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New sideline tests could improve concussion assessments

A star wide receiver crosses the field and makes a leaping catch late in the game against his high school’s biggest rival. Before his feet hit the ground, the opposing free safety, running full speed, crushes him. The force of the defender’s shoulder hitting his chest snaps his head back. Now he’s lying flat on his back, motionless. Athletic trainers rush to his aid and help him to his feet. While noticeably groggy, he manages to slowly walk off the field. Now the team doctor and athletic trainer must quickly decide whether the injured player suffered a concussion. Continue Reading

History of hamstring injury makes Altidore’s return difficult

Just minutes after the ecstasy of Clint Dempsey’s goal in the first minute of the World Cup, the hearts of American fans sank. While chasing down a ball at full speed along the left sideline, US striker Jozy Altidore lowered his head to control the ball. He quickly grabbed the back of his thigh and fell to the ground. He was quickly carried off the field by stretcher.Continue Reading

The joy of soccer: An interview with John Wilson

Millions of young soccer players are watching the World Cup in Brazil dreaming that they can play on the game’s biggest stage themselves someday. Before they commit to playing soccer year round, and before their parents commit thousands of dollars each year to elite clubs and private coaching, they should listen to the message of soccer star John Wilson.Continue Reading

Injuries likely to impact the World Cup

The World Cup begins later this week, and millions of soccer fans from nations from all over the world will watch the action on the fields in Brazil. A number of important players will either miss the World Cup completely or could miss some significant early games. These are some of the key injuries heading into the tournament and brief descriptions of their treatments and rehabilitation.Continue Reading

Episode 133: Why might exercise be better than medicine?

How might exercise benefit people’s physical and mental health, and can it be seen as a form of prevention? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of U.S. Men’s National Team soccer star Stuart Holden, San Diego Padres outfielder Cameron Maybin, Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha, tennis star Andy Murray, and Russian Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

Episode 128: What are the most effective ways to manage hamstring injuries in athletes?

What risk factors can increase an athlete’s risk of suffering a hamstring injury, and what treatments can best treat that injury, now and in the future? Dr. Geier also discusses the injuries of Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, U.S. national soccer team midfielder Stuart Holden, as well as NFL players admitting they would play with concussions and protective caps for baseball pitchers. Plus in the Ask Dr. Geier segment, he answers your sports medicine questions.Continue Reading

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