lifestyle. I am 26 years old.

    Around 2 months before while exercising on cross-trainer my left knee started aching, and i stopped exercising immediately. It continued to ache for 2 days…it was a bearable pain. I was frightened and optec not to exercise for 1 week and later instead of choosing cross-trainer, i used treadmill to exercise. Normally i can brisk-walk on treadmill for 30 minutes but ….but this time within 10 minutes of walking my left knee started to ache again…now this time i was really very frightened and stopped exercising

    Thereafter , there was no pain, but while standing a very few incidences happened that made me feel that my left knee was locked…for a few seconds …where i just cannot move it and a slight pain occured for few minutes. I exprienced this around 5 times on various occassions.

    Today, i took a walk again, and within 15 minutes i felt that the movement of my left knee is not as swift as that of right one, and it was not normal…..while moving left leg i startec feeling two movements…one was my foot touching the ground i.e., of lower leg and later with a minute difficulty of upper leg moving forward……it was like as if my leg was broken into 2 parts.

    Is there anything serious, or am just too bothered. Is this normal. Should i see a doctor. Can there be some injury?

    • There could be an injury, especially if a person has a feeling of the knee giving way. An orthopaedic surgeon could help you figure out the cause of your symptoms.

  45. hello, i fell in my shower about 11 days ago.i remember pulling my leg to put in front of me since it was bent back. went to the ER and was told a knee sprain, wrapped with ace bandage, ice packs and was handed crutches (being 51 never had broken bones or sprains). i was told to follow up with my primary doctor and if needed an ortho. my knee looks normal again, some tightness in my calve muscles and when bending. i can now place my foot on the floor, i use the crutches as if i am skiing,i shuffle, i am so afraid to bare total weight on this leg. i been out of work for this and the type of work i do is being on my feet for over 8hrs a day. how can i get over this fear? just to be able to walk again and get back to work .thanks

    • Honestly I don’t know an easy answer. Seeing an orthopedic surgeon to determine a patient’s extent of damage can be a good idea after a traumatic knee injury.

  46. I’m a 15 year old and today when I was running flat out my knee just gave and buckled. I could feel a pop and I can not put any weight on said knee. The pain is centalized to just left of my left kneecap and any twisting or fast movements hurt. It hurt immediately but gave way to shock very quickly. I would like your opinon on this doctor.

  47. Hi
    I understand you do not give specific info. But I was wondering if I should see a doctor or just rest longer. I fell 8 days ago. A very big bruise and swelling occured immediately. I have rested up iced it elevated took anti inflammatories. I still have a big lump , I’m assuming its fluid as its soft. Would I have to get it drained or will it occur naturally.. it is still tender and sore to touch and walking for a long period.
    Thank you for your time

    • Generally large collections of fluid – either blood or joint fluid – resolve with rest, ice and anti-inflammatories. An orthopedic surgeon might help you figure out ways to get back to normal faster.

  48. Hi, excellent site and a lot helpful advice sought and given.

    Knees, the bain of my life over the last 6 months. First, Mr right knee shows signs of locking, crepitus for sure and pain just above and to the left middle. No apparent injury, but did observe bruising near the thigh / knee muscle connection in the early days. I am 42 and put it down to active sporting career, football now mainly.

    To top it all, my left knee has now reacted in the same way, similar difficulties walking upstairs and catching me when I least expect it.

    Any ideas what the cause may be and how would you recommend getting through this phase. Lying down an tensing my legs is sure way of bringing on the pain but my physio doesn’t seem there’s anything wrong them mechanically as far as ligament damage is concerned. I’m drinking plenty of fluids in case a hydration issue.

    Thanks in advance of a reply.

    • I really can’t give you speicific advice. Some of the issues you mention sound like they could be related to the patella (kneecap). Often strengthening programs can help a patient resolve patellofemoral pain.

  49. Hello, im an 18 year old male. My knees have both given me trouble for several years now, with my right knee being more severe. They pop, all the time, and never without pain. My right knee often seizes and has to be popped into motion again. Lately, I cannot straighten my knee without severe pain and a buckling sensation when I break the barrier my knee tries to lock at. I went to an orthopedic about it, and they refused to mri, only doing an xray. The xray showed my kneecaps were slightly dislocated but did not match with my symptoms nor pain level. Is there any chance you could shed some light on what it may be? Or if I should pursue an appointment?

    • I really can’t say without examining you. Abnormal tracking of the kneecap can certainly cause popping, although many other problems, like a meniscus tear, can as well. If a person’s pain is related to the kneecap, physical therapy can often resolve the pain and return the person to normal activity. Other problems often require and MRI to diagnose.

  50. It has now been 7 weeks since boating accident. I still have slight pain in knee. MRI showed minimal horizontal linear signal within the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Do you know how long until that will heal completely and have no pain?

    • Meniscus tears generally don’t heal very often. If they go on to heal, or if a patient’s pain goes away spontaneously, I would think it could take weeks or months.

  51. Have Morton’s neuroma on left foot been wearing aircast. Four days later back of knee hurts bad. I can ride a stationery bike but cant get full range of motion when walking. Can bend leg also can straighten but with pain. Can pain be from awkwardness from aircast that caused pain in opposite leg? Thanks

  52. Hi Dr. Geier,

    About 4 weeks ago, I fell from sitting on a stool. Instead of falling back, I fell on my left knee, directly on my (medial femoral condyle). The first week all the pain was coming from the medial part. I have full flexion of my knee, but lack the ability of full extension. I can maybe only extend it to 30 degrees. Went to urgent care for x-ray, results were negative. Physician referred me to have an MRI done. After the injury, my knee never really swelled up. I just had a lot of pain in the medial part of knee. Any idea, of what injury this may be? Also, any chance my knee heels improperly and I stay walking with my knee bent forever?


    • It’s really hard to say without being able to examine you or see the MRI. Your doctor should be able to give you more specific information. I hope it turns out well!

  53. Hello. About a month ago, I went to the farm. I was putting chickens in crates and one was trying to get out of the crate so I tried catching it with my knee and it popped. It still hurts and feels sore when my leg extends…..any help?

  54. Hi,
    I know you can say exactly as you have not examined me, but a year ago now I was tackled to the ground quite hard by 2 larger males I’m only 53kgs, I’ve come down and straight away my left knee was in pain, I could still walk though, every now and then it seizes up and is so painful as I wait for my knee to pop/crack back into place, now the last week it has started swelling up and is so painful to even walk or pick things up, I can’t straighten my leg out as inside knee starts really hurting, and I can can’t turn my knee towards the right it starts hurting also, I thought I may of just sprained it or twisted it the wrong way but after a year its getting so much worse.

  55. Hi, I am an otherwise healthy 51 yr old woman who is going through the menopause. I have had a grumbling pain in my right hip for 3yrs which recently has got much worse causing me to limp a lot. About a month ago I started to get pain in my right knee and now I can’t straighten my right leg at all without pain in my knee joint. It’s painfull to walk long distances and also jars if I turn quickly or change direction when I’m walking. I’m reluctant to see my GP as she just says ” well you’re not getting any younger you know”. Should I be worried about this or soldier on?
    Kind Regards

    • I generally feel that people who can exercise, play sports or do their normal activities due to a musculoskeletal injury should see an orthopedic surgeon to determine the cause of the symptoms and find a treatment strategy.

  56. I have pain in my knee in the front inner knee when i bend it while bearing weight at the same time. I can bend my knee and lift it up no problem but I cant squat or go up stairs. I really feels like it will give out and the pain is worsening. I went to a physio and he said my inner thigh muscles are not developed enough so it is pulling my knee cap outwards and i have to strengthen my legs. I play volleyball and i have been doing small exercises and squats (cant anymore) but it is getting worse. I never injured it as far as I know and I recently gained 30 lbs in two months. What do you think it could be?

    • I can’t really say without examining you, as there are many causes of medial knee pain. You might see an orthopedic surgeon to get a diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

  57. Hi Dr David few days ago I sprain my ankle and after a week it’s better now but I’m starting have pain in my knee any ideas why ? Thank you

    • Sometimes an injury in one joint causes a patient to change his gait slightly and stresses other joints. I don’t know if that is occurring with you, but we see it frequently.

  58. I had a TKR 5 years ago. In January, I started working out and have lost 60 lbs. I don’t run or jump and never lift over 50 lbs of weights. I do some hiking, but only 2-3 miles at a time and don’t consider it strenuous. Last week, my replaced knee started bothering me a little and now, I can’t straighten it all the way without severe pain and every now and then when I step on it, I get severe shooting pain for just a second. There is no pain unless i try to straighten or bend beyone 90 degrees. It’s concerning to me and I wonder if you know what the problem could be or if you think it’s serious? It’s keeping me from working out; I can’t even ride the exercise bike.

    • It is hard to know without seeing you if there is scar tissue or a problem with the components or if there is nothing worrisome going on. You might see your surgeon and find out if you have a serious problem. I hope it works out!

  59. Not sure what I did to back of knee, no sudden trama or pop just started to hurt bad. It has been 12 days since start of pain back there. I went ER yesterday they performed ultrasound to rule out blood clot or Bakers cyst. Ultrasound came back negative. I can walk downstairs and up the stairs but i cant walk with full motion in general. I can bend and straighten my knee pretty much no problem. One of my friends says it could a meniscus tear 🙁 would it possible to be able to walk up and down stairs and have a tear?

    Im saving now to get MRI, but no sure what to do in mean. I haven’t exercised in two weeks. Nervous to even ride a stationary bike or elliptical.
    Any advice would be apprecited

    • Pain in the back of the knee can come from a meniscus tear, although there can be other causes. Usually a patient has pain with twisting motions or deep squats, but pain with stairs and other impact can be present too.

  60. Hi, been reading some of the comments hoping to find my problem. Left leg (entire) feels like all the ligaments are pulling. If I turn my knee outward (as in sitting Indian style), I have shooting pain into the sole of my foot. Can straighten the knee but not bend it all the way, so sitting down I have to use caution. I don’t trust that I can walk without falling anymore. But am ok if I know it’s due to a knee injury, but wondering why it is affecting the foot so much, that is really painful when moving my leg. uggghhhh seeing the Orthro Surgeon the end of the week for the 1st visit. But any ideas?

    • Your orthopedic surgeon will be able to give you specific advice and help you determine if you have a knee injury as the cause of your symptoms or some back or neurologic issue.

  61. So 2 weeks ago, Today I was hit in the bottom, outer part of my knee by a hockey stick with extreme force. It swelled up, has bruised and took me a long while to be able to straighten it and bend it (but not fully). It is painful to walk on without limping and also when walking up and down stairs, especially when walking upstairs I can feel it about to click until it does, at least once whilst bringing with it a lot of pain. I can virtually straighten it but cannot stand on it without feeling pain. I went to the doctors just over 1 week ago and was diagnosed with just bad bruising and blood in the joint area, restricting movement. I was told to go back if I was still in pain the following week or so, and still feeling pain wondering whether I should go back. I don’t think it feels like a bruise and the visible bruising has nearly gone down. What re your views? Should I go back to doctors or does it just sound like a bruise? Thanks 🙂

  62. About 4 months ago I twisted my right knee while my foot stayed planted. I ignored the swelling and stiffness due to planning my daughter!s wedding. A week ago I saw my GP who had me do z-rays and then an MRI. A tear in the cartlidge was found. I won’t be seen by Ortho until January, how do I manage pain and protect my knee from further damage until I see the Ortho?

  63. I was playing a football game and a kid purposely steps on my knee and i didnt play after that and cant walk on it

  64. Hi, since running in July my left knee suddenly became very sore and swollen and has only gotten worse. Hurts primarily when getting up, standing, walking, sleeping (aches). I have seen a sports dr and had an X-ray. The X-ray showed a healthy knee so the suspicion is perhaps a meniscus tear and have an MRI scheduled (not until march unfortunately). I am in pain daily And find it hard walking on it, but movement and light exercise does help. Going to a sports chiropractor and he massages, stretches and tapes the knee in hopes of alleviating some of the swelling. That is his concern, is the fact that the swelling never seems to go down. By the end of the day the only way I can describe it is that my knee is full from front to back with cotton. Also going on 5 months with this and from I have read with exercise, supplements, proper stretches and physio meniscus tear should heal with 4-6 weeks.

  65. so in the recent 2-3 weeks i have been noticing that when i sit or squat or basicly bend my knee for a period of time and then straighten it that it sometimes pops sometimes not hurting when it pops but other times it feels as if someone just like punched me so also when i straighten it always hurts sometimes more than other times but it is usually worse as in it throbs and feels as if ive been punched on my kneecap and i sometimes have to sit right back down because it hurts to the point that i am almost in tears and i told my parents that when i straighten my leg and my lower bone on my kneecap and it gets to a certain place it hurts a lot and all they say is that i need to stretch more often but when i try the stretches it hurts a lot and they tell me that it will help but how can it hurting while stretching help it seems as if it should make it worse…… i need a proffessionals view … my parents wont let me go to the chiropracter to see if it is serious because they both dont want to “waist ” money as they said and that it would cost too much … another thing u should facter in is that i am a soccer player at the age of 13 and when i was younger i had a problem with my legs suddenly collapsing under me and me falling during p.e. class …….. could u please tell me what u think might be the problem … please … i am just tired of not knowing how to help it .. so if u could tell me what i think is wrong and if it might be serious i would appreciate it so super much

  66. so when ii sit down or squat or basicly bend my knees and then straighten them to a certain point then my whole kneecap has a stabbing pain almost like someone was shoving something hard up the bottom side of my kneecap and the pain stays as long as 1-5 minutes

    • I don’t know if this is your problem, so you might want to consult a doctor for specific advice. Patellofemoral pain can cause pain under the kneecap and throughout the knee with sitting with the knee bent for long periods of time. Popping or grinding under the kneecap is a common sensation people report as well.

  67. I have been to the doctor many times and have been in physical therapy for about 9 months and my knee still isn’t getting any better. They have told me that the ligament that holds my kneecap in place is loose but they can’t do surgery until I stop growing. Now sometimes I cant control it, my muscles will start contracting and I can’t stop it. Also, it pops and cracks a lot I can hear it as well as my friends and some of the people around me. The doctor gave me pain killers awhile ago but they don’t work. And most of the time I can’t walk very well because of the popping, cracking, and my kneecap is slid out. Should I go back to the doctor and if so what do I tell him?

    • Surgery for patellar instability can be tricky for patients who have open growth plates. There are surgical options in young patients, but there is concern of higher failure rates. Physical therapy, braces and activity modification are generally the other options we try.

  68. My knee has been bothering me since I was in an accident back in september. I sprained my knee & wore a knee wrap for a week or so. I was able to gradually start running again a week afterwards but my knee would swell up afterwards. Then that stopped for a while and I’d have pain around the kneecap like i did after the accident. And I’m still having trouble with my knee it doesnt swell but it hurts on the inside of my knee along the right side. It sometimes causes my foot to go numb & hv a little pain along the right side of it. I took asprin but it only helped a little. Running doesnt make it hurt any worse all the time. But every so often my knee locks on me & I have to physically unlock it & it’ll give out sometimes also. Right now the pains at a 3, 3 1/2. I wouldve thought the sprain wouldve been healed by now & it should be. So I think it may have been overlooked. What could it be? I have no trouble walking or running my foot just goes totally numb for a few min. Should I go back to the doctor?

    • Paris, it is really hard to say, but visiting your orthopaedic surgeon might be worthwhile to figure out why your knee is locking.

