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Should you train or exercise when you’re sick?

For many people who don’t like to exercise that much, the idea of exercising despite being sick seems crazy. If anything, the illness is an excuse not to exercise. There are a lot of people, though, who want to keep training despite the illness. Is it a good idea to push through a tough workout when you’re sick? How can you know when you might be doing more harm than good?Continue Reading

5 signs your running injury is serious

If you suffer a running injury, or if you have pain while jogging that keeps you from doing it as much or as well as you would like, how can you know if it is serious and worth seeing an orthopedic surgeon? Here are five signs you have a running injury that might require surgery or at least a lengthy absence from running.Continue Reading

Ask Dr. Geier – What does surgery and rehab of a tibial plateau fracture entail?

Tibial plateau fractures are fractures of the upper part of the tibia – shinbone – just below the knee. It is common for an active person with a tibial plateau fracture to require surgery to line up the bone and hold it with a plate and screws. In this video, I explain the postoperative restrictions after these and other knee surgeries.Continue Reading

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