Video: ACL reconstruction surgery

I receive a large number of questions from readers and patients about ACL injuries and surgeries. I wanted to show you the basic steps involved in an ACL reconstruction surgery. This video is not intended to cover every possible surgical technique or graft option but instead give you an idea of the nature of the surgery.

0:00 – Introduction
0:03 – Start of the knee arthroscopy – looking for other damage in the knee
0:45 – Removal of the remnant of the torn ACL
1:27 – Notchplasty to widen the widen and increase space for the graft
2:27 – Drilling the tunnel in the tibia
3:28 – Drilling the tunnel in the femur
4:32 – Pulling the graft into the knee and seating the graft within the tunnels
4:53 – Placing the femoral interference screw
5:41 – Checking for impingement of the graft and tension in the graft after placing the screws
5:52 – Conclusion

Do you have any questions about the surgery? Are there other surgeries you would like to see? Share your thoughts below!

12 Responses to Video: ACL reconstruction surgery

  1. Wow,that video is exactly what was done on my knee 3weeks ago.I was awake during the surgery(opted for spinal anaesthisia).Thanks for the video.Am not able to fold my leg backwards all the way is this normal 4weeks after surgery?

    • It can take some patients 6-8 weeks to regain full knee flexion after ACL reconstruction. Hope it goes well!

  2. I just had mine done may 6th, watched this , while doing my knee bends and legs lift, recovery seems so slow and I feel stiff

  3. I had my acl reconstruction surgery on 26th May ..its been 10 days and still feeling it ok …and when pain will go completely

  4. Sir, I had my ACL reconstruction surgery 4 years back and again i feel that i damaged it again during playing volleyball. So, is it possible to perform surgery on same ACL? Waiting for your reply sir… Thanks

  5. Hello,

    Its been 10 months, i underwent ACL surgery on my right knee. my knee bending is good but i still didn’t get full knee extension my physio said its around 2 degree difference is there for full extension. will i get full extension?
    Please assist me on this.
    please suggest me if any particular exercises will help me to gain full extension quickly.

    Thank you in Advance!!

  6. im 52 yrs old bilateral ACL with meniscus repair I was 16. at 22 of age had acl on right with a staph infection. my knees hurt and hurt and ache sheen bone. what dose my further holds new replacement is not a option. knees don’t want to touch. I’m a female hip also hurt. forever screwed

  7. looking for information on studies on acl in the eighties im 52 trying find people with my condition. older people that went though 7 hr of surgery

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