      • I have a question. I play softball and I was rounding third base to go to home plate. Upon reaching home plate I extended my left knee to touch the plate while running at full sprint. When I did this is didn’t hear a pop and I didn’t feel a tear but my leg went dead for about 30 sec. Got up and walked it off. I needed up playing the rest of the game. Got home seemed fine a little pain but not much. Next morning I woke up with it swollen and stiff. 5 days later I can almost fully bend my knee and very minimal amount of pain. the Swelling has gone down tremendously and I feel like it’s doing a whole lot better. My question is does this seem like conditions of a hyper extention or the meniscus tear? Also as far as medical history goes I have never had issues with my knees before.

  69. Hi, I was playing softball a few weeks ago and slid into second base on my left knee. I had hit it hard on the clay and scraped it up and from the impact it was really sore. I played the rest of the game with my adrenaline helping me thru the game. After words when I got home it was just a little sore. Didn’t hurt to bend it or move it. I got in to bed the next day on that left knee and felt a sharp pain in it. Hard to bare. I felt around on my knee and couldn’t find the spot that it hurt. I did notice that the scabbed area was numb. I couldn’t feel my daughter pushing on my scab or in that area. Now a couple weeks have passed the scab is gone and the area is still numb and I still get a jolt of pain if I get on that one knee just right. Is this a major problem that can be permanent as far as the jolting pain or the numb feeling in my kneecap? Have I waited to long? Also, I am Flooring Contractor and I use my knees everyday and i haven’t felt the pain when on both knees… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…

    • Patrick, I really cannot give you a specific answer to your question, as I haven’t seen you as a patient or examined you or seen any radiographic studies. I doubt you have waited too long, so an orthopedic surgeon should be able to help you. I haven’t seen nerve injuries landing on the knee myself, so I’m not sure I can speculate as to the cause of the numbness. Hopefully the surgeon can help you after he examines your knee.

  70. When I was playing basketball I came down in a weird position. When I came down my knee was twisted and I felt my knee pop when I fell. The swelling went away and I can extend my leg straight out. Sometimes when I twist my legs again I feel my knee pop again and it hurts a lot and I can’t walk. Then when I extend it out straight out, I hear another pop and I can walk again. Do you know what this is?

    • There are many reasons for knee popping, ranging from tracking issues with the patella to cartilage damage to meniscus tear to popping for normal reasons.

  71. Hi, about 2 years ago i tore a ligament in my knee and let it heal on its own then when it was healed i ran and my knee poped out then went back in again and it hurt also till this day it still does that and i cant ran and after that i went to the doctor and said nothing was wrong with it

  72. I was moving a very heavy piece of furniture by myself and when i bent down using my legs and tried to lift myself back up my knee made a popping noise followed by intense pain and now i cant bend it further than 30ish degrees without a feeling of pressure on the kneecap. Also i cannot walk on it without similar feelings. I am scared to go to the hospital. I read 30+ websites and i have a guess that it may be a “meniscus tear”. I just want your opinion on the matter to find out if its worth getting it looked at.

    • I think if someone has a pain or other symptom that keeps him from doing what he wants to do, it can be a good idea to get it checked out.

  73. Hi. I’m trying to figure out what kind of damage I have done to BOTH of my knees simultaneously. In martial arts they can spring to their feet from their back by bringing legs over chest and using that momentum to propel them to their fit. For whatever reason I too thought I could do this. I did not get up off the ground high enough and smashed both knees on the concrete then landed hard with them bent behind me. I feel pain in the back if my knee in the inside. I can’t hardly walk its excrutiating. Bi lateral movements are so painful I just fall instantly. There isn’t much of any swelling. This happened last night. What did I do!?

  74. Do I need to be examined? I had to crawl to get to the bathroom. I think my left knee took most of the force it’s worse than the right. I do not remember hearing a pop but then again it hurt so much I was seeing stars. I almost went to the hospital this morning but I can’t really afford it

    • I think that if a person has an injury that causes pain or other symptoms that are not resolving and limit his or her ability to do certain desired activities, it can be a good idea to see a doctor and find a cause.

  75. I sprained my knee and there’s a big knott just under my knee cap they gave me a stabilizer and crutches but it seems to be getting worse I was cheering I heard a,pop my knee locked and it hurts do you know what’s wrong with me

  76. I played soccer on a hard surface with hard moulded shoe. I did too much running but had no injury that day. The night of the following day was terrible. I can pull my leg while lieing flat but upto a certain point. At that point the pain is awfull. Past that point is easier again. Sliding back to the original position is easy all the way, but only if I slide it. This means I cannot return it to its original position while suspending the foot on air. I did some cold press and a hot press today. The pain is not going away. What happen to my knee.

  77. Hi Dr. Geier. Two years ago I was running in a XC race and I tripped down a hill and hit my knee on a rock. I did not see a doctor nor have I seen one because my mom said they were growing pains. Since then my knee has not been the same. My other knee also hurts, probably worse than the other one, almost all the time. I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time without my knees feeling like they’re about to buckle. What might this be, and is it serious enough to see a doctor about?

    • I think it is always a good idea to see a doctor or orthopaedic surgeon if symptoms are not improving. Patellofemoral pain can occasionally present with difficulty sitting for long periods of time. More serious injuries can cause pain as well.

  78. I to hurt my knee in cheer and im in tremendous pain so I understand Alexa I just iced mine a little then started using crutches but it got worse so I found this website so just hang in there girl

  79. Beginning of this year,I go for sports recently.My knee started to pain.Few days later my knee doesn’t pain anymore.I go for holiday last week and I walk there mostly.When I come back my knee is pain again.It will pain sometime when the time I wanted to sit and stand.It will also pain when I take something heavy.I would like to know what is wrong with my knee.

  80. I was playing football and was pushed whilst my foot (boots) were in the ground and I went over sideways and heard a clicking noise (like if you cracked your knuckles ) i was in pain and didn’t see a doctor or anything as I thought it may go In time. However when I do things for example out pressure on my knee if I go on my hands and knees it causes discomfort and a little bit of pain in a certain spot. Do you have any idea what it is or some advice?

  81. Hi
    I feel pain from the back of my right knee (middle) to
    the front of it when I try to squat, or if I squat for more than 5sec it goes numb or I get a tingly feeling. It started back in spring of 2013, track season of my senior year when a soccer play chose to run in front of me when we where doing running workouts my knee hit his, and I slid a bit, it hurt at times for about 2-3 weeks, then the pain went way, but know that I don’t run, I’m starting to feel the same pain.
    Did I injury a nerve or a tendon/ligament?

  82. Background: Tore ACL in July 2012. Surgery in January 2013, ended up being partially torn rather than the MRI-shown full rupture. Surgeon cleaned up knee, injected PRP in ACL, and expected full recovery. Did PT for 3 months, slowly returned to soccer & basketball w/ brace for 12 months, and removed after 12 months.

    Fast Forward: “Tweaked” knee 2 weeks ago. Minor swelling & pain, resolved in 2-3 days, had PT friend do a few tests (and her boss too) and inconclusive, but most likely no ACL rupture since Anterior Drawer & Lachman’s were negative-ish (still lil extra laxity in ACL). Possible meniscal tear from clicking inside knee, but no pain now (14 days later).

    I’m not 100% certain my knee is a-okay. What should I be looking for besides pain and locking/buckling? Hopefully it’s good to go w/ my Breg Fusion brace for 4-5 weeks and some self-PT and stretching/strengthening, but is there a possibility it’s ruptured without other symptoms? I am worried about playing at ex-Division 1 college soccer player level, which is my current league (since I played back in college). Besides an MRI, any tips for symptoms or “what to look/feel for” is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance and happy new year!

    • I can’t really say, but I understand your concern. Generally we look for signs that a partial tear is not providing enough stability to the knee, so we look for the knee buckling or giving way with activity.

  83. A couple of days ago I went up for a layup and landed wrong on my knee. I didn’t hear a pop and is only just a little swollen, but I can’t straighten it. It feels like something is preventing it from straightening. It also hurts when I try stretching it.

  84. I was running and tripped, my knee hit the asphalt hard. There was some swelling and scratches with bruising. I used RICE and let it be. This was 2 months ago. Ever since it hurts if I bend it and then try to straighten it out. I can’t put any pressure on my knees, such as kneeling. For everyday use I’m pretty ok. But I do jujitsu and the pain is unbearable. I don’t know what to do.

  85. I have an acl tear and need to have surgery last night while walking my knee gave I had to have help getting up and assistance to go sit down. Now my knee is swollen and in pain even when sitting I don’t know what should be my next move is i can hardly walk

    • Generally surgery restores stability to the knee. Before that point, some patients benefit from using crutches or a brace, although it can be important to keep the knee from getting stiff.

  86. I felt a pop and pain on the back of knee while getting off a motorcycle today. I had a MCL injury 2 months back. Have i reinjured it?

  87. I am a “runner.” I typically run 25-35 miles a week, just under 8 mile pace. I never have any knee pain or trouble in the last 10 or so years since high school. (I had some knee injuries in high school sports, but haven’t had any since wrapping up that “career.”) About a week and a half ago, I started having some pretty severe pain after completing a P90x workout. I did not hurt it during the workout, perse, but had the pain afterwards. The pain is as follows: Localized pain under my left knee’s kneecap on the medial side. (I hope I’m using the correct terminology there.) It also feels painful “inside” of my knee in that same area. I tried running the next day, and it warmed up fine, so I went five miles (looking back, that was a poor choice, but I did not have pain while running those five miles). Afterwards, however, the pain was pretty significant. Since then, I’ve not been able to run, and so haven’t tried. I have been riding the bike 8-10 miles per day and rowing. I can do both activities with no pain. I’ve been icing as much as possible as a full time teacher and mother of two toddlers is able. My pain is now more “soreness” throughout the day, although I’m sure I would have more acute pain if I tried running again. I feel the pain when I fully extend my knee, whether that be in a sitting position, laying position, or even when landing on a fully extended knee while walking.

    I’ve already had a meniscus repair, about fifteen years ago in high school, and I’m really hoping I don’t have any ligament or meniscus issues. I wondered about runner’s knee, but after not running for a week and not seeing any real improvement, I’m concerned it might be something more serious. Any thoughts?

    I am running my third half marathon in may, and hopefully my first marathon in Sept. I’m really bummed about what this situation may do to those plans. I know there are far worse things in life than a knee injury, but running is my favorite hobby. Thanks!!

    • I can’t really tell. Meniscal tear, patellofemoral pain and more could be in a differential diagnosis. Given those symptoms, it might be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon to find the cause and plan treatment.

  88. Hi i am a.19year old medical assistant student a week ago i was standing in the front of my class begining to do a check off and suddenly my knee gave out twisted and poped a few times i had an an x-ray done and was told that nothing was broke or out of place but there was a lot of fluid on my knee and if it did not get better in two weeks to get an MRI done sinve then i can now walk on it with the knee emobilizer on and can bend it to a certain point if i bend it to far i feel a terrible pain on the right posterior side im really worried about what could be wrong and stressing about it getting better i know with out an exsam u cant diagnose but i would like to know y something like this happens and what the chances are of it getting better

  89. Hi, about three months ago I hurt my knee. There was a painful pop followed by swelling and pain while walking. My doctor never had any tests done, she just said to rest it. Now here I am three months later with continuous pain every day. It sometimes gets to the point where I want to cry. It hurts when I walk too much, or sit for longer than an hour. And also I cannot fully extend my leg without some pain alongside. My doctor had an X-ray done and nothing came up… Now she has me on rest again…… I need another doctor -_-

  90. I have twisted my knee twice and it has popped with me just dropping to the ground, very painful. I am going to see a Dr in a few weeks time but yesterday jogged 3 steps and my knee gave in with terrible pop and pain. I am able to straighten my leg and it just aches, but I cannot bend my knee without terrible pain. Not sure if I should go back to Dr on Monday and not wait to see the orthopaedic Dr. Can you give any advice?

    • An orthopaedic surgeon can help a patient determine if structural damage like a meniscal tear is present when he or she has pain with full flexion.

  91. I have pain in my knee that seems like it may be connected to ITB, what sort of exercises/treatment is done for an ITB issue?

    • Typically physical therapy is very helpful for IT band syndrome. Sometimes stretching exercises and the use of a foam roller work, but physical therapy seems to help people return to activities quickly.

  92. I have prior surgery and problems with my left knee, but recently i fell at work and hit my knee on the steps then later that same day i twisted my knee and it gave out on me with a sharp pain. Since that day my knee is more swollen then usual and the pain level is higher than usual. My knee gives out more and when i straighen my leg al the way out i feel a sharp pain in the back of my knee and front of knee under my knee cap. When i feel this pain my knee immediately gives out. The first two days afer the incident i could not bare weight on the knee. I have had an xray and the results were normal. Is it possible that i tore something maybe my menisus? It has only been a full week today since the incident.

  93. Hi, about a month ago as I was sitting Indian style on my soft bed, I slightly twisted my knee as I stood to get off my bed. It felt as though I dislocated my knee at the time as it felt out of place and would not “pop back in”. It was extremely painful as I tried to straighten my leg. I ended up in the E.R. because I could not walk and was told after x-rays it was in place but I had a lot of fluid that had accumulated around the knee. Anyway, fast forward to today and my knee has since healed except I cannot fully beND it like I would with my good knee. It feels almost like it would pop out if I bent it too far (heel to butt). Just slightly painful, tight with pressure on top of my knee. Could this be a meniscus tear or healing sprain still, fluid accumulation preventing the bend or???

    • Any number of problems can prevent full knee flexion. Certainly a large amount of swelling within the knee joint could make it difficult for a patient to bend his knee.

  94. I few moths ago I had a fall slipped on spilt coke on shopping center floor I’m over wait and fell very hard my knee came up in a bruise but I couldent lean on my knee for weeks it killed me I hot the right side of my knee it was sore for afew monthes then I started doing aqua arobics and the my knee went on me it all swelled up I couldent walk on it I went and had X-ray and they say my patella is out to the left and a have foren body’s in my knee the pain is getting Worce and Worce I’m waiting to get into dr and my knee hurts when ever u move it what could it be do u think could the fall monthes earlier have done anything

  95. One month ago, I twisted my knee while skiing. I can walk and straighten my knee, but it still hurts to bend it all the way. When I play tennis, it starts to hurt after a while and I can’t really jump. Is this just a minor sprain? And how can I regain full motion of my knee?

    • It really depends on what is causing the pain and limited motion. Those symptoms could be caused from a patient having a minor injury, or they could represent a more serious injury, like a meniscus tear. You might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon to find the diagnosis.

  96. I fell off a ladder the other day at work and landed on my left foot with all my weight as soon as I landed I heard a pop and my leg buckled and I was on the floor in extreme pain for about 5 minutes I had to push threw the pain and get back to work or get fired I have pain in this knee and around it when I bend it or kneel it hurts to run and even walk sometimes it happened about three weeks ago but I can not afford to lose my job if I have to get surgery is there any way I can get rid of the pain and heel my knee without surgery

    • I really don’t know. It’s impossible to give you an answer without knowing what the injury is. You might consider being an orthopaedic surgeon to at least get a diagnosis and plan treatment.

  97. sir, i have knee problem that my knee cant bear weight and i fall down,
    if i jump also problems happen that i feel that my knee is going to be break, feel very hard pain and fall down
    tell me what kind of problem is that.
    what should i do

    • People with those symptoms – pain, instability – could have any number of injuries, so you might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon.

  98. hey, the past Tuesday, my pe class went to a park and i jumped over a stream and my knee locked into place and i heard a really loud pop. I can’t put any weight on it and it can only bend so far, I tried straightening it but the pain went through my whole leg. Now my whole leg is swollen, what do you think of this whole situation?

    • I generally recommend that people see a doctor is they injure the knee and it locks in place. Often a meniscus tear can cause the knee to lock. I can’t say if that is the case in your situation, so you might consider seeing your doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon.

