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Episode 133: Why might exercise be better than medicine?

How might exercise benefit people’s physical and mental health, and can it be seen as a form of prevention? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of U.S. Men’s National Team soccer star Stuart Holden, San Diego Padres outfielder Cameron Maybin, Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha, tennis star Andy Murray, and Russian Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

Episode 128: What are the most effective ways to manage hamstring injuries in athletes?

What risk factors can increase an athlete’s risk of suffering a hamstring injury, and what treatments can best treat that injury, now and in the future? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, U.S. national soccer team midfielder Stuart Holden, as well as NFL players admitting they would play with concussions and protective caps for baseball pitchers. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

Referees get hurt in soccer, too

Few soccer fans recognize the physical toll of being a referee. A new study in the journal Sports Health shows that soccer referees often suffer injuries doing their jobs.Continue Reading

Do newcomers or veterans suffer more professional soccer injuries?

Does the age of the player affect his chances of getting injured in pro soccer? What about his experience?Continue Reading

Would neck strengthening prevent brain damage in young soccer players?

The long-term effects of heading the ball in soccer have been debated. Would a program to teach young players to develop neck muscle strength help prevent potential brain trauma?Continue Reading

The effect of results, location and competition on soccer injuries

Do soccer injuries occur more often when teams are at home or on the road? Do players get hurt more often in games their teams win or lose?Continue Reading

Would a nationwide soccer injury prevention program work?

If doing 10 simple exercises each day could dramatically drop your chances (or those of your kids) of tearing your ACL or spraining your ankle, would you try them? And if they did help, should soccer teams nationwide use them?Continue Reading

Soccer injuries: The STOP Sports Injuries tweetchat

AOSSM and the STOP Sports Injuries campaign hosted its monthly tweetchat. In this chat for May, healthcare providers, parents and coaches discussed injuries and injury prevention in soccer.Continue Reading

Episode 89: How much do meniscal tears affect sports performance?

Meniscal tears are one of the most common injuries among athletes and active people. How much do these injuries and the surgeries to treat them affect sports and exercise performance? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Chicago Bulls’ Luol Deng, Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin, Green Bay Packers’ Eddie Lacy, Minnesota Vikings’ Christian Ponder, and Utah soccer referee Ricardo Portillo. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

Episode 88: Are injuries common in youth and high school soccer?

How common are injuries in youth and high school soccer, and what can parents and coaches do to better ensure safety of the players? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Oklahoma City Thunder PG Russell Westbrook, Golden State Warriors F David Lee, Atlanta Braves RF Jason Heyward, Los Angeles Angels 1B Albert Pujols, Texas Rangers P Matt Harrison, and UFC champion Jon Jones. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

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