  99. Hi there,
    I fell yesterday while ice skating; my knee became bent into a very unnatural position.
    I did experiece much pain on the onset, but this morning I woke up with some discomfort on the medial side of my left knee. I feel no pain while still, but when I walk there is some minor discomfort and pain. There’s no swelling. Should i consult a doctor?

    • Blows to the lateral (outside) side of a person’s knee can injure the structures on the medial (inside) side of the knee. I can’t say if that happened to you.

  100. i am 20 years old now.one and half year back i met bike accident.my right knee was hit by high load.immediately below the knee part was swelled because of blood cloth.and it is removed by doctor.but nerve also damaged at that time.unable to put my right foot on earth.while touching ground, fingers can able to put on earth but not heel part of foot.it was of certain height.unable to come down.i consulted neurologist.he said that nerve compressed and shortend.
    i lost my foot movement. neurologist treated me 20 days with some costly injections and physio therepay.now i am able to walk.
    1.but i m unable to fold my leg completely.
    2.while in speed walking and running my left leg feeling pain.my doubt is,even my right leg cured it is only up to stand nd little walk.it is not taking weight of body.weight of body more balanced by left leg only.thats why it pains while running.
    3.i am not feeling my right leg as before.
    what should i do ?
    plz tell me…?

    • I can’t give you medical advice without being involved in your care. You might see an orthopaedic surgeon and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

  101. I was doing light duty house work, sweeping, moping, kneeling. I stopped because my back and hips were spas ing. Later, my right knee started hurting at top left side above knee. Eventually, the pain radiated up to the top of my leg and even my foot hurt. I took pain relievers every four hours and the pain would subside, but started reoccurring about every 3 1/2 hours. This lasted for one week. The night before I went to dr., I had been resting. Got ip for a short period of time and sat for a few hours. When I went to get up, I could not stand. I could not walk. The pain was so severe that I had cried and had to have help and hop in left leg to get to bed. I had been icing leg, wearing brace and seeing chiropractor. He said it was my back and knee. I would have beat everything I have that I had injured my knee. The next day, I had an appointment with my GP. My knee did not hurt (little tender). She stated by exam that I had some fluid built up and suggested an mri. It has been two days and my severe knee pain has not returned. I have never had pain like that in my knee and am happy, but amazed that it literally was so severe that I had to take pain meds every four hours and cried many times due to the severity of the pain. I know pain. I have fibro, lupus, and arthritis. I am scheduled for an Mir tomorrow. I don’t know if I should cancel the Mri or go ahead and have it. It is if no cost to me. My husband’s employer has a deal worked out for imaging. Just don’t want to waste their money or time if not necessary.

    • I wish I could give you more specific advice. Generally we perform MRIs based on specific findings on the physical exam and from information in the history.

  102. I hurt my knee 3 days ago when I was ice skating. It was loud so I don’t know if there was a pop or not. It has been hurting and I don’t know what it is . Here are the symptoms:

    -I can not walk on it

    – I can not bend it properly

    – when I touch it with even just a light poke it hurts

    Please note it has not been swelling. If you have any suggesting on if I should get a brace or not or any type of pain relievers there are for me to take please let me know. Thank you!

    • I can’t recommend any of that without knowing what the injury was. With those kinds of symptoms, you might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon to figure out what you have done.

  103. Respected Sir
    My age is 23.I apply for police so for that I running fast 3 to 4 days.After this I not practice of running.Now I can not walk I am very young but when I walk I feel a lot of pain in joints.So please suggest me advice.

  104. Hi I realize you cannot diagnose but I am not sure whether to go to the doctor or not. I fell on the sidewalk onto my knee about 10 days ago. My leg is still quite badly bruised but my knee moves fine, doesn’t hurt much to walk, however I cannot kneel at all – I can’t put any weight on it at all. I can bend it in all directions with no weight, that’s fine but if I touch underneath the kneecap on the outside, it’s very painful. I’m wondering if it’s just bruising and whether it is okay to leave it a week or so to see, or if I might be doing more damage by not going to see the doctor now. If you have any thoughts they are much appreciated. Thank you.

    • I really can’t say. Generally seeing a doctor to get a diagnosis can help people determine if they are at risk for doing further damage, especially if they cannot bear weight. Having said that, many people often wait to see if symptoms resolve on their own. Good luck rebecca!

  105. Hello,
    Thanks for your article.
    I play a lot of basketball and because I sometimes feel an uncomfortable feeling when running on my right knee, I started playing with a knee brace and it doesn’t bother me.

    I have noticed that I can’t extend my knee fully without pushing it up with my hands or turning my leg a bit then getting it up.

    What kind of doctor should I see for something like this?


  106. Hi Dr., I am 64 year old male who went bowling about two weeks ago, I used a 14lb ball and tried to throw the damn thing too hard … i had sore elbow but I iced it and that went away. but one frame I felt something like stretch, with a little discomfort, had a little trouble going down stairs for day or two, then felt better, now is aching along with aching hip and calf..no swelling and I rode bicycle yesterday around block. Maybe I did a slight LCL sprain or stretch?? please ?

    • That type of mechanism can cause all kinds of injuries and pain without structural damage. You might see an orthopaedic surgeon if it isn’t improving.

      • Thanks so much Dr. I guess I dodged a bullet, because I walked to warm up and did Iliotibial band stretch and quad stretch and it feels better.. So anyone who is bowling and has not done so for years, don’t use a 14 lb ball and try to throw it real hard , and if you feel a “stretch” like “tweak” on outside of knee, you might not have done bad damage, maybe this will help someone who has done a similar thing. I will use a lighter ball, warm up and stretch before bowling and throw not quite so hard. thanks again.

  107. Hi.I sat down on my couch and pulled my legs up. I got a sharp pain in my right knee. I went to straighten it out and it popped real loud. It is swollen now. I have pain all over my leg and my foot keeps tingling. I have iced it, elvated it and took ibuprofen. Its still hurting…

  108. I have had ongoing knee issues for years. I have had an arthroscopy with lateral release in 2002, another arthroscopy in 2004 and in 2004 ultimately had a patellar realignment. Just recently I have begun to have issues straightening my knee when I stand up. Even after stretching I cannot fully extend my knee. I do not recall an injury taking place. When I stand it locks and I have pain on the lateral side of the knee joint. I was told back in 2002 that he would be surprised if my knees made it until I was 40. I am now 35. Could this be the joint deteriorating or a possible lateral meniscus tear? This knee has been my source of support through two ankle reconstructions when I was NWB and I’m afraid all of that extra stress may have done it in.

  109. Hello,
    There is something wrong with my knee. I am in doubt about how serious it is.
    I have had it for about 8 months.
    I can bend my knees, but my left knee doesn’t bend in completely without something inside it making a click sound. -The feeling of something clicking back into place.
    If I just try to bend it in completely it hurts very much and it feels like that thing, that has not clicked into place yet, is being stretched (on the front side of my knee, on the right side of the kneecap)so much, as though it isn’t long enough for my knee to bend completely.

    So it feels like a tendon going over on the right side of the knee cap, that has somehow come to position itself over some kind of bump, or goes around something else and is therefor stretched to its maximum when the knee is bend.

    Someone has told me that it could also be something in the joint tissue which might be damaged. I can’t tell what is more true and i don’t know if I should rest until it gets better or train it too keep it strong?

    Since i first felt the injury and before,i have been training intensively. I do lots or running, i do big jumps and drops every week and I really put a lot of pressure on my knee as often as i can with all kinds of varied strength and mobility training. That might be really stupid, but the reason i have kept up the training is that, as I said, when the thing has clicked into place it bends just fine. If do a proper warm-up i have no problems with my knee as long as I keep warm.
    Right after training when I start to cool down, it gets worse and I have to be really careful. When it is like this I can only bend my knee if I keep all the muscles around the knee completely tensed all the way down. When i keep them tensed from straight leg position, that thing is not able position itself in the wrong place and I can go all the way down into my asian squat.

    So what do you think? Should I stop training and see a physiotherapist right away, so I don’t destroy my knee? Or is it important that I train and keep the knee strong and flexible?

    I hope you can give me an idea of what goes on inside my knee! Thank you!

    • I can’t give you much information, but I never think it is a bad idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon or physical therapist to learn the diagnosis and plan treatment.

  110. Hi – I twisted my knee, it has pain and swelling was not able to bend or fully extend the knee. Had an MRI, as per two expert DRs. one denied any tear the other said it is a very minor menscus tear. However, it has been 3 week, still had some amount of swelling, pain not gone 100% but still cannot fully extend the knee. I can walk, with weight, or go up and down stairs with minor pain in knee. I would like to know why still I’m not able to straighten my knee fully.

    • I can’t say in your case specifically. Sometimes full extension can be difficult if there is a structural block to motion, like a loose body or a meniscus tear blocking the knee. Often a patient may struggle to regain extension if he or she has been keeping it bent. Pain and swelling can limit motion as well.

  111. Hello,
    I recently found out I sprained my mensicus to the point where it almost tore. My doctor said I didn’t need physical therapy, just rest. How long will the injury take to fully recover? And do you recommend any type of stretching or exercises? Thank you.

    • I can’t say I have heard of a sprained meniscus, so I’d defer to your doctor. Generally PT can be helpful for many knee injuries.

  112. So I’m 13 and I can barely fully extend my leg. Once it is extended it does not hurt, but whem I walk i limp and don’t extend it. Yesterday I ran in gym a bit and maybe hit my knee but cannot be sure. But I woke up this morning and cannot extend fully. I play basketball and have had knee problems before that have seem to have gone away. I am very worried because baseball is coming up and it is a big year. I have read stuff about surgery which I am terrified of. Any help would be great thanks

    • I cannot give you specific medical advice without seeing you and examining you. If you or your parents are concerned, you might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon.

  113. Hello,
    I recently 3 months ago started a fairly intense workout routine consisting of 5-6 times a week, 30-45 mins of treadmill or elliptical at a running pace, followed by 1 hour of various body movement exercises (lunges, planks, squats etc. all body weight cardio), then 30 minutes of weight lifting). Gradually over the past month I have noticed first twinges, and now sharp discomfort/pain in my left knee only. This only occurs when the knee is bent greater than 90 degrees and weight/pressure is being placed downward on it. The pain feels to be around the front kneecap area. I have not seen any swelling afterwards. Does this sound like an common and easily diagnosed problem? Should I be just avoiding the exercises that cause the pain or all of the ones that involve the knee? Could this go away/heal itself or does it sound like a more serious injury that needs medical attention? Thank You!

    • I rarely discourage anyone from seeing a doctor if their symptoms limit the ability to play or exercise to the level they desire. Pain under the kneecap often resolves without surgery for many patients, so some people do well with rest or activity modification. An orthopaedic surgeon could give a diagnosis and help design a treatment plan, though.

  114. I ran full speed and banged in a poll a metal poll. I didn’t get a lot off possum dud a checkup and had a turn meniscus so I’d you get hurt get an x ray even it didn’t hurt

  115. Hi there; a couple of days ago a fell walking to work. My right foot got caught in a pothole, my right ankle twisted, and I fell with all my weight on my left knee. At first all that bothered me was the skin because I got a nasty scrape on the knee. However, yesterday the actual knee started hurting and continued to get worse throughout the day. Today at work I couldn’t decide whether to keep my knee bent or straight because either way hurt, and moving from one to the other hurt. I can walk fine, but stairs cause pain, especially descending. The MOST painful thing is getting in and out of my car, and going from a standing to sitting position and vice versa. If I turn my foot at all to the left or right, it causes intense pain in the knee. Is this something I should see a doctor for, or wait it out?

    • oh, also, my knees have always made loud cracking sounds when I bend down, so I’m used to that – but the left knee has started making a different sound, not the usual loud crack but a quieter sort of ‘snap,’ and I feel it when I walk

  116. My knee got smashed on the ice after I tripped & went flying landing flat on my front side. The out side of my knee was grazed & slightly bleeding, I was in pain thinking I smashed my knee to smitherenes for 10 minutes, then pain dissapeared & I continued skating normally for 2 more hours. A few days to a week later I note I could not, an now 1 month later still cannot kneel. It’s a pin pointed sharp (like loose glass) pain on the patella toward the outside where I landed & something that feels like a ligament is moving about. The other knee has nothing moving so I know this is not right. No pain at any other time. Will this heal?

  117. Hello doctor, I have a question for you. I don’t know whats wrong with my knee but i buckle it a couple times already but after 1 week or 2 i recover from it. but when i play soccer and i put A lot of pressure on that same knee i feel iT buckle again. But im recovering from it again just by icing it and knee braces. i just wanna you to give me some idea to what is wrong with my knee. I don’t know if i tore my ligament or not. And i haven’t get it check out yet.

    • You would have to see a doctor to determine if you injured a ligament, but buckling or giving way could signify such an injury.

  118. Hi,
    I sustained an injury during rugby training 2 months ago, I twisted my knee and then couldn’t straighten it again and it felt like the fibular bone had slipped. I went to a and e with my bent knee and the doctor said it was probably a torn cartilage and he needed me to straighten it to go any further. So on gas and air (and with a lot of shouting) he started to pull it straight, it and a loud popping noise and the inside of my knee ‘jumped’ and the pain went and I could move it again. I assumed it had been dislocated and had now gone back in so I left a and e.
    2 months later as I was turning in bed the same injury occurred and I ended up in a and e again, the nurse again helped me pop it back in. However when the doctor came in after he insisted that this type of knee dislocation only happens ‘every once in a blue moon’ so it couldn’t possibly be dislocated, he thinks it is a flap of damaged cartilage flapping back and forth which is locking my knee. I also explained to him that I am incredibly hypermobile so asked if that would have any effect, however he did say I had a very stable knee.
    I am going to get a camera put in my knee and an mri, but wondered if you had any insight?

    • I don’t, but an MRI should identify structural damage that could cause a patient to have those kind of symptoms.

      • Hey Dr,

        I was playing basketball last night in a league and I had a pretty hard headed on collision with a player from the other team trying to draw a foul and fell awkwardly on my knee. I Eason some instant pain limping but as I walked it off it got manageable. I finished the game, but now my knee is still hurting. I can do all the things in the 7 steps and have very specific sharp pain in one part of my knee. You think it’s anything serious?

  119. I hurt my knee yesterday night playing soccer. The pain was moderately high at the beginning and I could not stand up. There was no popping sound. After about 4 minutes the pain subsided immensely and I got up and walked with a limp to my car. I took alive and iced it before bed. I was able to shower and get ready for bed on my own, of course in some pain. I woke up with no swelling or discoloring of any time. I can fully extend my knee. I can bend my knee and bending it does not hurt any more than keeping it still. MY knee looks completely normal and has the entire time since the injury. My knee is in very slight pain (level 1) when sitting. I can put weight on it, and I can walk around slowly with managebale discomfort. I can stand on one leg on the knee that I hurt. It does not hurt in one area. It generally feels like my knee is sore and weak, but not specifically painful.

    I am very hopeful that this is not something extremely serious and I’m going to give it a few days. What are your initial thoughts? Also if I walk around slowly with some discomfort, can I make things worse? Should I try to stay off it a few days? Thanks!!! Rebecca

    • I really can’t say without examining your knee and looking at any studies. Generally the possibility of doing harm with continued activity depends on what the injury is. Giving it a few days to rest and see if symptoms resolve can be helpful for many people.

  120. Hi I haven’t fallen or done anything to my knee but today I bent down to my son and had a really sharp pain in one spot left side of knee on left knee it really painfull and can’t bend my knee without loads of pain

  121. Hi
    i fell down stairs 8 weeks ago my knee swelled up and was bruised , since then i have had periods where my knee i have had sharp pains and my knee has give way.
    THis is on off but my knee is making a loud clicking noise when extending my leg out fro a bent position any advice?

    • I really can’t say much more than it might be a good idea to see your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon. Good luck!

      • My knee has started popping out of place the last few weeks. I usually have to pop it back in because I can’t move it and my knee cap is usually on the side of my leg. Do you know what’s wrong?

  122. I’ve been to the doctors for an xray and mri but they said nothing is wrong. I know something is wrong because I cannot straighten my knee. An incident happened this morning when I was walking and I accidentally straightened it. My knee made all sorts of popping then went back to being bent and began to hurt even more. when it first started was 2 weeks ago.. and it hasn’t gotten any better

  123. i was plating defense in soccer the other day (im 16 by the way) and i was going in for the ball when this girl ran into me and i fell to the side and felt my knee sort of crack. I couldnt get up right away and i was taken to the ER where they said it was really swollen but no signs of it being broken. I have to wear a knee immobilizer and i was just wondering what happened. i have to go see my ortho soon but i would like o know if it was a ligament tear… I cant really put any pressure on it because my knee feels weak and the back of my leg hurts really bad.

  124. When I sleep I sleep with my knees bent. And when I try to straighten them in the morning. It’s very painful and I feel a pop pop pop then I can slowly straighten it out. Any ideas?

    • Sometimes patellofemoral pain or early cartilage wear underneath the patella can cause a person to have crepitus or grinding sensation when flexing and extending the knee.

  125. I like to train in grappling and I seem to be icing every day 3 times a day now because I want to continue doing what I love. My knee gets better and then pops again and then gets better then pops again…. Its happen 4 times now and I’m just getting frustrated because it takes 3-4 weeks to get in to see my doc and every time I go see him I feel better and then I go train and pops again.

    I was diagnosised with a quad tear near the knee cap but no MRI has been done to confirm just X-ray. Is this normal for a quad tear?

  126. My knee for the past two months has been killing me, every step I take it feels as though my knee is try to buckle in. I ice it and put heating pads on it, but nothing is helping the pain, it’s slightly swollen but isnt bruised. I’ve also been wearing a compression sleeve on it. What can I do to help my knee? The pain is killing me.

  127. I’ve had two knee surgeries on the same knee for a toren lateral minicus and I think I tore it again. How can I tell?

    • Short of going to see an orthopaedic surgeon and having him or her examine you and order necessary studies, I don’t think there is an easy answer.

  128. Well I am 18 and since quite many times now my knee all of a sudden twists and goes back(original position) . It pains for a few seconds and then everything goes back to normal. But it has happened quite many times but with gaps (even months). Is there something that I should be worried about?

  129. This year early/mid January I was playing outside with friends. It was hilly out there so people would trip but it would just be funny because nobody got hurt in the process. (Hence the snow). We were playing zombie tag and I was it. Now, at one point I was running down a hill really fast, and one of my friends literally jumped in front of me, so I stopped abruptly and my knee gave out. It hurt so bad that I went inside. However, on the way inside I slipped on some tile and banged the hurt knee. It hurt for a week and a half and I had to sit down a lot.
    Now it’s April. I’m not saying that its continuous knee pain, but it pops a lot. Whenever it pops, it hurts for a split three seconds and I often find myself kneeling down on the floor. If I’m bending me knee and I feel it with my hand, it feels like a bunch of bumps and it sounds like the muscle is pulling – which I can feel too. It also pops if I’m squating or stretching (I take breakdance) or if I’m just bending it.
    Is it serious enough for the orthopedist? I’m twelve and my Mom says it ‘s growing pain and not to worry about it. I kind of have to disagree.

  130. So 6 days ago, I did the whole “plant and pivot” I had pain when it happened but then the pain just went away. But my knee/quad area is very very tight. It only gave away twice while walking but that’s it. I went to my trainer and he said possible tear or partial tear of my acl, I had little laxity in my knee but not too much. I then went to the doctor and all he said was a quad strain. Then I had relief. Then I started feeling better, I can now walk but I have swelling ( not very bad) in the top left corner of my knee cap. Then I went to my trainer again and he had me stand on one leg as a test. And that caused pain, that made me knee give out. But that’s the only pain I’ve felt since this happened. Is there a possibility that I tore my ACL?

    • I can’t say without examining you. That mechanism and a sensation of the knee giving way can be consistent with an ACL injury.

  131. i am a 15 year old boy who plays 3 sports. i tore my ACL and meniscus a little over year ago and had surgery exactly a year from last friday. I had a lacrosse game last friday and as i went to cut right my left knee (the surgical one) i felt really big pops on the right side of my knee and i fell down, i couldnt walk for a little but i played again later that game after swiftly faking to my coaches i was fine, it happened again and he took me out. then i could barley walk after, they next day i was having a lot of pain. my parents wont take me to the hospital or the docs they just want me to ice and take pain killers (like ive been doing). long story short im scared something bad happened and i could really use your advice, thank you for your time

  132. If I had knee surgery 2 years ago for ACL and meniscus repair and I had physical therapy and after six months I was doing a whole lot better the doctor cleared me to begin light workout. I ran a little and I played a little bit of vball and also a lot of other workouts at the gym. I then was able to run two half marathons, play more vball and actually be in the game. but then a month or so ago, I finally got to be a part of a futsal(indoor soccer in a basketball court) team and last night at my game, my knee gave out. it’s swollen and I am icing it and elevating it. Could I possibly have torn it again? Can I just keep resting it?
    I know this past few weeks because it’s been raining a lot my knee has been a little irritated when I’ve run. and I didn’t think about putting my brace on for yesterdays game but it gave out. Any feedback or comments?

    • Certainly it is possible for an athletic person for retear the ACL graft. If he or she is concerned about an episode where the knee gives way, it is worth having the orthopaedic surgeon examine the knee.

  133. My knee has been locking randomly for about 2 years and I have been in cross country (Running) should I go to the ER or urgent care since the Urgent care is not open can I go to the ER?

  134. im 14 i dont play sports.so i dont understand how i could of hurt myself. when i go to straighten my knee as i get up it hurts extremly. so i keep it straight most of the time when i sit i hope you can help me im concerened?

    • Could be where you are sitting for a long time and then getting up and the movement in your leg is having a quick reaction. Best to get it checked id say.

  135. I have no idea what happened to my knee. I’ve had pain for about 5 months now, it’s just increasingly getting worse. All I know is that it hurts to run and sometimes walk. I also play soccer,miso I don’t know if that has something to do with it. The thing is my knee isn’t swollen at all. Do you know what’s wrong.

  136. this site is amazing,,,,,,,, sir I am 16 yes girl and while playing with my friends I feel down at that time I heard some sound from my leg , now after10 days of injury I am not able to bend my knee and straight ,its painful and also I cannot walk much , doctor has given me a knee cap with support to walk with ..pls guide me what type of injury it might me and also about diet and also my knee is swollen since 10 days

    • I don’t think I can rally tell you based on just that description since I haven;t seen you or examined you. Generally the inability to bend or straighten the knee is concerning.

  137. Hello doctor.
    9 days ago I was running down a hill and landed very funny on my knee.. There was a popping feeling and I instantly could not bend it and walking caused sharp pains. I went to emergency and had an x-ray done and nothing was out of the ordinary but they did say there was a lot of fluid in the knee and prescribed me medication for it as well as gave me a shot to help reduce the inflammation. They also gave me crutches and a wrap to help secure my knee. 9 days later and no improvement. If anything, the swelling has worsened.. I am able to walk a small amount but it causes the swelling to increase. I can’t straighten my knee all the way and when I do, the kneecap moves upward with a pop and I need to bend it for it to be normal again.. I can also move the kneecap very easily by moving it with my hands. I saw my doctor and he referred me to a specialist and I know I’ll need an mri but I I don’t see the specialist until 5 days and I really have not been giving any thoughts of what this could be… Do you have any ideas? I don’t enjoy this waiting game..

    • Also, I’m a healthy and active 20 year old female and I’ve dislocated my knee before (I was 13 at the time) and the bone chipped and required surgery. This new problem involved the same knee if that information is helpful.. But It never caused me any problems before this injury.

    • Those symptoms could exist after several injuries. The orthopaedic surgeon, with or without an MRI, could likely give you a specific answer.

  138. Hello, I injured my knee at work exactly 8 days ago.

    What happened was I slammed it on a roofing tile and it hurt for a little while. I didn’t think too much and kept working another 6 hours or so. The next day I woke up, it felt fine and I worked for 4 hours or so, but then went home because the pain eventually got so intense. There was slight swelling but just a bit or miscoloration, NOT blueish “get to the ER now!” kinda swelling.

    Took the next week off and didn’t see the doctor, please don’t ask why…

    The first day it only hurt a small bit, while the next it did so much I could barely move my leg, although I was still walking around (with a limp.) I could, and can, still feel what appears to be a slight crack or something a little abnormal. Of course I RICE’d it for the next 3 days, took glucosamine/MSM and drank a lot of milk.

    I feel better now and am thinking of just resting it for 3 weeks or so and getting back to work. Of course I will see the doc if things get worse, but my question is, do I even need to see a doctor even if it feels fine or will just keeping it relatively immobile until it feels better be sufficient??

    • I can’t advise you on whether you should see a doctor. Generally I feel that if pain or other symptom after an injury is keeping an active person from doing what he or she wants to do, it can be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

  139. Hi, I was on the Trampoline yesterday with my little nephews and I was bouncing when I heard a pop. I got off okay and pain shot through my leg to my knee.
    I had trouble driving home.
    I got home rested it and today I cannot straighten it nor walk on it without limping. Its not swollen just causes me pain. Its comfortable when at a bent angle but when it is straight it kills me?

  140. I’ve noticed the past 5 months pain in my knee if I bend it for a long period of time and then try to walk. I can’t straighten it or bear weight on it for a few seconds. I have not had anything happen. My guess is arthritis but it appears to be worse? It only happens when I bend it and then try to walk.

  141. I injured my knee, on the inner part of the right leg. It was hit hard and then I was unable to bend it or walk with out extreme pain. Unable to drive because of the pain,(took a week),said there was fluid and that was why I could not bend it. I still have a lot of pain when bending. I went to the ER, I was referred to a sports doctor, however they can not get me in until June (Obama care) anyway, I am still limping because it hurts and I can not sleep well due to pain. The pain has not gone away. In the past I had an open MRI, they said, I had Osteoarthritis. I am going on the 2nd week why is there so much pain?

  142. I’ve had some issues where it is very painful or impossible to jog or run for more than 5 or 10 seconds without my left knee hurting. It’s also very difficult to stand on my left leg and bend my knee and come back up again. I can do it, but it is uncomfortable.

    It seems to have been giving me issues for almost a year now since I started sprinting after a fair few months of inactivity. Seems to hurt just below my knee. I also have this in my right knee, but not to the same extent. It’s barely noticeable there.

  143. Last June I was playing football at school. I took a shot and my knee gave way. For about 8 months it was in pain and I couldn’t straighten my leg properly. The past 2 or 3 months my knee has been fine, but yesterday I played football and golf. I was getting pains during football and today I am in very bad pain if I put weight on it and I can’t straighten my leg again. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

  144. When i bend my knee it hurts really bad like my right knee and when i sit for a long time it hurts, it has to be extended, I don’t know what is wrong. Also sometimes when i go to sleep my legs are bending and my right knee always hurt and i can’t like do squats or anything that involves it.. WHat is it?

    • I can’t really say without examining you. Pain with the knee bent often suggests patellofemoral pain syndrome.

  145. my knee has a sound and i cant bend it until the last it have pain inside and it twisted at first but now it changes to sound somties and really it is Uniqe and i belive you will answer me just i was playing football and when i was running i felt suddnely what shall i do???????

  146. i was training in the gym and suddenly i locked my knee, because i was not careful. i had a elastic rope around my knee, when i stood up. because of the presure of the rope pulling to the wall. i put my foot straight on the floor, while the elastic rope was pulling my leg to the wall. so my leg locked. i didnt paid much attention to it after wards.

    and still i keep doing sports without to much problem, when i actually doing bootcamp or any other sports i dont feel the acl at all, but after sports, sit on a chair and i put my finger on the middle point of the acl muscle it hurts like hell. also if i squad very deep, it hurts, not to much, but still it hurts.

    that said i still can do every sport. from running, to bootcamp, swimming, rowing. however i am little bit worried that overtime, the pain will increase and i cant walk anymore on the injured leg.

    i already have tinnitus which is already bad enough as it is, sports is the only thing that makes sure i dont hear any ringin in my ears because my brain focus on the muslce pains in my body when doing sports. so for me sport is actually the only thing that relaxes me, how crazy that may sound.

  147. I have this pain in my right knee that hurts when I straiten it or bend it sometimes. The pain is at the bottom of my knee and it hurts the top of my shin a little bit also the bottom of my right knee pops out a little bit more then the left one. Should I be worried about this or should I seek medical attention fast?

  148. Hi, in a cricket incident, I was hit by the ball inbetween the kneecap and the start of the shin. forcing a large crack/pop noise and knee cap to jerk up, but seam to be in place immediately, no pain the day after, although cannot fully lock knee or therefore fully tense quad, not because of pain but more of a restriction because of stiffness feeling with little pain. thanks

  149. I was doing heavy deadlifts a week ago and I got called back into work before I could complete my complete warm up and accessory work post lift. The following day about halfway through the day the front of my knee cap and behind the knee cap started hurting. I also had my knee cap on scaffold deck plate at work the night before. Not sure if I tore something of if I bruised it. It is painful to climb stairs, go down stairs and any type of squatting(no weighted). I know without a exam you can’t tell me much but I am wondering if I should be concerned? I am suppose to backpack 120 miles of the Appalachian Trail in September.

    • Pain under the patella (kneecap) typically isn’t worrisome, although you are correct that I can’t really give you advice. I think that if your symptoms aren’t getting better, it might be worthwhile to check it out and figure out a cause and treatment options before your trip. Have fun if you can go!

  150. when i was at boarding school we were playing kickball i ran to home base & this boy jammed the ball into my back my knee was the first part of me that hit the cement i had a bruise the size of a sausage patty. i had an ice pack on my knee but every time i run or sometimes when i play sports it hurts what is wrong with my knee

  151. Doctor I’m 11 and just recently I was playing football and I got tackled and the kid landed on my knee and from my knee down it all just bent upward… My dad said I hyper extended it but I really need to know please email me if u see this at Brady3250@gmail.com because after that it started to swell and I couldn’t walk now my kneecap can move side to side and my dad doesn’t want to take me to the doctor and says I’m fine I can walk on it now since its been two days but whenever I tried to walk I felt a pop on the side of my knee and it looks weird so plz email me at Brady3250@gmail.com

    • I really can’t give medical advice here or by email. Good luck Brady! If you see a doctor, please share what you find out!

  152. now when my knee hurts i limp and when i walk flat footed it tingles do you think it might dislocated because i can move my knee cap in circles so do you think it might be dislocated, torn ligament. do you think i might MRI or just go to my doctor’s office?

    • I think it’s best for patients to start by seeing their doctor or an orthopaedic surgeon before getting an MRI. A physical exam can often determine the need for these studies.

  153. at my boarding school i got this bruise on my knee from playing a sport & now every time i play a sport like basketball or running it starts to hurt but now i can roll my knee cap around i limp and when i walk flat footed my foot tingles is it dislocated or something? thanks

  154. I was coming down steps, got to the end and thought there was one step left, but there were really two. I tried to take the full distance in one step and my right knee buckled under the weight then banged into the brick wall in front of me.

    It’s six days later, there is still swelling on the inside part to the left of my kneecap and my knee can’t bend to 90 degrees yet. (More like 100-110. I am unable to sit on a table and extend my knee.

    X-ray said no broken bones. Does this sound like torn ligaments?

    • It’s hard to say without examining you. Those symptoms can certainly be consistent with structural damage like a meniscus tear, but an orthopaedic surgeon can give you more specific advice after examining you and ordering any necessary studies.

  155. I just got up from sitting down and I couldn’t put my leg straight, it only hurts if I try to extend it. it feels like two bones are going against each other. it’s not swollen or red or anything. it just locks right before its straightened out. I’m very worried and any kind of help would be so so appreciated!! I also got and X-ray today and they don’t understand why it hurts since it wasn’t from injuring doing anything physical.

    • I can’t really say what it is without examining you, but locking can be a sign of structural damage of some kind. You might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon and even possibly getting an MRI.

  156. I had PE and there i was running and somehow hurt my knee now i can’t bend or straighten it
    I went to the doctor but he said it was just a sprain or something like that but that was like 2 weeks ago and it still hurts

  157. Hi.

    I injured my knee in April, there was a pop and I suddenly felt a pain on the inside of my knee (collision on the outside of my knee). It slowly healed and in within a month i could run but I made sure that it was wrapped up with elastic knee brace just in case it gave in, it didn’t. This was about a month ago. After that I didn’t work it too hard. My knee bent and had full range of motion.

    This past week I started feeling some tightness in my knee, I felt a very dull pain in the back of my knee but then as the days went by I couldn’t straighten my knee. Then over the weekend I could but I could not bend it. You can understand how difficult it would be to even get into a car. Bending the knee even got harder as I couldn’t bend it past 45 degrees.

    Until today when I was getting into my car. As I was struggling to get in I accidentally bent it a little too far and I heard a ripping sound, it wasn’t painful but all of a sudden I felt relief, and I can bend it past 90 degrees. But I am really worried, what was that ripping sound? What should I do? My doctor still hasn’t told me what I injured the first time when I heard the pop.

    Please help me.
    If there is any more information that you require it is as below:
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Country: Kenya
    Height: 6ft 1′
    Weight: 94kgs

    I have noted that my knee is started acting up while the cold weather has began to set in.

    Please help.

  158. Three years ago my right knee had total replacement. Had a great recovery/rehab, great range.
    Two hours ago, my Crocs slipped on wet concrete driveway and came down hard on same knee. I iced it immediately but it’s swelling like a goose egg on side of my patella. Very stiff, some painful.

    Earliest my Orthopaedic can see me is tomorrow morning.
    Is there anything I can do meanwhile except ice?
    Thank you for any advice.

  159. I had contusion on right knee while playing footbalI but no ACL. I can walk properly with mild pain sometimes. It’s been 4 weeks now, but today when I tried doing squats my right knee pained alot. It couldn’t bear any weight. Please help doctor.

  160. Just wonder if you know whats wrong with my knee, a little over 2 weeks I tripped and fell on my knee, it at first just seemed like a simple swelling and bruise but after the swelling went down there is a bump above my knee, not sure if its swelling or fluid but just to touch it is painful and hurts more then if I leave it alone, I dont have a doctor atm and to be honest I dont like going to the doctors because I was traumatized as a kid and avoid it at all cost. any advice will help, please

    • I can’t really say without seeing it and examining your knee. I do think seeing a doctor could be helpful. I hope it isn’t serious!

  161. I hit my knee very hard and I heard a crack but it wasn’t throughout the knee it was on the side of my knee it swelled up a little bit and today it is still swollen after more than 12 hours

  162. I have an accident couple of weeks ago… it got small swollen…. but after couple of week…. I don’t feel anything like scratching…. on that small swollen specific area.. can u tell me that is it a serious problem or just… not to worry

  163. Good morning, my daughter recently hurt her leg in practice. She was kicked by accident which caused her to fall on her leg in an awkward fashion. She did not hear a pop but was very painful to walk on immediately after. She did go to the emergency room and they did xrays which did not show anything. The emergency room doctor did advise that we see a sports clinic physician.

  164. What is it when you fall on your knee in basketball and it hurts for 6 months but I can walk on it but if I barely touch it. It starts hurting really bad and I have to sit and it almost puts me in tears. It hurts right below my knee on my right side

  165. I have a car accident almost four months ago (February 2015) and diagnosed with dislocated left knee. Early treatment, they just put back slab (POP) from my thighs to my ankle. My knee was then swelling so much I cannot even stand. After six weeks, they removed the back slab then I started to learn to walk again. First couple weeks I am still using stretchers to walk but after that I can walk normally without that. However, there are problems I noticed when I started to walk again. First, I cannot completely bend my left leg compared to my right leg. It is like there’s something holding my lower leg to bend and the pain seriously felt at the right side of my knee. But, after doing some exercises (which consult by physio doc), I can bend my knees more and more without pain but still not completely like my other normal knee. Second problem is, when I am sitting, my lower leg (tibia) seems to be flexible, meaning, can be moved front and back and doesn’t even pain, not like my normal right leg which doesn’t even move when I do the same test. Now, I can normally walk like I used to but still cannot completely bend my knee. Other than that, I feel pain in my knee when I am going down the staircase. Also, when I am standing a bit long, my knee seems to become weak or give away. Any comment doc..thank you.

  166. I played soccer 4 days back and on the field when I changed direction, I felt my right knee pop out to the outer side and came back into place but no popping sound. I felt pain at the outer side and back of the knee and could not bend my knees beyond 90 degrees or extend it completely. However I had little pain walking. The next day there was a swelling on the medial side and lesser swelling all around the knee. The doctor suspects it’s a meniscus tear or ACL. Throughout I’ve not had any issues with knee instability or knee giving away when I walk. My range of motion has improved over the last couple of days and the swelling too has gone down. I’m now able to bend by knee to about a 100 degrees and can extend completely with little pain still at the back of the knee. Moreover, I had an ACL surgery on the same knee 9 months back. I’m not sure what could be wrong and I dread an ACL retear. In the last visit to the OS, he checked my knee and confirmed I’m ready to return to sports.

  167. hi Im a young athlete a few months ago i done a competition in jumping and when i landed my knee moved out of place then back into place. for a couple of weeks it hurt but then was fine since then i have had a few occasions where i hurt it a small bit but today i was walking and the same thing happened it moved out of place but this time i couldn’t straighten it and its later on in the day and i still can’t straighten it! do you know whats happened? what can you suggest i do?

    • It could be several injuries, but it definitely seems worth getting it checked out. I’d try to see an orthopaedic surgeon to determine the extent of your injury.

  168. I’m having pain in knee in a specific spot. Pain started suddenly when I was playing football(I was not playing very aggressively. Also I didn’t got hit. There is no swelling at all. Also i can walk, ride cycle with a little pain. Is this serious?

  169. I hace a pain only when i fully go into a deep squat(butt past knees) and when i push up i de el a pain con the bottem left parte of my quad right above my knee but its not my muscle its on the inside.no pain when walking minimalista pain when doing a one legged jump. And idea what it is or how i can fix it?

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t really know without being able to examine you. You might see an orthopaedic surgeon who can examine you and order any necessary studies.

  170. I got a energy in soccer the other day and I can not pot a lot of pressure on it. I’ve tried to straighten my leg but when I do at a point I feel like something is in my way for moving it and it also really hearts. When it happened my knee was all swelled up and I hade to be carried off the field. I don’t now what I did but it really hearts. when I le down and try to get backup my knee cap starts to heart again.

    Age:11 1\2

    • Locking of the knee or inability to fully flex or extend it can be a sign of structural damage, so seeing an orthopaedic surgeon can be helpful for a patient with that symptom.

  171. When I run or hit a football very hard when my leg curls up to my quad it has a popping or clicking sound and it makes me immediately stop my workout and the same when I strike a ball it extends and makes a clicking or popping noise and I feel pain in my left side of knee on my right leg for 10-15 seconds and I don’t know why it reoccurs

  172. My daughter Haley her friend accidentally threw a rock at her and it hit her knee.she says that whenever she tries to bend it really hurts.

  173. I was doing a hand stand 5 months ago and I fell with my left knee bent (hitting the ground) and my right knee straight (supporting me). For the next couple weeks I couldn’t sit cress cross with out my left knee hearting very badly (my right knee felt fine). I finely went to my doctor 2 weeks ago and he told me it was runner’s knee and he gave me stretches to do(standing hamstring, quad, and standing calf). The stretches have been making it worse and now both knees heart because I walked/ran 10 miles in two days. I think I sprained or tore my ACL and I’m going back to my doctor tomorrow. Should I believe my doctor or what I think? and what should I do about it?

    • I can’t tell you if you should believe him or not. He does have the ability to examine your knee. An MRI can determine any soft tissue injury, like an ACL tear, that a patient might have.

  174. My daughter is 15. She plays select basketball year round as well as playing it for her school. Her right knee swells after playing every single time. She ices and elevates after each game. She was told she had jumpers knee. 2 months later, it is swelling in the back of the knee with limited mobility. It is very painful and when she bends her knee slightly, it is giving out with some popping. She said that down her back calf it feels like someone is “frogging” her. Upon her initial exam, the doctors said her knee caps are unusually loose but were not concerned as they both are. X-rays are negative. Any ideas?

    • I’m afraid I don’t have any, especially if her orthopaedic surgeon didn’t suspect any structural damage. I hope it turns out well!

  175. Hi, so about a few (2-3) weeks ago I was playing basketball and hurt my knee. There was no pop sound and there didn’t seem like any swelling but there was a dull pain that day. I’ve continued playing sports since then, I’m able to put my weight on my knee and all but for example today after playing basketball there was pain in my knee. Sometimes when I put pressure on my knee or a lot of weight it gives away but very slightly and regains right away. When I’m in a very specific position or move my knee very specifically then it pains. I’m able to perform everyday tasks it’s just once in a while each day it will pain and what I mentioned earlier. When I try to outstretch my knee after being seated for a while then it’ll hurt as well. Also you can note that I’ll be turning 17 very soon so I’m not really old at all. Now that I look at it carefully after a few weeks since it first started hurting the knee does look a bit more bigger than the left knee, maybe swollen a bit. I’m not sure what’s wrong and I’m confused because sometimes I feel like I need to get it checked and then other times it’ll be alright for quite some time. I need guidance please and thanks

  176. So I’m curious if you have to have all 7 of these symptoms. My legs won’t straighten all the way, and if they do it hurts. I also can’t crouch, and when I do it comes with immense pain. Getting back up from the crouch hurts as well plus the pain is mostly on the back of the knees. Not every symptom is relatable, but a few of them were. Do you need all 7 symptoms to be worried?

  177. I fell on my knee right into a steel step on the edge..Bang my knee good. My knee swelled up pretty big.. Went to the hospital but nothing broken.. But still after 3 days still feeling the extreme pain on my knee. Can I have turn something around my knee?

  178. I hurt my knee a couple weeks ago during ball hockey after it twisted when trying to quickly change directions. It buckled and started to swell soon after. I still do not have full range of motion in the knee and wear a brace for extra stability. I seen a doctor a week later when the swelling started to go down and he believes it is a meniscus tear however I cannot get an MRI for 5-6 weeks. If surgery is necessary can waiting this long cause further damage? It makes me nervous to just wait around while I wait for a correct diagnosis.


    • It is possible but hard to know without knowing the nature of an injury. In theory, a meniscus tear can be repairable initially but become damaged enough that it can no longer be repaired.

  179. Hi Dr.,

    I like to ride my road bike on the weekends in the mountains. I have never had any knee issues from cycling or any other activity. About 3-4 weeks ago, as I was opening a door at work, I smacked my left knee on the metal door frame pretty hard. I felt like I was almost going to puke there for a minute, the pain was so bad. For the rest of that day, it was difficult to walk because my knee hurt terribly. It was sore for the next few days and then the pain went away. In hindsight, I should have iced it and taken something for the inflammation, though I did not see any swelling. I did not ride for two weeks. When I did ride, it was a good long climb and I felt fine for the first 12 miles, then I began to fee pain in that knee around where the knee cap was smacked. feels like the pain is under the top portion of my knee cap (top being the edge closest to my hip). I was sore for a couple of days after that ride, but it went away. I went riding again, but this time I kept it to a flat ride and much shorter. The pain started up again about 10 miles into this ride. I am now taking Naproxen Sodioum, 440 mg in the am and 440 mg in the evening. I am thinking of seeing a doctor if this doesn’t clear up, and I will stay off of the bike for a couple of weeks. There is no popping, no problem or pain in bending my knee. It only hurts on a ride after about 40 minutes. If I were to see a doctor, what kind of doctor would you suggest that I see for this sort of thing? Thank you

  180. iwent to doctors and they told me i pulled ligaments and tendons in back of my knee but now its clicking but i can bend it and straighten it out and walk but a limp im wondering cud it be ACL able to bend and straighten

  181. I injured my knee from a fall almost two months ago. I had quite a bit of swelling and pain during the first 2 weeks following my injury.My doctor told me that he believed the injury to be a meniscus tear as I cannot straighten my leg, and feel pressure in the knee when I get to the end of my range of motion. The MRI showed that I have a bone bruise however. My doctor told me that with time the swelling inside of the joint will go down, and my full range of motion will return. Does this sound right to you? Everything I can find regarding locked knees is related to meniscus tears and I am unsure why a bone bruise would cause my leg to be unable to straighten without showing any signs of improvement in two months ( I have been going to physio every week). Thank you for your help!

    • Typically a bone bruise could cause pain and swelling, which can make getting full knee motion but not block motion itself. I hope it turns out well!

  182. Hey there Dr. Geier,

    Today I barely landed a trick on my skateboard, and to stop myself from falling, I put my foot down. When I put my foot down, my board skid out from under me, and my leg completely straightened. I heard a sharp pop, and I think that I saw a tendon in the side of my knee flair. I then fell down, and couldn’t get up for a good minute. I managed to get up and walk to a coffee shop where my parents were. However, when I was walking, I couldn’t straighten my injured leg completely, and I tried to put my weight on my uninjured (left) leg. I iced my knee for about 20 minutes, and by then the pain was becoming worse. I then had walk back to my car, and pain in my knee was absolutely excruciating. I still couldn’t straighten my leg completely or it would buckle. When I got home I layed down, took a tylonal and iced some more. Should I think about seeking medical attention?

  183. Also, the pain is in the side of my right knee. It is also under my knee cap (I think), and I can feel soreness all the way up to my right glute. There is also a little bit of soreness down my calf.

    • Thanks! I think I would say the same things I have mentioned to the last few commenters. It is rarely a bad idea to get an injury evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon.

  184. Hello there Sir, I need help and guidance please.

    So a few weeks ago I hurt my knee while playing. After that game there was a dull ache in my knee. There doesn’t seem to be any swelling at the moment and there was no pop sound when it had happened.

    There isn’t any dull ache now, unless I play or engage in an activity. There hasn’t been any significant worsening of it other than now it just hurts more often when I’ve played sports or ran than before.

    After say playing a sport for an hour or so even when I walk it’ll pain. When attempting a straight jump my knee will start hurting as well. Also if I’ve sat down for a long enough time and then outstretch my leg straight it hurts just to move it up to make it straight. The pain happens on the right and outside of my right knee. There is no bruises or anything so it hurts from the inside.

    Like I said, I need some guidance. Should I get it checked?

    • If pain or some other symptom is limiting yours or anyone’s ability to play or do the activities they would like to do, it can be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon to get the injury check out.

  185. I played volleyball last night, woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain and unable to straighten my leg because of my knee. I am unable to bear any weight on it and when I try to straighten my knee its tight and I have pain at the front below my knee cap. I had surgery on this same knee 10 years ago to remove a cyst and remove tissue around meniscus. Any possible direction would be great, I don’t know if I should just give it a couple of days or go to the doctor now.

    • I can’t tell you what specifically you should do. Generally I think if a patient has symptoms that limit their ability to do their daily activities, it can be a good idea to see a doctor to determine how severe the injury is.

  186. About 10 days ago I was cleaning and had squatted down to lift up an object when something in my left leg snapped very hard. Everything went black and I fell over on the floor, I remember screaming when I felt the snap. I couldn’t get up for about 30 minutes and then the pain started to subside. I can bear weight, but it has given out from under me several times. I have moderate pain in the crease behind my knee that radiates down to my ankle and up to my thigh. I am waiting for x Ray results. When I bend the leg something right above the crease causes it to lock and I can’t bend it further. The leg feels shaky. Which ligament could this be? Will it even show up in an X-ray? Is it normal for everything to go black when something in your leg snaps?

    • Depending on a patient’s pain, it is possible to faint or black out. I cannot say what the exact nature of your injury could be, but those symptoms do suggest a serious injury.

  187. sir i had an accident 3 months ago,in accident i got an injury in my left knee. i am actually not getting what is happened is that ligament fracture or knee fracture. i couldn’t bare stress on left leg and it is hurt while stretching the leg in backward while standing.

  188. It has been 6 months now since my left knee started to hurt, it started as a pain when standing or sitting for long periods of time, I checked with 3 orthopedics , one diagnosed my case as grade 1 degeneration of the medial meniscus , the other diagnosed a chrondomalasia , and gave me excercises to do ( that was hurting my left knee when applying on the right leg), actually the pain is getting worse, more concentrated at the back of the knee with a difficulty to straighten the knee ( it hurts a lot) my lower back started to hurt also and I can’t stand straight without analgesics , I feel the left leg is getting weak and the back of the knee hurts while sneezing or laughing with pain radiating toward the 3 small toes in my left leg, there is no swelling in the knee, even I checked with a neurologist suspecting sciatica but actually, he didn’t have a clue of what condition I have, what do you think and whom I shall be referred to?

  189. About 9 months ago I hurt my knee trying to sit down. As I sat my knee sort of I guess twisted and with that I heard a loud pop crack sound, I couldn’t bend my leg out all the way not even half the way.It was a little swelled but no discoloration. It hurt right on the inside of me knee. I went to stand up I could not put pressure on it at all. I had trouble walking up and downstairs, but I managed to make it through the day because I had no choice. I did go to get X-Rays 2 weeks later I had sprained my knee, the doctor told me to get an MRI but I thought it wasn’t serious. Now I can bend my knee all the way not bad pain, but I noticed it makes a clicking kind of sound after a while it turns to pain. Also with activities like running, biking, and bending I notice little bits of sharp pains. I think I may have torn my meniscus, but I don’t feel it lock or unstable in my knee. Some of questions are should I go to a doctor? Is it serious? And how will my pain stop? or are all of these just symptoms of a sprained knee?

  190. Hi! I was just curious if you’d be able to help me figure this out. In 6th grade, I was standing behind someone and they took their leg back and kicked my knee really hard. I remember it hurting really bad, but the pain went away. However, I now have this crackling noise that occurs in my knee every time I move it. It doesn’t hurt, but I think it’s preventing me from running. I’m very good at running when I get into it, but lately, if I do run or jog, my knee and part of my upper shin hurts and it hurts to put any kind of pressure on my knee (even climbing onto my bed makes it hurt). It’s been happening for a couple of weeks and I’m not sure if you’d be able to tell if it’s bad or not?

  191. Hello sir..I’m a professional badminton player and I am not able to rest on my left knee and I have severe pain in my left knee on the left side and I have severe pain when ever I stretch after my 5 hrs long practice sessions..is it a cause of concern….please let me know….thank you

  192. I fell on my right knee cutting to the inside in a hockey game. I did not feel a pop or anything. When I went to get up I couldnt use my knee. There was no pain initially but I hobbled off the ice and did not return. I was unable to straighten my leg or walk, but there was not much swelling and I had to keep my knee bent to avoid discomfort. The pain I feel is on the right part of my kneecap of my right leg, along the outside middle. However, if I keep it bent, there is no pain or discomfort at all, and I can actually stand up in a squat position. It is now a couple days later and I can straighten my leg, but it is still weak and somewhat painful to straighten , and I am unable to put pressure on it. I know I need to get it checked out but I was wondering if you had any insight to what it could possibly be. Thanks.

  193. Hey,

    I know you can’t provide specific medical information. I just wondered if you may be able to tell me if my symptoms sound serious and who may I need to see.

    I play football regularly, well at least I did. 7 months ago I was playing football and my knee clashed with another players knee, it went swollen and I had to come off the field.
    since then I cant play football with out my right knee hurting, day to day activities like walking down the stairs I find difficult.
    if im laying down, I cant raise my right leg and bend my knee or straighten it without me having to push through the pain, walking down hills is difficult and I don’t know why but I have to limp.
    At the moment im not taking part in any physical activity because its pre season, I cant run without me feeling all the pain and impact going through that right knee.
    sometimes through the night it can wake me up because its aching.. I just want to get it sorted, im refusing to train or play on it at the moment because I want to clear the fact that its nothing serious. I have seen my doctor and they referred me to a physiotherapist, I have seen three. one said it was Patella femoral joint syndrome, but all the exercises they give me just tend to hurt more and I know that the symptoms im feeling can be linked to different things that would probably only show up on a scan.

    • Generally I think that if an active person cannot play sports or exercise to the level she wants due to pain or some other symptom, it can be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon to find a cause and learn treatment options.

      • About 4 years ago I hit my knee on a tall rock and i wobbled away and didnt tell my parents at that time. and now when I run or jump it hurts. Thanks

      • Hey I am 14 year old female I fell about 4 feet from rock climbing and this happened on Monday my leg is still swollen about the size of a baseball and it hurts when I put pressure on it my parents say its because it’s bruised should I go get it checked?

  194. I have always had knee problems since I was very young. I am 22 years old now and the pain is worse I have gotten xrays done and came back clean. When I cross my legs my right knee hurts so bad. The doctors have prescribed me meds for arthritis but never helped. It hurts to stand on them and walk on them and the doctors cant find anything wrong with them n when its cold they hurt as well I’ve never had an injury to my knees before I would like any advise you can give me…

  195. I fell off a horse 1 week ago, I fell on my right side hip and knee, now I have a knot on he side of my knee my hip and knee have a dull pain all the time, if I move a certain way it’s a sharp pain, should I have a doctor look at it?

  196. Hey I am 14 year old female I fell about 4 feet from rock climbing and this happened on Monday my leg is still swollen about the size of a baseball and it hurts when I put pressure on it my parents say its because it’s bruised should I go get it checked?

    • It is almost always a good idea to see a doctor to have an injury examined if it appears serious. Good luck!

  197. A very good information, thanks

    I experienced a knee injury when i played soccer with my friends. I was running and tried to stop and my knee gave way and i fell. Since then it often happened every time i did sport so i stopped from any sport.

    Now i have had it for more than 1 year.. i dont have problem walking and also running through the staircases, the only thing i had is the part when you said something about “your knee buckled or gave way”. Exactly the same.

    Does it have to be hcl tear? Hopefully not.. thanks much tho

    • Buckling or giving way does not necessarily imply a patient has an ACL tear, but it is one possibility with that symptom.

      • Sir good evening! I dont what name my knee problem is… Here’s my story i was playing basket running and i suddenly change direction (pivot) then jump leaving my knee on ground(i guees i accidentally twist it) it hurts that time like a minute! Its been a month know i can bend or straight my knee but it hurts a little!!!

  198. Hey there, i was just lookin around to see some information about a knee injury that happened to me about 2 years ago. Im an 18 year old male and 2 years ago i had an out of nowhere knee injury. So here is my little story about it. I was just sitting down on my bed just chilling out and i went to get up and i took a step with my right leg and as soon as it had pressure on it my knee popped really loud and i collapsed to the floor with excruciating pain. I was scarred and didnt know what to do i didnt move it at all for like 20 minutes. So at this point, my leg is in the fetal position like bent in you know, so i went to extend it out and it wouldnt let me and when it was about halfway extended it would hurt really bad would make grinding noises so i would bring my leg back in that position because it didnt hurt as bad. I finally figured out a way to extend it i just had to do it really really slow, i could bend it in just fine but extending it was just unbearable. When i had it extended i figured i should try to walk, bad idea, same thing happened i collapsed on the floor again. By this point i was just done with everything and i thought i wouldnt ever be able to walk again haha i was 16 at the time so you know. I thought maybe i should go to the ER or something but mum said no and said i should just “walk it off”. Well i couldnt so i found some old crutches and walked with those for about a week untill i could finally put some pressure on my leg again, i was limping for about another week after that. Now i am extremely active and i skateboard about every day, ride bikes, dirtbikes, stuff like that there was never a day when i wouldnt do anything. So maybe i kind of overused my knee a little much? My right leg is my dominate one so i use it to kick stuff and push with my skateboard at what not so i dont know if that has anything to do with it. It took me a few weeks after that to finally ride and do the usual stuff i do i just could ride as hard or skate as much because it still had some pain for a while and would kinda hurt to squat and stuff, it still pops quite often but it doesnt hurt at all it just does it like i have old man knees now haha. But it did get progressively better in time, like a few months after it happened, it would pop a lot more than it does now. So im just curious, what happened to my knee?

  199. About 4 years ago, I was running and I tripped and slid on gravel with my right knee. The friction tore through my jeans and my knee was bleeding badly. I didn’t go to the doctor’s because I thought it was just a bit more severe of a normal scrape on the knee. I remember blood was soaked through all over a folded piece of paper towel. I couldn’t walk properly for about a week or two, and it eventually got better (and left a small scar). I am still feeling uncomfortable in my knee from time to time. It’s not severe, but it feels uncomfortable and it makes me feel cautious about how I move my leg. I recently felt a bit more severe pain rather than just an uncomfortable feeling for the first time since then. It felt like a somewhat sharp kind of pain, and lasted for no longer than a minute. Is there something that is wrong with my knee and should I be worried about it? My leg works fine, and I can bend and extend it without problem. I’m just a bit worried that I might be treating my knee/leg the wrong way if there really is something wrong with it.

  200. Good morning,

    My daughter is 14 and just came back from a backpacking/mountain climbing trip. She is complaining of knee pain when she tries getting up after bending. She is in the Cross Country team and we are pending a doctor’s appointment, but can someone please give me some advise on what to do in the meantime and should I be worry about this?





  202. Dr Geier,

    In 1982-ish, I tore the lateral meniscus in my left knee. The meniscus was removed in 1984 or 85, and I was able to return to the full slate of my pre-surgical activities within 2-3 months.

    Flash forward 29-30 years, and I’ve started experiencing pain in the same knee. Sitting in a chair in a relaxed, modified “Indian style” posture (knees bent and pointed outward, ankles crossed, weight of each leg resting on the small-toe side of the foot), I’ve begun experiencing my knee locking, with pain on the inner side of the joint. When locked, the knee is painful. When it releases, it feels at though the 2 bones are shifting roughly back into place. Though I know it doesn’t work this way, I visualize a trailer towing coupler and receiver ball, where the coupler, it’s edge resting on top of the ball, finally shifts and drops with a “thunk” onto the ball on the trailer hitch. There is always tenderness/discomfort in the MCL area, and it’s becoming more intense.

    • It’s hard to know if those type of symptoms are meniscal, arthritis or something else. It is definitely worth getting it checked out.

  203. I have noticed the last couple months that my right knee has been acting up. I am young and shouldn’t have the kind of troubles I have with my knee just yet. I can’t hardly bend my leg up to sit Criss cross like while watching TV or sitting down in the floor or anything. If I do bend my leg for any amount of time it hurts like it’s almost stiff when I go to straighten my leg bCk out. Sometimes if I stand up after having my right leg bent, I have to just push my knee in to tighten my leg up to walk. It hurts pretty good constantly and its mostly comfortable when straightened out and no other way.

  204. On July 14, 2015 My left knee/leg was beaten with a metal bar in an attempted mugging (I stress attempted because adrenaline kicked in and I managed to chase the attacker down and got my stuff back from him)During the chase my injured leg would buckle at every other step.

    Two weeks later and my leg can not straighten. (I seem to be able to bend it downwards) On July 23 I was diagnosed with a blood clot and am currently awaiting an MRI.

    Prior to the assault I had very strong legs and worked them out 4X/week. Is it possible that the Blood Clot is preventing my ability to straighten my knee? Can swelling and fluid alone create such a symptom without any other injury? (I’m praying that my strong legs took the blow and aside from the clot, my symptoms might be “superficial”

    Your professional opinion and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Swelling of the knee can limit full motion of the knee, although damage within the knee can block motion as well.

  205. A couple years ago I fell and injured my knee and had to get stitches and a couple years prior to the incident I have been feeling a lot of pain in that knee when I walk or do anything requiring my knee and I have no idea why

  206. I heard a crack sound on my knee when falling between my friends legs. After that I can’t even stand for few minutes. Somehow I managed to get up and walk. After passing 1 day with this pain I was having pain when folding it. Passing 2 days with the pain i am now feeling no pain but feeling quite hard and stiff during folding.

    Can you please help me and please tell me what had happened to me and how to cure?

    I am a student of 15 years of age from India.

  207. I am 18 years old i have a pain in my knee after hitting aa big box 2 months ago in a specific side of knee.it pains when i work or do some activity otherwise i am fine can you tell me is it serious?

  208. Hello, I have had knee problems for about 5 years I am 18. I went to an orthopedic doctor they said i have tendonitis in both my right and left knee. My left knee is very bad it does not have nearly as much strength as my right. My right knee is very healthy never hurts. If i sit for too long on a car ride or a movie and my knee is bent while im sitting a chronic pain starts and the only way to sooth is to straighten my knee. I constantly workout out my left knee even though its so hard because of all the pain but I do not quit. Yesterday I was playing basketball and i jumped off my left knee for a dunk and as soon as I got in the air i felt a sudden pain and when I landed I couldnt put any pressure on it at all i have been icing and putting joint cream on it and I just want to know how i can heal it quicker because i cant walk up the stairs with my left knee. I want to know what i can do for my left knee so this pain go away everyday if i go in a squating postion it hurts it varies from very very little pain to high extreme pain but there is always pain. Thank you so much for your help please respond

    • I can’t really know what it is without seeing you as a patient. If it isn’t improving, it could be worthwhile to see a doctor. Tendinitis from repetitive jumping can often improve with a period of rest, ice and exercises to strengthen the lower extremity.

  209. I was lightly jogging yesterday and heard/felt a pop in my right knee. There was no pain so i thought nothing of it. About an hour later I tried to step up to a height of about 2 foot but my knee gave way and it was quite painful. Now it is painful when I walk up or down the stairs or attempt to kneel. I can now also only bend my knee to around the halfway point.

  210. I have a question July 15 I fell in my bathroom. I went to the er where they had an ortho consultant come in and said I broke my tibia and tore a ligament. I went 2 weeks later to another Dr and they said no break just ligament damage. They wanted to to start walking on it. Now I still can’t walk without crutches and its still painful knee is swollen still and its painful to bend and to straighten out. Is this serious.

  211. I had a carticel replacement done on my knee. Its still swollen, ROM doesn’t go past 90 degrees. I had this done 11/21 and now 8/15 and I still can’t walk up stairs, my knee locks, when walking it wants to give out, I limp, all my pain is on the medial side, when walking it feels like at any moment my knee will just snap in half. My doctor states nothing can be wrong with it, xray show its fine. He just keeps injection the site where the pain is at. I don’t know what else to do. I can’t take care of things like this, work, home life etc.

    • I don’t know if this is going on in your case, but sometimes some tissue buildup in the Canticle site can cause pain and a catching sensation. Sometimes a surgeon can go in arthroscopically and debride the extra tissue and decrease those symptoms.

  212. I had knee surgery February 12, 2015 I play softball at a very competitive level. I am a pitcher, so that adds a lot of pressure on to my knee. I had a micro fracture surgery because of torn\broke down cartilage. I started pitching about 5 months post off. And I have no Idea why, but my knee will like lock up causing my knee to give out and I randomly claps when walking.. It happens at least once every other day. Is it worth seeing doctor? Or is it something that can’t be fixed?

    • I think it could be worthwhile to discuss it with your orthopedic surgeon and get a sense of what could be causing your symptoms.

  213. Hy doc, 1 week ago i fell down on my knee, and after that day, i walked a long distance, and on that day in night i noticed a swelling above my knee cap, and after 2 r 3 days, used an ice bag for 2 days, and now using a natural oil, but swelling is still there and a pain with burning too. I can walk and bend my knee, doc, what is reason of this swelling above knee cap? will it cure itself over time? And how long it will take to heal itself?
    Thank you.

  214. Hi I hurt my knee yesterday. When I bend it there is little to no pain. But when I straighten it and apple pressure it hurts. By the way I hurt it during football. It’s the outside of my knee the hurts as well. I’m wondering what I should do to heal it asap.


    • Generally orthopedic surgeons recommended ice, compression and elevation to decrease pain and swelling initially after an injury. If symptoms don’t improve quickly, it can be a good idea to see a doctor or surgeon.

  215. i have pain on the outside of my left leg around the knee cap area, however it only hurts after putting weight on. So i put weight on it and then when i lift it it hurts. Please help.

  216. I slammed my knee on the ground a month ago and the pain isn’t goin away neither is the swelling I have trouble bending it. Should I go to the hospital or something Cuz its starting to worry me.

  217. Hello Doc,
    I fell on my knee many years ago and let it heal on its own. It is fine now except when I do certain exercises where it swells up a little on the right side of the knee cap with some pain but goes away after the gym session. Last Friday, I was performing a Turkish Getup where you stand up on one leg from laying down on the back while holding weight over the head and I felt a crack of that same knee, with some pain. Now there is no visible swelling and no severe pain while walking or standing or even doing half squat but it does hurt when I do full squats i.e. bending the leg and putting pressure on it. Do you believe it is a major issue? Should it heal on its own or should I see a physician?
    Thank you!

    • I think it can always be a good idea to see a physician if symptoms prevent someone from doing an activity as well as he or she wants to do it.

  218. I was rolling with my brazilian jiu jitsu partner and during the spar session there was an extrmely loud popping noise in my knee. everybody in the gym heard it, however, i didnt experience any pain and there is no swelling… this morning im a little sore and a little difficult to walk. minimum pain. could this still be serious? Thanks so much!

  219. Hello! Two weeks ago I injuried my knee by running a short distance. My knee caps tend to move out of place every now and then, but this time it hurts worse. As soon as I hit step up onto a curb, my knee cap in my right leg moved. I instantly went down and had a lot of pain on the inside on my knee. It started swelling right away. When I had two people help me up, the inside hurt so bad to put the slightest bit of pressure on it. I couldn’t walk on it for several days without almost falling. I can walk on it now, but it does hurt every now and then. Stairs hurt the most especially coming down. I can’t straighten it all the way and there is still some swelling in between the kneecap and the inside of my knee. There is also swelling on just the inside of the knee it looks like. I’m worried it may be something I have to get checked out, but I don’t want to go if its nothing and it’s just healing. Thank you and I’m looking forward to a response! P.S. I went to an urgent care and they said if its still swollen and hurts after a week, to get an MRI. So, I just want to know if its necessary. Thanks!

    • I think it can be a good idea to see an orthopaedic surgeon if an active patient dislocated his or her kneecap or has feelings of instability.

  220. A week ago I injured my knee while playing with my granddaughter. The next day it was so painful that I couldn’t stand on it. No bruising or swelling, just pain. I spent two days keeping it elevated and applying ice packs, and taking Aleve. By then I could stand on it, even though walking continued to be painful. I Googled information on it and believe it is my LCL. The nurse at work (RN experienced in Occupational Health) agreed with me. I used a cane for four days, and am making progress with walking without a cane and a lot less pain. However, I am feeling a snapping in that area when I walk, as I am putting the opposite foot forward – thus bending the injured knee. It doesn’t hurt, just snaps, like plucking a rubber band. Just wondering if this is a normal part of the healing process, or should I have it checked out? I’m healing – but I want to make sure I’m healing RIGHT.

  221. hai doc,
    im 19 years old girl and recently like 3 days ago i “think” i had my knee sprain when i doing muaythai, i heard my knee pop twice and like after a 1/2 hours my knee start swelling and its hard to walk, so the next day i arrange meeting with specialise bone doctor and also d some x ray, MRI,CT scan..
    before i done MRI, the doctor already say i might need surgery but i think its necessary because my X-ray, MRI, CT scan told me that i don’t have any major issue and my muscle, bone are perfectly fine..
    and after i rest for one day, my knee getting better even though i still can’t straighten my knee, and after 2 days resting, much more better but still can’t straighten my knee though.
    but with this condition i think i just have a slide problem with my knee like sprained ankle maybe? am i right? can my knee recover itself without surgery required? i also diligently putting my knee some ice for 10-15 minutes for 2/4 hours a day and diligently eat my medicine, so can you give some advice what should i do and when i can start workout again? of course i will start with some light workout before going on track again.

    thankyou doc, your site really helpful 🙂

  222. Dr. Geier,
    my symptoms are:
    ligament behind knee (a bit towards inner side) pops when bending and straightening, w no pain.

    in the article you said “not talking about the popping many of you feel under your kneecaps normally with knee motion”. What if it’s only in one knee? and that’s the knee that i twisted (yoga). After it pretty much healed it no longer hurts (also popping doesn’t hurt), my hip (same side as knee that pops) and back started hurting and eventually got bursitis too. I was told this was probably due to overcompensation during the time my knee hurt when walking etc.

    the hip/back pain comes during walking (regular straight walking, or walking while doing chores around the house) even after pretty short distance, i can walk longer if wear better shoes, esp. hiking boots, but still starts hurting after a while (the hip/back, not knee unless i walk very long time, which i almost don’t/can’t-ish do anymore, unfortunately).

    i’m wondering if somehow i twisted a ligament / tendon such that it got out of it’s normal place and so now pops but maybe not “normally” (since it’s only in the knee i twisted). Maybe that’s connected to causing pain elsewhere upon walking etc. And if it would be worth having it surgically put back in the right place?

    i’ve been to joint doctor and physical therapy, seems there’s nothing to do to get over it. I do recommended stretches for hip and back, and get cortisone shot in hip, but that helps only for a few months.

    have you heard of a connection between such no-pain ligament popping behind the knee w no more pain but may be influencing and aggravating problem in hip and back? have you heard of a way to put a ligament back in the right place, with or without surgery?

    thanks! best wishes

  223. I collided knee to knee with another player. Knee got swollen. Now I am not able to flex as well as give a full extension yet I can bear my weight. when I stand, my patella can be easily moved from side to side making a colliding sound. please tell me what might have happened & what to do.

    • That injury could represent a patellar dislocation, but it is impossible to say without examining you. You might see an orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation.

  224. i got hit in my knee twice about three times with helemets but the last i heard a pop i can walk on it but it hurts and i cant exstend my leg all the way out the pain goes in out sometimes it will be a light pain minutes later bad and im making it worse buy walking up down the stairs at school and my knee gives out but im trying to see a doctor

  225. Hi Dr. Geir, I don’t recall a specific incident but two months ago I started having pain in my knee this was a sharp pain when I walked that would reduce intensity the longer I was walking (no pain while resting). The pain eventually went away but since then I have not been able to straighten my leg all the way. Over time it seem to have improved (I have been able to almost straighten it completely) but it always seems to go back when hiking. I went to a doctor he did an MRI but wasn’t able to see anything, he is assuming that I have a meniscus tear and he will be doing surgery next week. I am really concerned that it might be something else as it was straightening but it just seems to go back.

  226. I am a 31 year old, previously active female. Almost 4 months ago I slipped and fell straight onto my left knee. I had minor swelling, but since I was already on 800 mg of Ibuprofen 3-4 times a day for 3 weeks prior I’m not sure how swollen it would’ve been otherwise. I waited a day to see if rest, ice, and elevation would relieve the swelling and pain and when it didn’t I went to urgent care. An Xray showed my bones were fine. I went to an ortho and started PT. At a month after falling my insurance gave the go ahead for an MRI. It showed a bone bruise on the patella, a slight patellar tilt and tiny joint effusion and Minimal thinning of the articular cartilage of the medial compartment. My ortho was mainly concerned about the bruise. My strength and everything is great so my PT doesn’t understand why I’m still in as much pain as I am in. My ortho is thinking my pain is coming from my plica. We have done an injection straight into my plica as well as an inra-articular injection. The IA injection helped with my minor pain I was having on the left side of my knee but did not touch my right side at all. I feel as if while physically I am getting better my pain is getting worse. My ortho is getting frustrated as am I. I think I have some nerve damage as I get numbness and tingling from sitting down for longer than 30 mins at a time but neither seem to think this is causing my pain. My ortho has mention a scope but she doesn’t seem to want to do one any time soon and isn’t doing anything for my pain except giving my injections that are not helping me at all! Is this all in my head? Should I see a different doctor for a second opinion? Sorry for the long post I am just so frustrated!

  227. a few days ago, I felt a small pain in the back part of my knee but i didnt think of it as much. But three day later, the pain kept getting stronger and now i can barley walk and it feels like there a bone or something out of place or missing. Also when i bend my knee it cracks a “low toned” crack and something shifts. I don’t remember doing anything to cause this. what can i do?

    • It might be helpful to see a doctor and get x-rays. The doctor can examine your knee and look at the x-rays and point you in the appropriate direction.

  228. yesterday i landed on my knee when diving for a baseball when i sit i dont feel pain but when i walk it hurts to walk and also to put pressure on it

  229. So I was on summer vacation and there was a water park, so there was this thing called the ”Moonwalk”…and you had to run across it. I almost got to the end and my right leg slipped, causing me to hit my left leg and kinda messing up my knee. It’s been almost a month now, and it still hurts from time to time. When I play football, the knee tends to just give up on me. Anyone got any help, should I go see a doctor? This has never happened before, so I’m kinda worried.

    The upper part of my knee hurts, and so does the one below it. So yea, if anyone can help … that’d be great.

  230. when i try to fully extend my knee it hurts alot in only the back of my left knee >>i feel like a robe is being pulled and it will tear if i try to extend it more>>i also feel it after a long walk ..and it has been since 2 years but i tought it was because iam not flexible but why it is not the same in the other leg and even after doing sports i feel the same

  231. a fellow player kicked to the side of my leg while playing football. it was swollen and i was not able to move my knee for a few days. that was a year ago. never got a proper treatment but now i can run and even sprint. but it still sometimes my knee gets bent in and feel a bit of pain near mcl which wears off in a min or so. what could b the problem and is it serious?

  232. I do cheerleading and very often there I times when I can’t straighten my knee and put too much pressure on it for about 1-2 weeks. And by often I mean about 4-6 times in the past few months. This has happened to both of my knees and my right elbow so far. Should I be worried?

    • Hi, also adding to my last comment, what hurts is the bottom inside portion of my knees, especially when I put pressure on that portion with my hands. In cheer I tumble and base. I’m a main base and weight is constantly on me so every time we bring a girl up I have to use my legs more than arms and it really hurts to the point where I limp and my knees will buckle so that I stumble. It’s exactly the same for my elbow. What should I do?

  233. i did this injury in a block football tackle it has been 6 weeks and my knee feels fine to run and turn on but when i kick the ball the inside of my knee feels like its about to snap and it also hurts at the back inside. i cannot kick a football without this pain it doesnt seem to be getting better can you help?

  234. I had surgery a few months ago to repair a complex tear of my meniscus.
    My knee has never “felt right” since the surgery.
    Now….it is constantly “Popping”…a rather loud popping noise that other people can hear and pain gets intensively worse after each pop.
    Now…it’s almost impossible to put much weight on that leg…
    I’ve also had some major back issues….at first I thought maybe it was connected to the sciatica and travelling down my leg…but now I don’t think that is the case….I’m constantly icing it and keeping it up about 12 hrs a day….Any advice? I really appreciate any and all advice.

    • I wish I could, but without being able to examine you or look at studies, I cannot know the cause of the pop you describe. Your orthopaedic surgeon can probably better advise you.

  235. I was at my schools cross country race and I got tripped, my knee locked and twisted but I ran the last mile. Its been a few days and I cant put much pressure on it, bend it all the way or straighten it unless I am sitting. It only hurts behind my knee but I had titanium rods inserted to my femur through my knee if that would effect anything. It hurts pretty badly I have been icing and elevating and wrapping it and lightly exercising but I still see symptoms.

  236. i was in a soccer game and landed on my right leg and i couldn’t walk i came out and stretched and came back in. a few days later my knee was hurting a little bit but i still played a full soccer game and now my knee hurts very bad i cant put pressure on it because my knee will hurt what should i do ?

  237. Hello and thank you in advance: I was indoor rock climbing yesterday evening and hurt my right knee. I had put my right toe up on a hold about as high as my hip, I then shifted my weight onto the toe such that my knee was maximally bent (leg folded in half, calf pressed to thigh, thigh becoming perpendicular to body, knee out beyond toe). It was at the moment of shifting my body weight over the toe that I heard something. I’m not sure I would call it a pop as much as a crunch, and I think I felt something mild, like a buzz, a bit on the inner side of my knee. I kept climbing and then chased my four year old about the gym a bit. My knee felt plenty stable. I also carried my seven year old to the car. Then, before bed and in bed all night it was sore enough to keep me up, unless I found just the right position for it (something to do with no weight on knee and no leg weight pulling sideways at the knee). I find it hurts on the inner side of the knee when I go to straighten it. I can walk by keeping it slightly bent, limping. I am 41, generally active, and play tennis, as I had earlier in the day. I used to be a moderately advanced rock climber, and was just returning to the sport after many years. I have no swelling or bruising. I constant dull aching sensation on the inner side of knee. I haven’t done much RICE, as I have begun to read conflicting opinions on ice. I am trying to rest and intend to elevate it shortly. I am not sure how to go about compression. I am wondering if you think there’s clear indication that I should go to the doctor, and if so, when–today or in a few days if trouble persists. And if there are self-healing, recovery practices you might recommend. Lastly, if my description of the injury indicates gives you a sense of what the injury might be, I would be happy for the lead. All best and thank you, Alexandra

    • I think it can always be a good idea to see a doctor if pain is keeping you from doing what you want to do. It’s hard to say what the injury might be, as there are many causes of medial knee pain, including meniscus tears.

      • I’m not sure if this is the right way to do this or if I will get a response but here is my story as crazy as it sounds.. I slept walk off a balcony and shattered my knee cap into about 14 pieces, I am about 4 months past the date of injury wore a knee brace for 3 1/2 months last month in a half I was allowed to unlock and bend leg, last appt. He said there was no crunching now that knee cap had come back together but the past few days I have had a lot, I mean almost constant crunching noises. I really am done with this whole being hurt thing (first major injury at almost 30) but not sure if it is worth persuing.

        • I think that it could be worthing following up with your orthopaedic surgeon to figure out the source. Arthritis can develop after patella fractures with many pieces.

  238. I’m training for a half marathon and was running well for weeks building up miles. I’ve noticed on my longer runs that they start off well with no running pain. Usually about the 8th or 9th mile I start feeling pain in the right knee. At first I thought it was my LCL as the pain seemed to be on the outside of the knee. At other times I seems like the pain is more in the joint itself. If I stop running I can walk just fine. Most often the pain goes away completely within a day or two. I’ve not notice any kind of swelling and it seems a mystery to me. I’ve used new running shoes and on longer runs the same thing tends to happen. Would adding an insole in the shoe help or do you think there is something more serious going on? Wondering if I can do some leg strengthening exercises to help the problem.

    • It is hard to know. Sometimes trying modifications like shoe inserts can be worth a try to see if they alleviate pain. If they don’t, seeing an orthopaedic surgeon can help find a cause.

  239. hi,I went to pick someone up and I heard a massive click and felt my knee pop out to the outside. it has swelled up to the point where it doesn’t even look like I have a knee. I went to the hospital 4 days ago and they said that I had sprained my ligaments in my knee ankle and foot. Since then the bruising has come out behind my knee down the front and back of my leg my ankle and foot. my knee ankle and foot are also about three times the size as my other lag due to swelling. I could bare the pain to walk on it but yesterday as I moved my knee to the right it popped out again. is this normal? I have physio from the hospital in three days.

    not sure if its normal? the swelling still hasn’t gone down and its been a week since i’ve done it.

    • I certainly can’t say it’s normal, but I can’t examine you either. You might consider seeing an orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation.

      • My knee doesn’t hurt when I put weight on it, but when I bend my knee it makes a grinding/popping sound and i feel pressure

  240. I was walking and heard a crack in my knee immediately feeling intense pain. Unable to put weight on my leg,I may go for hours and it not do it and all of a sudden it will happen again, this pain is unbearable it feels like its breaking, whatcould cause this to come and go

  241. Hi.
    For a few years now, I have been having increasingly common pain in my joints after using them (ie, sweeping makes my shoulder ache, stairs make my knee hurt). Well my knee has gotten much worse. It will randomly swell, get stiff, pop, and be extremely painful. I can’t bear weight on said knee when this happens. I also can not bend it. I have tried ibuprofen, heat, ice, a brace.. nothing seems to help. After a few hours it usually goes away. It used to happen every couple weeks/months, but now it’s happening more regularly. No injuries occurred before this. I’m 24 years old. Could this be some form of arthritis? Or could I be looking at something more serious? I’m out of insurance at the moment but if it’s serious, I will make a doctor appointment happen.
    -Thank you

    • Also, when it’s flared, if I straighten my knee, it will lock in place. When I bend it again, it’s a loud, extremely painful pop.

      • I can’t say in your case what the cause is, but locking of the knee can generally be serious. It might be worthwhile to get it checked out.

  242. hi, i was playing soccer and i twisted my body and heard/felt a pop sound from my left knee. i fell to the ground instantly and the pain was unbearable. after a couple of minutes and putting cold spray i got up with some help and was able to walk and bend my leg with some discomfort. this happened on Sept. 16, today is the 1st of October and i cant bend my leg do to the pain and if i take off my brace that i purchased form a local drug store i feel like my knee is way too unstable. my question is, should i simply go to the ER to get my MRI done and get checked or should i wait until my Orthopedic appoint on the 19 of October? the pain is not unbearable but it is there. some discomfort when i sleep and not being able to bend the knee to far. i could sit on my office chair at work for about 2 hours before i feel i have to get up and stretch. i also have been using crutches to take the weight off of my knee. is it save to wait or should i simply go to the ER and get checked as soon as possible?

    • Generally I think seeing an orthopaedic surgeon first and then getting an MRI can be a better option than trying to get an ER doctor to order one. Seeing an ER doctor and getting x-rays to rule out a fracture or dislocation can be very helpful for many people.

  243. Hi, I was playing basketball with my classmates a few days ago(btw I’m 15). And I was trying to stop someone from getting the ball so I jumped up to block the incoming ball but when I landed, my leg was completely straight and the second I landed my knee buckled and it really hurt. I couldn’t straighten it or bend it without feeling a lot of pain. But now I can bend my knee without too much pain but I cannot straighten it without getting an awkward feeling underneath my kneecap.

  244. Hi doc! Yesterday evening my daughter was pushing my son in a swing we have hanging from a tree in the yard. He jumped out of the swing while she wasn’t looking and the swing came back and hit her in the knee. I heard a pop but not sure if it was her knee or the swing hitting her knee. She immediately started crying in pain. She now says she can’t put her weight on it and still in pain. I put ice on it but is still pretty swollen. I’d rather not sit in emergency room for hours so I’m wondering if this is something that u think requires immediate attention or if I can wait to get her into her doctor? TIA

  245. Hi. Last night (few hours ago) I was sitting on floor with my back against wall and legs fully streched out, my 2yr old niece came over to sit on my lap and dropped straight down on my right knee at the cap. Heard a loud audible pop had immediate and extreamely intense,and continuous pain. The intense pain lasted for the better of ten min straight. Couldn’t and still can’t touch, move, put weight on or walk on it without strong/intense pain. Now my knee pops loudly with every step/movement, and is swollen at knee cap on both sides.I wrapped it with add bandage and took some pain reliever but havent iced it yet.Should I get checked out?

    • I had a fell 4year ago I’m having bad pain in my knee the orthopedic doctor. Did a X-ray he said I have arthritis in my knee.so he want me to go and get a MRI cause I tell his it hurt when I walk in bed it hurt laiding in bed it hurt and burns if u touch my need it tender and hurt bad what the burning in my knee

      • hi i was at the acrobatic center when landed on knee and it clicked and is getting really sore when i was at hospital they said nothing was wrong but i can’t straighten it properly like i can with my left knee so my question is is this sere ass

  246. i have osteoarthritis..torn ligaments and very little cartlitge…yesterday i tripped took a very hard fall on both knees..my left knee is the 1 thats has the most arthritis damage and its the one i fell on the hardest…the whole knee is black and blue..i cant bend or put wait on it with excrusiating pain

  247. My husband fell yesterday when his knee went out it is swollen and hot to the touch. Should I wait tell tomorrow to take him in or should I take him to the hospital and what causes the heat in his knee. Thank you for your time

  248. A few days ago as I was walking in the street and my left leg locked on me twice. At that time, I experienced excruciating pain in my knee and since then my leg has locked a few times while walking and the pain is constant at the top of my knee when I try to straighten it out. When it is bent, I do not have pain. I do not have any swelling just pain and locking. I also feel off balance. Do you think that I should see my GP or internist first instead of an orthopedic surgeon or should I just go to see the surgeon for an evaluation?

    • I think either can be a good idea. Sometimes insurance companies require the patient to see the internist first and get a referral.

  249. I recently tried to jump over a fence and I didn’t make it and it scratched tell right small bone under my kneecap and it burned at first but nor it hurts when ever I try to bend it.

  250. Injured my knee glancing of carpet kicker late August(2 months ago). SEVERE inside knee pain getting up from squatting and moderate pain w/ steps xray and MRI with nothing conclusive. Started p.t. and after I leave or do exercises at home it’s followed with moderate pain inside and around back of knee, pains and spasms down calf/ankle/foot & big toe usually twitches. When on toes leg shakes. Also minor fluid in knee still. Told may need another imaging if pt doesn’t help after 2 months (18 visits). Any ideas or suggestions? 4 months not able to perform my job to just have to start proccess over again woulx get a little frustrating.

  251. I hurt my knee when running in bball practice. I was running down the court and when stopping to change direction to go back the opposite way my knee seemed to slip or buckle when I planted. Now I can’t fully extend or retract my leg and there is minor swelling. I want to keep playing but it’s not getting better. Did I tear my acl???

  252. I fell down the stairs onto a hardwood floor and landed on my knees. It is not my knee that hurts it is right below the knee……… Not sleeping well it hurts and it tightens

  253. my knee hurts, i heard a popping sound, hurts when touched most of the time, can’t extend all the way, and it was last year, and it hurts still. i have not seen a doctor yet, do you have any idea what might be wrong? or should i just see a doctor?

  254. Hi,

    I am suffering with right knee pain. I have joined as a cashier job one month back, where i need to move my body side to side to pluck the receipt and give it to the customer. In addition to this I never stood for 6-8 hrs earlier. Initial days i thought its just a normal pain when i stood then when i sit in squatting position for some time in break times i used to relax and whenever i fold my knees i feel relaxed. But after 3 weeks i could not able to walk properly i am limping now.
    Left side of the right knee just below the knee cap little bit of swelling is there but that comes for a while and goes off. I feel like my knee cant bear weight but actually i can able to stand on that knee but i feel like total muscle stiffness and i am afraid because i cant move side to side at that time i am suffering with little bit of pain on the right side of the knee.

    Overall I am facing pain in and around knee cap. Do i need to visit doctor or any home treatment will help. I have stopped working from past 4days.

  255. My knee feels week when i step up a ladder steps or stairs.i dont have pain when i walk or when i run its just when i climb up a step or ladder or stairs i feel weakness and it feels like my knee wants to give out. I dont recall having any accidents it just started happening on its own. Sometimes if the step going up are to far apart i use more of my wight to climb the step i do feel a small pain kn my lower knee cap. What can it be if theres not much pain but only weakness..

  256. not much trauma to the knee but twisted right knee a little after that immediate pain behind the knee pain only when i walk if i keep leg straight while walking pain is slight and if i walk backwards pain is not too bad but when i walk and bend knee its very painful day before i did many lunges with no weights and stretching and touching toes ? hyperextension?

  257. So I was jumping on a trampoline with my friends when all of the sudden I went to go jump again and my right knee hurt alot like I had pulled something and I wasn’t doing flips or anything it just came out of nowhere ever since then I can’t straighten my leg all of the way or kneel on it it hurts to much. It has been like this for a whole week and it’s not improving. I haven’t gotten it looked at because my mom said I will go away but it hasn’t and it hurts ALOT. If you could help me that would be amazing.

  258. What happens if my leg isn’t stiff or swollen but i did hurt my leg before during a basketball game due to a bad landing on my leg. My legh was swollen for awhile but now my leg seems fine. I landed on it again but i felt a pop but it wasn’t painful but i did feel discomfort when it happened. I dont know if i tore a ligament.

  259. So my right knee hurts is it just badly bruised it only hurts when I straighten or touch it or stand on my knees or try to walk on them but other than that I can walk

  260. I crashed onto hard ice landing on my knees and elbows, and soon developed a large bruise. I thought nothing of it as I’m an extremely clumsy person and this isn’t the first time.
    I then realized it took awhile to smallen in size, and then I was stuck with a yellow and brown bruise the size of a penny which hurt the most
    The bruise is gone, and it’s been a month but whenever I fall slightly/go onto my knees/feel my knee, it’s as if the bruise never went away.
    I’m kind of stumped on this one.

  261. I was playing hockey and when I tried to go around a guy he stuck his leg out and hit my knee. I don’t know from what angle he hit it. All I know is that I didn’t hear a pop, which from what I read is good news. Anyways I can put all my weight on my leg with my injured knee, but I can barely bend it and I can’t twist it. I get pain right below my knee cap when I try and bend it, and pain on the sides when it twists ever so slightly. Anyways I’m just confused on whether this is serious or not because of the fact that I can put all my weight on the knee, but I have those other symptoms. I would love to know what might be the issue and what to do to avoid further injuring if, and how long I may have to weight before playing hockey again. Thank you

  262. I worked a 10 and a half hour shift at a new job which requires a lot of walking around and before work i went to the mall and walked around a lot, i have something that tracts my steps so i took about 20,000 steps that day and i normally only take about 11,000. when i woke up the next day my knee hurt really bad to expend. its not swollen but when i walk and it goes to the fully extended movement it hurts pretty bad, about a 7 out of 10. there is no swelling that i can see or bruising so im wondering if i should get it checked out or not

  263. I had a bad fall about 7 years ago, it hurt really bad since I fell on my right knee first, so my knee absorbed all the impact. Now my knee would hurt occasionally and would have frequent buckling from time to time.

  264. hello doc..
    i had a small bike accident in which my knee got swollen. I went to the doc ASAP performed X-ray and the doc said it would take around 5-6 weeks for the internal repair.
    My physiotherapist also mentioned the same and gave me knee braces.
    I was asked to use ice packs rest and use the braces for support.
    The doc gave me some painkillers .however i feel no pain therefore i didnot use them.because of the frontal patella swelling I cant flex my knee properly thus cant walk at stairs effectively.
    how long does it take for the internal repairment of the knee naturally as the scenario is not serious?

  265. Toward the beginning of my high school career, I was able to bend back my knees all the way, I could essentially lay down with my knees bent. However, thorought football, wrestling, and track, I’ve become unable to stretch as far. Is this something normal in athletes? Or should I seek medical attention?

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me, I appreciate it a lot especially considering the thousands of comments you’re receiving. But it is painful, I’ve been told to just “stretch it out” until I can rebend them the same way however its restricting me to do so, due to the pain. I just think its rather weird I was able to do it as a younger person hut now I’m unable to. Is this just something to do with growing as well?

  266. I had a fall on my knee a few weeks ago, there was a swell on the first few days which is gone by now, but my knee currently cannot bear weight if i were to kneel on it. Should i seek medical attention from an orthopaedic surgeon? ( I have no problem extending it, walking and running are perfectly fine too )

  267. i am 20 ,and i almost play every running and jumping kinda of games regularly. not sure if it is a disease or what but my knee sometimes makes a click sound and a little pain occurs. it is quite painfull at the first day but it always heals with time for say 4 days . it happens like every twice a week. please healp with ur opinion..

  268. I use to wrestle in my younger years. (I only say this to get your attention since you’re a ‘Sports Medicine’ Dr.)

    Now in my mostly sedentary early sixties, I recently injured my knee getting up out of a recliner chair. (If you can imagine that, Sports Dr.)

    It happened as I twisted my lower leg sideways and pushed back to close the lower part of the chair as I was starting to stand up. Something popped and I dropped to the floor like a lead weight! I was unable to either straighten nor bend my leg. Some pain, but mostly just a very odd feeling as I was ‘locked up’ and immobile. I grabbed my leg with both hands to manipulate it, working it both ways. Finally got back to full motion with no further pain, and has been fine for several months now.

    I cancelled a planned hike into the Superstition Mountain (kind of sports related), thinking if the knee popped again while I was back in that hell hole I would be a burned biscuit as I crawled my way back out.

    Any advice, other than an expensive MRI look see?
    Thank you Doctor.

    • An MRI could certainly show if you have any structural damage like a meniscus tear. Generally if someone can do what he or she wants to do with no limitations, there is little need to rush to see an orthopaedic surgeon. If the knee does limit activity, then it can be a good idea.

  269. Hi,
    Back in 2010, I fell and when it happened, my right leg went behind me and then my very large husband fell on that leg. I heard the “POP” very loud. I couldn’t walk normal for about 6 weeks. Severe pain along the posterior/lateral side of the knee. (I also sprain my ankle but that healed quickly). Since that time with the slightest twist or turn of the leg, I sometimes hear a slight pop and the pain comes back with the swelling but usually lasting a few days then start getting better.
    Then last year, I jumped a ditch and another very loud POP, swelling extreme pain and for about 4-6 weeks I was limping and “out of commission again” the pain and swelling was the same as the first time.
    Now this time, 3 weeks ago I simply stomped my foot. Heard the pop again and now still in a brace with the pain behind/lateral side. Swelling or fluid above the knee cap and below on the anterior. I’m walking again now but still slow and with extreme caution. I’m also having some discomfort anterior directly below the knee and some to the left of the knee cap.
    I had the xray done and the bone looks perfect. Now waiting for the MRI. Really stressing what all the possibilities could be. I know what ever it is I want surgery and get this better since I’m obviously never going to fully heal on my own. Any suggestions on what it sounds like to you?